Facebook Ads for ecommerce

Got products? Facebook has the audience you are looking for.

With more than 2.23 billion + active users on Facebook, we really don’t know what else can match the might of the social media monster. More businesses and advertisers are taking to the platform than ever.

When it comes to ecommerce stores, however, we still don’t see that kind of action yet. If any, many ecommerce store owners and advertisers still stick to the humble, tried-and-tested “single image ads”.

If you are into ecommerce, chances are that you have visual assets (lots of them) — product images, product videos, and several products to advertise. Facebook knows that, and it’s been slowly working on its ad platform to give you not only a worldwide audience of billions of people but also some fantastic ways to showcase your brand, products, and services.

Image ads on Facebook work well. But you won’t know any better if you don’t test it against several other ad types (because they are very much there, and they are fantastic).

As far as the options available to you Facebook Ads for ecommerce, there was nothing like this before.

If you aren’t already doing it, these are various ideas available for you to use while running Facebook ads for your ecommerce store.

Facebook Ads for ecommerce

Boost CTR with images as video slideshows

Curious about what the average CTR (Click through rates) on Facebook is? Mark Irvine of Wordstream has a handy post listing out the average CTR of Facebook ads across industries.

Now, whatever benchmark you saw on Mark’s post, expect a higher CTR when you use video. Video works better than images in most cases (and we can tell you that without even testing or wasting time running several campaigns).

If you have more than one image or image ad available for Facebook Ads for ecommerce, it’s a no-brainer to convert those images into a video slideshow.

No, you don’t need any software, fancy editing skills, or a video team of any sort. Facebook allows you to turn your images into a video slideshow from right within your ads manager.

creatives on Facebook

Crate slideshows on Facebook

More real estate leads with Carousel Ads

One picture is worth a thousand words. So, what are several images really worth? Facebook’s Carousel ads — which consist of several cards scrolling horizontally — are perfect for ecommerce stores (it can be used for any kind of a business though). In fact, carousel ads have been specifically created for ecommerce businesses so that you can show several related products in the same ad.

Each image card consists of space for a product image, copy (text) for that particular image, and a URL pointing to the product page.

Note: Just in case your ad isn’t getting as many clicks as you expected, Facebook even has an option to create an “audience” with people who interacted with your carousel ads (even if they just scrolled but didn’t click).

Instant experiences (collections)

Collections are just the thing made in heaven (or Facebook) to help you showcase your products. See your conversion rates soar by creating immersive experiences for your potential customers from within Facebook by using your product images and videos along with Facebook’s interactive elements.

Collections on Facebook

Collections are built for ecommerce, as you can see. Using images or videos as the first thing your potential customers see, you are immediately led to explore products and shop for them by browsing within the collections element, full screen and mobile-optimized.

With a call to action at the end (and for each of the products displayed), you can’t deny the sheer pull visuals have over your prospective customers.

Videos in Facebook Ads for ecommerce

Facebook is big on video. It allows you to use regular videos, vertical videos, and 360 degrees videos, and you should be big on video too.

Video ads on Facebook

Today, you can shoot simple videos with your smartphones. You also have access to several video tools available for you to make product videos, talking head videos, stop-motion videos, animated videos, and more.

Make use of what you have for Facebook Ads for ecommerce, create videos, and use Facebook to let the world know.

Canvas: The immersive experience

Consider this: More than 95.1% of the entire user base of 2.23 billion on Facebook access the platform on their smartphones.

No. of Mobile users on Facebook 2018

[Img Courtesy: Statista]

Facebook knows that and it wants you (the advertiser) to focus on mobile more than anything else. As such, there are some ad formats that were built for the “immersive mobile experience”.

The Canvas is one of them. Canvas is a truly flexible and immersive experience, right on mobile, and without users having to leave Facebook.

Here’s an example of Jack In the Box (Burger in a Box) advertisement letting users explore using multiple interactive elements, including images, video, 360 degrees video, and more. Users also have the option of uploading photos and to find a store near them

Canvas Ads Facebook Example

Next Step

These new ad types are the key to starting or saving your Facebook campaigns.  Rocking these things early on will launch you out of the gate fast and put a lot of audience data behind you.  If you’ve got campaigns that are cooling off – then working some of these new ad formats may be the key to bring your supplement sales back in line.

Either way, if you need more sales, Facebook Ads are a great way to get them.  And, we can help.  Watch this short video and you’ll see exactly what to do next!

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