Today, we’re going to talk about why email marketing is important. We just created a very nice-looking video that’s going to kick off the series of why. Basically, this four-part series that we’re putting together is going to be how to always stay top of mind to your customers, your prospects, the people who are doing business with you.

Why email marketing is important?

There are three reasons why email marketing is important for your business. If you are not sending an email or sending too little email, it’s a problem. Most of that is because people, first of all, they’re super, super busy. We all know that. I mean, everybody is living in a very immediate gratification kind of world. Something becomes top of mind, and then it pushes off their plate relatively quickly. That isn’t awesome as marketers, of course.

email marketing

1. No-cost Sales Generator

One of the best reasons to use email marketing is it is a no-cost sales generator. Now, here’s what I mean. Once you have somebody on your list, you can market to them again, and again, and again, until they unsubscribe or until they just stop opening your email. Sending that email sometimes costs a fraction of a penny. For all intents and purposes, you’re not spending money to acquire that customer anymore. You putting leads on an email list is one of the best ways of future-proofing your business. Recession proofing your business because you always have a way to reach out to them and promote your next thing, promote your product, promote your giveaway, promote your discount, whatever.

Whatever it is, you have a way that you can just log in, write an email, hit send, and it goes to 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 50,000 people on the other side of an email inbox. Now, a lot of people say, “Well, email is dead,” and nothing could be further from the truth. You still check your email every day. I still check email every day. Everybody still checks email every day. The thing is, you have to be relevant. You have to not be forgotten, and that’s one of the other reasons.

2. Content marketing

When you send stuff out in an email that isn’t always sales. It isn’t always a promo. Also, it isn’t always something where they have to read an email, click a link, and then put in their credit card.

When you invest in them, through what is known as content marketing, then you’re always reactivating them. You are always adding value to their life and you’re becoming relevant. You’re teaching an education. You’re increasing the know, like and trust factor of you, of your business, because you’re giving them valuable information, valuable guidance, valuable content, whatever it is you want, whatever it is you give them through email. But they’re used to opening emails from you, click the link. When it is time to actually go to a promo, or when it is time to actually buy something. So you’re able to nurture. You’re able to bond with them through content. You’re able to sell something and generate revenue without investing more money.

That’s really the big thing. A lot of our clients, we do a lot of paid traffic, and with paid traffic when you turn off an ad budget, the traffic also goes away. I mean, unfortunately, that’s the reality. When you pause ad spend, or whatever, an ad account gets shut down, and that account gets hacked, any one of several really, really shitty things happen, the traffic also goes away.

3. Pivots business and generates revenue

Email is something you always have in your back pocket that you can just send an email out to and pivot your business. Send an email out to and generate revenue. One more thing, send an email out to and even survey for a new product, or survey for something new, or whatever, a new product variation, or whatever. It’s the benefit of email. That’s why we email every day, every other day, whatever. One little caveat, if you’re emailing too frequently, you should increase the number of emails that you send. A lot of people, especially traditional businesses, but even digital businesses, a lot of people have an email list of five, 10,000 people. Usually, a good portion of them are buyers, and they’re like, “Well, I email them once a week. I email them once a month. I email them twice a month,” whatever.

email marketing

How frequently should you send emails?

You have to email them more often than that, quite a bit more often. We try to send three emails a week to almost every list. Every list, like our client list, and sometimes it’s one a week, and it depends. It just depends on what kind of content we’re mailing out, but we try to be in front of them, at least, three times. Sometimes it’s three blog posts, and then the next week is a promo, a four or five email series promotion. Sometimes it is full… It might be two emails setting up a promo, so it might be an email on a Monday and Tuesday, and then we send out a promo email on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday promoting a product.

There are lots of different cadences that you can use, but you want to be mailing, at least, three times a week to your universe of active subscribers. We should probably do a video on this management. I think I did at one time, but it’s super important to only mail to the people who are actually engaging with you. It makes your email cost cheaper, and it also helps increase the open rates and all of that other stuff.

That is why email marketing is important. You want to generate revenue, without spending any money. An email will do that. You want to test out new products, new services, and keep your list updated on where you’re at in your business. An email will do that. And then, also, being top of mind for your list, or being top of mind in your customers, in your prospects’ mind. An email will do that.

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