Marketing Automation

Branding is the essence of marketing. Branding is what makes a successful business; it is what makes consumers loyal.

So, how do you create a strong brand? And how do you use automation to empower your brand? In this article, we’re going to talk about building a strong brand faster by using email automation.

To create a significant impression on the minds of your customers you have to represent your brand consistently across all marketing strategies, especially email marketing. Emails are one of the most effective ways to build a strong brand presence and drive sales online. It is a great customer retention tool with which you nurture your leads with personalized messages and convert them into profitable sales.

When you leverage email marketing to create a strong brand, the biggest challenge is determining which email campaigns will work for you best. Marketers often adopt the strategy of ‘email blasts,’ sending the same message to everyone on their subscriber list. When customers open the email and find the content inappropriate to what they are looking for, it can cause dissatisfaction, and they might refrain from opening your emails further.

Email personalization and marketing automation is the answer to delivering the right message to the right person, and enhancing your brand.

Successful email marketing campaigns aren’t just about one or two emails. When it comes to sending bulk email messages, each personalized as per your unique customer needs and preferences, email automation can help streamline the processes.

With email marketing automation, you can do several useful things, such as:

  • Segment your audience
  • Personalize campaign messages
  • Track buyers’ actions
  • Lead scoring.

Automated emails get 152% higher click-through rates than broadcast emails. Automation is all about catching people at the right moment when they’re ready to act. And hey, it works.

Source: Epsilon.

Here’s how email marketing automation can help you create a strong brand.

The numbers say it all…

Before you proceed to how you can use email automation to create a strong brand image, let’s check out why it matters at all.

Check out the statistics below:


5 ways you can use email automation to build a strong brand

According to stats, 90% of businesses haven’t automated their marketing efforts yet, and the 10% that do enjoy remarkable benefits.

Here are five effective email marketing automation tips you can use to create a strong brand.

1. Segment your email list

One of the biggest benefits of email automation is that you can segment your subscribers’ list to deliver personalized experiences to your customers. Sophisticated email automation software like Axis Email Marketing and Automation helps build your email list and segment it based on their demographics, buying interests and spending behavior, what emails they have read, when someone subscribed to your emails, etc.

DFY Axis email automation tool will manage your lead generation email campaigns and traffic by creating high conversion email copy, sending it to the right audience at the right time, and nurturing the leads to increase conversion. Creating customized emails based on your segmented audience makes them more relevant, while increasing click-through rates. When they know the emails have content related to what they are looking for, it will keep them out of the spam folder, and the open rates will be higher.

This can go in the long run to help build a powerful brand image and customer loyalty.

2. Create email copy that represents your brand

Whether you are a seasoned marketer or a novice, nothing can beat the importance of effective branding. Moreover, email marketing automation is a unique way you can use to showcase your brand impressively. Make sure every email you send clearly publicize your brand so that whenever someone opens your emails, they can instantly identify that it is from your company. You can use email automation software to flaunt your brand in the following ways:

  • The email header should clearly display the company’s logo or brand name
  • Use the same colors as in your brand and logo throughout the email copy, including headers, subheadings, and call-to-action button. This will help your audience easily associate with the brand
  • Make sure you use similar fonts, hues, and designs as featured in other marketing platforms and materials

3. Create a strong brand – Personalize your emails with automation

Another fantastic way you can use email marketing automation is to personalize your emails. Customizing your email messages is much more than just having a subscriber’s name in the body of the content. How personalized, segmented, or targeted you want the emails to be, depends on your creativity and the automation software you are using.

Personalization through email automation isn’t just about making tasks simpler for you. It is about providing your target audience what is most relevant to their needs and right when they want it. It helps set up an optimum email campaign workflow that does not overload your subscribers with just any or all information about your business. Instead, serve them precisely what they are looking for, ensuring they identify the same in the first few seconds of opening the email.       

So, how you can use email marketing automation to personalize your email content? Here are some ideas for you:

  • Email automation software can customize an email by placing individual customer’s name in the subject line or to address the person. For example, instead of using a generic format “Hi,” you can personalize the email with “Dear Edmond King.”
  • The software can pinpoint customer’s buying interests – which products they have seen before, what are pending in the shopping cart, etc. Based on this, you can personalize the email by providing special offers or discounts on the product they have searched for earlier. This can help boost conversions.
  • Send email content based on the lifestyle of the email recipient.
  • Email recommendations for similar items they might like. The email automation tool can analyze a customer’s website behavior and likewise, send comparable items that might appeal them to buy.

Personalized emails are an effective tool to engage your audience with relevant content, spark excitement, and boost conversions. Moreover, email automation is the only way you can streamline the processes and create a strong brand.

4. Target abandoned carts through automated email series


Do you know the average rate of online shopping cart abandonment is 81.4%? That means as much as $4 trillion is lost from buyers who were genuinely interested in your products but did not complete the purchase due to some reasons. The good news is: smart marketers can recover 63% of the revenues lost to cart abandonment. That is why it is important to address the shopping cart abandonment with automated email campaigns.

Rather than focusing on a single reminder message, send a sequence of emails and continue nurturing the prospects to convert them into sales. Set up an email series, considering sending the first email after 24 hours of cart abandonment, the second email after 48 hours, and the third email after 72 hours. If required, send more emails to keep the campaign live and until the customers take definitive action. The email automation software will automatically trigger the emails to target the buyers at the right time and with the right content.

  • 1st Email: Remind buyers what product offerings they left behind in the cart



  • 2nd Email: Address why they are not purchasing your products



  • 3rd Email: Provide special offer, reward or incentive

When customers get the impression that you care for them, it will help build loyalty for your brand. This can go in the long run to ensure business success.

5. Let your subscribers manage their email preferences

If you want the most from email automation, then allow your subscribers to manage the preferences on their own. Choose a tool that lets your subscribers change their preferences – what kind of emails they want to have, how frequently they want the emails, etc. This will help in effective segmentation while enhancing your attrition rates based on relevancy, time management, and frequency.


There are umpteen ways you can use automation to drive your email campaigns, build a strong brand, and boost conversions. In this regard, you can use Axis email marketing and automation tool that helps you grow and manage your email list, and market your business in an automated and effective manner. From building your email list to creating high-conversion email copy and proven landing pages, the software ensures you leverage the potential of automation to the fullest.

The Axis email automation software is built to work on most email marketing platforms. If you do not have one yet, Done For You will guide you through the custom software we have created. What more! The email automation tool is systems-based, which means it will continue working even when you are not. This ensures your target audience is being efficiently marketed and leads will come pouring in any time of the day. It is powered by all the triggers and rules to help send personalized emails, create a strong brand image, and drive sales.

Book a demo today and get one-on-one expert coaching to help you harness the potential of email marketing automation to build a strong brand.