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If you thought SaaS email marketing has become a thing of the past, think again. According to statistics – for every $1 spent on email marketing companies the ROI comes out to be $38!

You can see for yourself why email marketing should still be part of your business marketing strategy. But just in case you are unsure of how to utilize the power of email marketing for your business we are going to share some simple tips on the topic.

Let us get straight to the win-win SaaS marketing tips you need to grow your business...

Use the power of words

Email Marketing Strategy Tips for SaaS Companies

It is quite obvious that when we are talking about emails we are talking about written content, and, this is what you need to focus on. Creating powerful emails requires more than just using clever words, it requires expertise.

Do not simply go with a predefined template when creating a SaaS email marketing campaign for a new product because it’s a bit too obvious for the readers to figure out. It leaves the impression that you don’t value them because you didn't even take the time to write the email. Instead, try to personalize your email marketing campaigns so that the users feel valued.

Be short, concise, and crisp when drafting your email messages. Rather than putting long stories, stick to what needs to be said in the minimum possible words. Let the email do the magic!

If you’d like help crafting your email copy, make sure you check out Scriptly’s Autoresponder Engine.  There are 28+ complete autoresponder campaigns already loaded up for you there, and you can start for free! With 72 days worth of email messages already inside Scriptly, you will never run out of ideas for your SaaS email marketing campaigns.

Set the frequency right

Email Marketing Frequency

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make with their SaaS email marketing endeavor is bombarding the customer with the same boring emails, over and over. They shoot out too many emails without any plan or strategy and end up losing the customer forever because they overwhelmed them.

If you don’t want to be part of that league you need to set the frequency of emails right. For instance, sending one email per day is considered to be the best in terms of getting the users to act on the emails.

Therefore, it should be obvious that you need to create the right campaigns and automation that'll fire up your email marketing for SaaS growth, in a way that entices the customer to read them, rather than letting the emails go in the spam folder and then deleting them.

A/B test

One easy way to figure out what has proven to be the best strategy for you in terms of SaaS email strategy and email marketing can be A/B testing different email campaigns. A simple change in the subject line could save you thousands of dollars by increasing the click-through rate.

Test for colors, graphics, subject line content and whatever design elements you can change in order to figure out the right combination of things that work for your SaaS business. After all, at the end of the day it is putting together all these elements of an email that are going to be needed to create an impactful result.

It’s not just about using the right words – you need to stick to the right word length as well; over-lengthy and extensively promotional emails have become obsolete. You need to create actionable emails with minimum content and the right blend of graphics so that it captures the eye of the users. A rule of thumb to stick to is to keep the length of the email under 130 words. This has been tested to be the most effective word count.

P.S. – don’t forget to use the right call to action words in the email to make it enticing.

Follow up

Not following up with customers, but instead assuming they aren't interested, is a huge mistake businesses are making with their email marketing campaigns.

A gentle reminder that you are here to solve their problem can be the best way to swoop them over towards your business. Rather than leaving them in the middle of the sales cycle, continue to follow up with them with different emails that guide them on the sales path.

Keep popping up in their inbox with reasons they should be enticed towards your product/service. This will serve as a reminder that you are there to solve their problem, and you never know when they might turn out to become your most loyal customer.

But by all means, consider the importance of timing when sending follow up emails.

The most successful time is to wait at least 7 days in between emails. But never fear, you can A/B test that as well to see which timeframe works out for your business the best.


Ready to walk the extra mile? Use email marketing automation to put your follow up emails and drip campaigns on autopilot.

Effective email marketing for SaaS companies is all about sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

With the right email marketing automation software, not only can you do email marketing for SaaS companies 24/7 without having a dedicated person to do it, but also you can customize your email blasts to take into account the customer segment or stage of the buyer's journey.

If you’d like a hand in getting an automated email campaign or a sales funnel set up, schedule a call and we can work through it!

Proofread thoroughly

Poorly written content leaves the worst impression; it shows your lack of commitment towards the customer. That is NOT the impression you want to leave.

This is the reason you need to make it a point that the email is thoroughly proof-read before it is being sent to the customers. You cannot afford to make any silly grammatical or logical errors in the content of the email; you cannot afford to leave a bad impression.

At the end of the day, it’s all about making a spectacular first impression. You cannot expect an email with mistakes in it to make a good impression, but you can bet on it driving potential customers away.

Keep experimenting

Simply put, email marketing is all about trying to come up with new ways to garner more sales. In order to achieve optimal sales with email marketing, it is imperative to keep coming up with innovative ways and new email marketing ideas to wow your customers.

Continue to experiment and you may find that idea which might prove to be the best time and resource investment you could ever make. After all, it is only by experimenting with different styles that you will be able to find the right combination that works best for you.

Before you go, remember that…

Remember, there are more than 2 billion active email users throughout the world, a large chunk of which may already be interested in your niche. By using the power of words and creating an impactful email marketing strategy for your SaaS business, you can eventually sell your product efficiently, entice potential customers and take your business sales to the next level.

But for that to happen, you need to focus on email marketing as your go-to option. Are you ready to do that? If the answer is a yes (and there is no reason for it to be anything else), then get going with the creation of content; write your emails in a way that you will make the customer fall in love with your SaaS business!

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Video transcript:

Today I want to talk about email marketing tips for SAAS businesses or email marketing strategies for SAAS businesses.

Now, SAAS is a very different animal than what a lot of people realize. And we have launched six SAAS offers for ourselves internally, and then we've launched many for clients.

It's just a different wheelhouse than digital products or coaching offers or consulting.

The business model in digital products, coaching, consulting, all of that is basically you're selling promises, you're selling features and benefits.

When someone is buying this course, joining a coaching program, signing up for this mastermind, they are going to be able to transform their life into x, y, and z.

With SAAS. you're basically selling solutions.

So the solution, therefore, is you're able to do this faster, cheaper, quicker, you know, less, with less headaches, you know. So you're selling those features and benefits you're not you're not necessarily selling or promising those end results, what you're selling access is what you're selling.

So your email, just these, these take on a different tone. I mean, depending on what you're selling, you're you're using an automated webinar, you're using demo calls, you're using, you know, sales pages that have a 14 day free trial or a seven day free trial, you might be selling annual.

So there's a lot of different ways that you can go about selling, you know, but the language that you're going to use in email marketing, you want to always step them through the funnel, step them through your funnel. So when you know everything is kind of getting them to take that next action.

They hit your website, then they opt-in for a demo, they opt-in for a free report, they're becoming a lead. And the only thing you get is their email address. So what the next action that we want them to do, we want them to then take a step, take the next step with our company, we want them to show up to book a call, you know, in our calendar, we want them to apply to become a member or a customer, all of the email needs to be geared towards those things.

We want them to take the next step, once they sign up for the demo call and actually attend the demo.

Then we want you know, the email messages to reflect actually becoming, you know, a paid customer after the 14 day trial after the 30 day trial, whatever, you know, or if they are, you know, they're in the software, they're in the platform.

We want to send them videos and send them reminders and send them training and tutorials on how to get the most out of the software online. on, you know, all of the onboarding things that they need to be aware of, in order to, you know, take make best use of the software.

The interesting thing was asked to is because it's a monthly business model, usually your email should be coinciding with their rebuilds, you know, so you need to deliver some serious value.

If you have a 14 day trial, you need to deliver serious value on day 12. And day 13. You know, so because they're opening their email, they might be logging in.

They know, they probably have written it down in their calendar when the trial is up, and they've probably written down in their calendar when their first rebill is going to be a couple days before. If you notice, if you like, questioned the support department. You almost every single SAAS company we've worked with about 28 days into the rebuild two days, two days before the rebuild. Except to go, then they get a flurry of unsubscribe on subscription requests or cancel requests.

It doesn't seem like that because everybody's rebuilding it a different day. But when you actually look at it, you know, everybody is always dropping off, you know, with two days or one day left of the rebill. So in, you know, I don't, in my calendar, have recurring reminders of when I'm going to get billed for things, but I know a lot of customers do that.

So give value whenever you're about to rebuild them. Some of the other you know, some of the other ideas, thoughts, split test, your email split test your subject lines, the biggest, the biggest driver of email is the subject lines themselves.

So you want to make sure that those so you're split-testing subject lines, they're opening those subject lines, you want to have good solid follow up campaigns whenever we work with a client, we always pre-plan the first 30 days of email that's going to go out to a client, depending on what they do, you know, so how do we get them to go from a prospect to like a demo lead to a paying buyer?

And then how do we keep them, you know, in the mix long term, so it's something you're going to want to think about.

Automation is also something you're going to want to do. One of the best ways to automate is is based on URL pageviews.

So if somebody goes to a page, like let's say they log into your software dashboard, well, then they should be removed from all prospect campaigns and put into your onboarding campaign immediately. You know, or if they sign up as a member, if they sign up for a coach for a call, you want to remove them from all prospect oriented campaigns because they've progressed past that level.

So always think of the hierarchy that is sales in your email. You want to proofread emails I mean that's I make all kinds of mistakes with my emails but whatever and then make sure you keep experimenting, you know so those are some of the quick tips on in quick sales psychology and strategy you know things when it comes to email marketing for SAAS platforms.

If you have any questions at all go to, fill out that little form, schedule a call with me and I'd be happy to go through and put together an action plan on your you know, for your business, and I'll talk to you soon.