Welcome to today’s session of Get Shit Done Daily. Today we’re going to talk about upsell VSL funnel, VSL standing for video sales letter…  Upsell VSL funnels. Marching somebody from a low ticket product up into a higher ticket product as they go through.

We’ve got a lot of in-store today. A couple like maintenance items, I guess? So first of all, we’re going to be going through and like kind of mapping out the Upsell VSL funnel on the iPad. A couple of things. Starting on Monday, we are going to jumpstart a group called DFY Accelerate. Basically, what we’re going to do is we’re going to walk through the creation process, business creation, whether you’re creating digital products, whether you’re creating coaching offers, consulting offers, membership sites, software, all of that kind of stuff.

A couple of times a year I go through, we kind of go through this creative process, and basically what it is is it’s a framework for building a business from scratch, and it’s just that time of year. Typically we do it like a kind of at the beginning of the year. But you know, obviously Coronavirus you know all that stuff kind of rolled across the world, and you know all of that.

We haven’t had an opportunity to do it yet. And now I figured there’s no better time. So in the comment box here, I’m just dropping this DFY Accelerate link. Go ahead. It’s completely free. Sign up, for the group, basically just join the group, and starting on Monday we are going to be going through this business creation process. It’s going to start with helping you find your skills, your talents, your set of goals, all that stuff.

We’re going to go through, and there’s going to be some homework. You’re able to do the homework if you want. You don’t necessarily have to. And we’re booked, at the end of the day we’re just going, within 30 days, we’re going to have a business up and running. So that’s the idea, a digital business, something that you can sell. So that is the plan.

I think if you have a Facebook account for more than three months, then it’s set to automatically approve you. So nothing crazy going on there. And then also if you are, anywhere, if you would like to chat, and you’re anywhere other than, so if you’d like to chat, go to the DFY page here and that’s where the live stream is located. And I think we’re just going to kind of dive in.

Kind of some prerequisite material for this VSL funnel week I guess is this funnel factor guide. Funnel factor gif. Completely free. So it walks through the four types of sales funnels that we roll out for our clients most often. There is an automated webinar funnel, multi-video launch funnel, which we’re going to talk about tomorrow.

There is the video sales letter funnel, which we talked about one variation yesterday, we’re going to talk about another one today. And then on Friday, I think we’re going to talk about the affiliate lead generation funnel, which is the easiest of all of them to set up. And then next week we’re going to roll into the creation process.

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But today, with this Upsell VSL funnel, so I’ll kind of preface it this way. You have seen upsell funnels forever, in one way or another. The difference, and it’s not really even a difference, but this particular VSL funnel kind of starts with the sales video, and then it rolls through an upsell path.

Sometimes there’s one upsell, sometimes there’s two or three or five, not five, but maybe four upsells. There might be a couple of upsells, and a couple down sells. There are lots of different variations in the way that the VSL funnel is set up, but typically they are meant to sell a cheaper front-end product and then upsell you into additional products.

It might be one variation is a free plus shipping, a free plus shipping book offer. So the book is free, but it’s $4.95 for the shipping. Another variation is a free trial. So like a software free trial. For a lot of our software, we’ll have like a 14-day free trial and its credit card-based free trial.

You enter your credit card information in, and then you get 14 days free and as long as you still like it, you’re still using it, then you roll into the continuity piece of it. And we have done upsells, one-click upsells, after the free trial that sells the yearly version, or the annual version, in which case like 60% end up taking that annual version.

There are lots of ways to kind of cut it up. But you try to start low, go high. Digital marketers kind of created this format called a tripwire. And a tripwire is a very, very low ticket front-end offer. So it was it’s a $1.00 or 99 cents or $2.00 or $7.00 or whatever. A great example is they have a company called Survival Life and it is a prepper company. So let me just, free credit card knife.

They have this thing, it’s a free credit card knife, and let me see if I can, all right, here you go. I don’t know that this is theirs, but this is an example of it. We’re going to show this screen here, and all right, so you can see my screen. Free credit card knife, and basically what it is is you go through and you go through the VSL funnel, you sign up for the free credit card knife, you give them money for shipping, and then they upsell you through membership.

They offer a membership, they offer some upper-end products. I’ve been through the VSL funnel a couple of times and they keep switching out like the upsell products. But at the end of the day, I think one time I got a flameless lighter as an upsell. There was another upsell that was a crossbow, a mini crossbow, which was kind of cool.

You can put any kind of upsells after it, but the most important thing is that the front end offer, converts as well as possible. I’m going to go ahead and switch over into the walkthrough for these upsell VSL funnels. So now we are on the iPad. I’m going to share my whole screen. All right, perfect. And there we go. So a VSL funnels with upsells.

Now, this particular VSL funnel is best used for digital products, particularly lower ticket digital products. So anything between zero dollars and $37.00. You can have something, 67.97, that would work. But typically they kind of start pretty low, pretty low, or commonly like easily understood services. And then let’s see, memberships are fantastic with this VSL upsell model. They work well with anything free.

Free trials, free trials, like free 14 day free trials, free plus shipping book offers, any of that kind of stuff works well with this because basically what you’re doing is you’re getting the credit card information here, and then you’re bouncing them to an upsell. And it might be upselling one, upsell two, upsell three, and then you just kind of bounce them through the rest of the VSL funnel.

Low-end masterminds and groups, something that is like a low-end group, $47.00 month, $27.00 a month, $20.00 a month, any that combine some training with maybe some group activity, that kind of stuff is fantastic for this model too. Some of the core sales copy that you need a strong video sales letter. This entire model hinges on how well this sales video works, how well it does, how well it converts. If you have a sales video that is only converting half a percent, then you’re missing out on so much, so much revenue. Whereas if you can get this sales video converting at 4%, 5%, 6% then you unlock what that upsell is supposed to do. The upsell typically converts 30%, 40%, 50%, so it is entirely determined on how well that sales video is written.

Then you have your upsell sales videos, and these are super simple pages. Basically, the page itself is, if you have a page, it is a video, and then we have like an order button and a no thanks button underneath, and that’s really about it. So they go from the sales video to the upsell, they watch the little video, and then they hit the add to cart button or the no thanks. And then they move onto the next page. That is the same thing, usually. The sales page, upsell buttons, or they just go to a confirmation page.

The pages themselves, really pretty easy. The upsell videos are pretty easy. In terms of the language for the upsell video, that’s even quite easy. It’s usually like a minute or two-minute video. And the sequencing is something like, basically, it says, “Thanks so much for buying the front end offer. Thanks so much for grabbing the book. We’re going to get that in the mail to you immediately. One of the questions that people ask as soon as they crack open the book is how do I blah blah blah, whatever?”

That is the transition for the first upsell, and then the question is then answered by the rest of the scripting in that sales video. So it’s literally, it usually doesn’t go past a minute, minute, and a half or two minutes. “This is one of the challenges that people often find, this is how we attempt to solve it. Click the button below for access to this special thing.”, and then they buy that, and then they either go into another upsell or another group call or whatever. So that’s typically how it all works out.

Now the down-sell, oops, the down-sell here, if you want to, like let’s say you go, somebody buys here, then they go to the first upsell, and then they don’t purchase. So they don’t purchase the upsell. Maybe it’s a $97.00 video course or something. They don’t buy that. They say no thanks, right here. Then we kick them down into a down-sell. So this could be a video that says, “Okay cool, we realize you didn’t want that. But what if we took away all of the audio components of that video course.

Basically, all the downloadable MP3s are no longer in the course. Can we give it to you for $47.00?” So it is a down-sell, it’s no different than buying a car, and say, “Well, okay, you don’t want to pay $50,000.00 for the new car? We have this model over here. It’s the same thing, but it is brown. It is not red, the red color that you wanted.” And then you can choose well, is the color that important to you? So that’s what a down-sell is.

Down sells, again, happen all the time. This is just a way of automating it through a website. And then, of course, you need a lead magnet. So all of our VSL funnel, they have a lead magnet in there for the immediate gratification of it. So people want to download something where they get value immediately. Even if it’s just paging through and realizing that you know what you’re talking about, then it’s a worthwhile activity, to have it up there.

You’re also collecting a lead, which means you can market to them, even though they haven’t decided to do business with you yet, maybe down the road they will. So that’s the idea for the lead magnet.

Now, of course, sales copy, are we good there? If anybody has any questions just go ahead and drop them in the comment box and I will grab them here. And we talked about some of these pages. So you need the lead magnet landing page, the lead magnet lander, and the lead magnet confirmation page. Those are important for basically getting somebody to give you their email address, and then ultimately fulfilling that thing that they said they wanted.

If you remember, I think it was yesterday we were talking, like our confirmation pages. It’s an old direct response trick, but our confirmation pages basically list out step one and step two, and then step one is the download of that PDF or whatever it is they got, and then step two is the thing we want them to do next. It’s more like a CTA that sends them to the sales video or sends them to the automated webinar. About 60% of people do both things. So that’s how we, we kind of architect that confirmation page.

You also need the sales video, the sales page, any upsells, and down-sell pages that you have. We talked about these right here. So those are the pages that we’re going to need. We also need the sales confirmation page. So that’s the thank you page that generally gives them the thing that they purchased. So that would be this fulfillment page. Sometimes it is like a membership login page where they would create a membership username and password or they get the receipt or is the thank you page for the entire thing. So and then also we need an email copy for this thing.

These VSL funnels, I mean it’s not just like a collection of pages. If it was like this, this, this and this, VSL funnels are easy. I mean it’s just pages. It’s just, this page leads to this page, leads to this page, but it’s not. A VSL funnel in its entirety is your traffic. It is also all of the emails that go out. And then it’s also all the offers that are afterward. That’s your sales funnel.

Building a chunk of the sales funnel, and going through and kind of architecting and putting all of the customer side interaction together in one shot, it’s just more challenging than just, “Well, I’m just going to throw a couple of pages together and link them all together and then boom, VSL funnel, done.”

It’s not the case, because most people don’t buy the first time they hit a VSL funnel. You know, 99.5% of people usually don’t buy the first time they see a VSL funnel. What are you going to do with that other 99%? They’re the ones who will come back and buy from you again and again and again, as long as you build a relationship and bond with them. That is what all of this email copy is for.

Inside the email, we have a lead magnet fulfillment sequence, and that goes out when somebody downloads the lead magnet. Then we have a VSL promo sequence that promotes the sales video. For every upsell that we have if they say no, we’re able to go and promote to that upsell to them again. So if they say no, they don’t want your super big box deluxe version for $97.00, that is, a 90% discount right now, we can always reach back out to them after they say no and say, “Well, did you reconsider? ”

That’s what these upsell ascension sequences are, and you might have one for each of your upsells. And then we also have our product fulfillment sequence. So that is here, when somebody purchases, what emails are they going to get giving them the product, having them sign into the membership site, dripping that product out to them as week one, week two, week three, whatever. So it just needs to be, you need to think about how that fulfillment email sequence is going to go about, how you’re going to play into it.

Now CRM, you’re going to need a CRM for this, because you have emails that are going out, you have leads coming in, you have this sales video has an order form. So the order form should kick over into a CRM, which then ties into the fulfillment process. And then if they also grab the upsell, it needs to go to the CRM. So there are lots of like CRM integration things. From an order form standpoint, Sam Cart is a great one.

I mean there’s a lot of great order forms. We usually use order forms that are tied to CRM like Ontraport or Infusion Soft. But there are some standalone ones too. So it’s just worth thinking about how you’re going to get the order processed, and then the CRM is going to have forms, it’s going to have email automation and then API integration sometimes to move people through this process. So just something to think about.

Now your VSL, we kind of went through all of this stuff, but what happens after somebody buys an upsell, doesn’t buy an upsell, buys a down-sell after they’ve already jumped into fulfillment, maybe they just weren’t ready to buy. What we typically do is we send them through like an objections video where we state the objections of the most common prospect objections.

We restate those, answer those things, almost like a Q and A video. Like at the very end of a webinar there might be a Q and A section that goes through and answers questions that people have. So oftentimes we’ll send them through like an objections video. And if that doesn’t work, and they still haven’t purchased, we’ll send them through a flash sale.

The flash sale is typically it’s a three email sequence that gives this offer off. Usually, 50% or more, 50%, 70%, 80%, and what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to liquidate this. We’re trying to discount this price by 50% so that we can then send them back through this upsell. It is where your revenue is going to be generated. Basically, it gives you a way of having a timed promotion. If the flash sale is done in three days, there will be a countdown clock on your sales page. It’s counting down to like today’s Wednesday if it’s done when it’s like Friday night. Friday night at about seven o’clock there’s just going to be a flurry of orders. Then all of those people will end up getting into your upsells and then ultimately your fulfillment.

Down here we bonded with them, we jump into the flash sale, and then we move up into the rest of the VSL funnel and they become a buyer. And those who don’t, get an email, get added to an email sequence, and then they go through additional affiliate offers. That’s kind of the expanded way of building this out. And I think that’s the last line. But there are lots of ways to kind of to go about putting these together.

There are free plus shipping offers. So this would be a free plus shipping book, $4.95, into the first upsell is usually, so the first upsell is usually going to be, it’s three times what the front end offer is. So the first upsell might be anywhere between $20.00 and $40.00 like 37 tends to be like a good number there. And then the next upsell is usually three times [inaudible 00:22:02]. So the next upsell might be $67.00 to $97.00.

Oftentimes the third upsell is a shot in the dark. This is going to be 297 to 497. This one, you might get two or 3% of people who purchase this offer. It will liquidate all of your ad budgets right here. That’s the idea. Oftentimes this offer liquidates this ad budget, and sometimes this one liquidates that ad budget. So you’re getting leads for free. SThe more upsells you put in play, the better you’re doing.

You can generate this buyer for 20 or 30 or $40.00 typically, which makes up your front-end offer and upsell one. It’s a self-liquidating offer after upsell one. So that’s typically how it works. But sometimes you need to get into up-sell two before it’s self-liquidating. So anybody has any questions about that stuff? In the comment box just let me know. All right, now I’m going to flip back over.

All right, so was that helpful from a VSL standpoint? Did you enjoy kind of going through how that all worked, how it was architected out? Now if you’re selling a product that isn’t very expensive, and is easily understood, then this process, this video sales letter sales funnel is going to be the one that is going to work the best for you.

If it’s a free trial, if it’s a free plus shipping offer, if it is a digital download, like a direct digital download, if it’s a cheap membership course with videos and audios in it that you’re looking to kind of sell to establish a buyer pool, and then upsell to them in the future, then this VSL funnel is going to be the way to do it.

From a build-out standpoint, as a lead magnet, a VSL, maybe an upsell or two, but the most important thing is that you have your products already. This isn’t something that you can just kind of whip together and then hope to generate money. You have to have an ebook, or a course, or a membership site, or something like that, because the reality is, although yes, you can build courses on the fly and sell those courses if you sell a course that you’re building on the fly for $27.00, then people think there’s something wrong with the course because nobody’s going to sell a course that they’re building on the fly for $27.00 a thing. So typically that’s going to be 9.97 or 19.97 or something like that.

You need to have this course kind of in the hopper to sell it this way. If you have any questions at all, go to doneforyou.com forward/start. We will book, fill out the little form, book a time on our calendar and we will go through and kind of map out an action plan for your VSL funnel or a traffic strategy or whatever.

Tomorrow we’re going to talk about multi-video launch funnels and this is like following the product launch formula kind of world. And how the videos are structured, how the VSL funnel is structured, how the emails are structured, and also just a quick reminder, make sure to jump, join the accelerate program, the accelerate Facebook group. It’s free. And starting on Monday, we’re going to be digging into creating digital businesses, creating courses, creating eBooks, all of that stuff.

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