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Many people who start working in affiliate marketing are wondering where to post affiliate links... I know when I got started ten years ago, I was!

After all, affiliate marketing and figuring out where to post affiliate links online is, at least what we think is, a fast and easy way to make money online. They start searching for shortcuts and quick ways to earn immediate income from affiliate products.

That strategy is wrong on so many levels that you shouldn't follow it. Don't search for secrets to make money without effort because that won't happen. You're just going to help someone else to build email lists without getting anything done.

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Instead of looking for the easy way, start putting in the work and learn from the people who know what they are talking about. Ensure you don't overlook anything, as it may make the difference between a one-time commission and a steady income. Now, if you're convinced that you have to work hard and there aren't any shortcuts in affiliate marketing, you're ready to discover where to post affiliate links... At least some overlooked places where you can promote your links!

The following information isn't something you didn't think about, but it's often overlooked because people search only for affiliate marketing secrets and not focus on building their strategy.

4 Overlooked Places Where You Can Post Affiliate Links

Looking for where to post affiliate links? Or are you wondering if there are a few secret places to share your links and get excellent conversion rates? You're looking in the wrong place. The primary affiliate activity should be massed around your website(s) or blogs. Since that's not the only efficient way to get more clicks on your affiliate links, try doing the following:

1. Your affiliate website

We're not talking about people who create websites to create a cash cow from affiliate marketing. Some bloggers use email lists or newsletter services to send updates and blogs to their readers but don't even take advantage of this powerful tool to make extra income. If you own your website and want to make some extra money by using affiliate links, the best thing you can do is set your website up to be an inbound marketing funnel by doing the following:

  • Add affiliate links within your blog posts.
  • Create targeted pages on your website.
  • Use affiliate links in your email signature for automated emails. Maybe you have some lead pages or free eBooks? You'll send your readers a few emails, so why not use affiliate links there?

2. Look For Youtube Videos Where You Can Post Affiliate Links In The Comments

Since everybody is focused on using Facebook and other social networks when it comes to where to post affiliate links... They tend to overlook the obvious choice - using the fantastic variety of content you can find on YouTube. It's not new, but most people promote affiliate links incorrectly on YouTube. You'll need to be smart about it and follow these guidelines:

  • Don't SPAM
  • Be honest about your links.
  • Provide quality to the people you interact with.

You can create videos showcasing affiliate products or leave comments with your information - adding value to those who click on your links. Don't post spammy links in YouTube comments; link people to resource pages to learn more about that product.

pinterest affiliate links
Are you using the correct strategy for affiliate links on Pinterest?

3. Follow the money trail on Pinterest

Affiliate links on Pinterest aren't new, but if you look at all the people who post them, you'll see one thing in common - they don't have any followers. Before going on a social network and sharing your affiliate links, first, you must understand how that network works and how its users behave. To have a successful affiliate marketing strategy on Pinterest, you'll need to:

  • Start by adding a mix of content (affiliate and other pins).
  • Search for boards relevant to the niche of your affiliate links.
  • Follow the top contributors and interact with them, hoping they will follow back.
  • Continue adding the mix of content and get repins on your boards.

4. Podcast episodes

Social media "experts" said podcasting would die a few years ago. You can see that's not the case by going to iTunes or Android audio services and looking for podcasts. You'll find broadcasts in every niche you could think of - and if you don't see any podcast for your niche - that's an excellent place to start.

Let's say you want to sell virtual affiliate products like eBooks or audiobooks. How can you use a podcast to your advantage? Simple - under each podcast episode, you can add show notes. These are links to the information you talked about in your podcast. So, if you start a podcast and build an audience from that niche, you can easily add affiliate links to those pages.

The fantastic thing about podcasts is that people trust a message, whether audio or video. That's how our brains are built and how we behave.

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Where to Post Affiliate Links: Your Ultimate Guide

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, discovering where to post affiliate links can be a game-changer for anyone looking to monetize their online presence. This comprehensive guide focuses on various potent strategies and platforms where you can post affiliate links effectively. Let's dive in!

Understanding Where to Post Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are specialized URLs that play a critical role in monetization. They track the traffic source to a specific website, enabling you to earn a commission whenever a sale happens through your unique link. Identifying where to post affiliate links can significantly enhance your potential earnings.

Leveraging YouTube: A Prime Location to Post Affiliate Links

Channel Growth and Analytics

One of my key realizations occurred while nurturing my YouTube channel, DIY Builds. Despite a modest beginning with no logo and minimalistic design, the channel experienced remarkable growth. Starting from just four subscribers to now 12, the primary focus has been enriching the content quality, which has paid off with a whopping 942 views in the last month alone.

The Importance of Watch Time

Understanding and optimizing watch time can be a potent tool in your affiliate marketing arsenal. As YouTube prioritizes watch time as a vital metric, aiming for 4,000 hours of watch time annually can pave your way to becoming a YouTube partner, augmenting opportunities to post affiliate links.

Recognizing Affiliate Opportunities

A pivotal moment came when a viewer asked about the plans for a project featured in one of my videos. This was an opportunity to utilize affiliate links wisely. With the plans valued at $529 and offering a 10% commission, a simple YouTube video turned into a revenue stream, promising a commission of $52 per sale.

Expanding Your Affiliate Links Horizons

Exploring and understanding various platforms where to post affiliate links is crucial. Here are some venues that serve as fertile ground:

  • YouTube: Beyond crafting your content, engage with other videos by commenting and including affiliate links where relevant.
  • Pinterest: A hub for physical and digital products, you can creatively weave affiliate links within your posts.
  • Podcasts: Embed memorable affiliate links within your content to foster conversions despite being an audio-centric platform.
  • Blogs and Websites: Develop blog posts that seamlessly integrate affiliate links, providing value and generating sales.
  • Forums and Communities: Engage in communities related to your niche and share affiliate links where appropriate.
  • Email Newsletters: Craft newsletters that incorporate affiliate links subtly, guiding readers towards potential products of interest.
  • Social Media Platforms: Utilize platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share content that incorporates affiliate links.
  • LinkedIn Articles: Craft insightful articles on LinkedIn, subtly integrating affiliate links within the content.
  • Q&A Platforms: Engage on platforms like Quora, offering genuine insights and incorporating affiliate links where relevant.
  • eBooks and Guides: Develop comprehensive eBooks, intertwining affiliate links within the content to provide value and foster conversions.
  • Webinars and Online Workshops: Host webinars where you can share your affiliate links with an engaged audience.
  • Infographics: Create informative infographics and integrate affiliate links, offering visual appeal and value.
  • Online Courses: Develop online courses and integrate affiliate links within the course content, providing extra resources for learners.

Understanding Market Dynamics: Affiliate Payout Changes

The shifting market dynamics have witnessed some companies reducing their affiliate payouts. Despite this, platforms like ClickBank continue to offer lucrative commissions, affirming the vitality of pinpointing where to post affiliate links effectively.

Mastering the Art of Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, your role is pivotal in connecting potential buyers to products. The primary objective remains consistent: Strategically positioning your affiliate links before prospective buyers through diverse platforms and strategies.

Stay Tuned: Upcoming Tips and Insights

Join us as we progress in our affiliate marketing series, offering insights into platforms offering valuable affiliate links and tips on crafting an efficient marketing list and email sequences. Your journey to mastering where to post affiliate links continues here!

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