Today, we’re going to talk about targeted website traffic. Now, targeted website traffic, as we said in a lot of other videos, there are two different kinds. There’s a free traffic and paid traffic. I usually start with the free traffic, but today I’m going to start with the paid traffic, and here’s why. Paid traffic gets you results faster. Duh. So, paid traffic gives you away … First of all, I built a lot of businesses and did a lot of stuff, built a lot of websites for clients, for myself in the 13 years that I’ve been doing this thus far. And the thing about free traffic is free traffic can go away. People can pull your plug. People can pull the plug on free traffic. And it is no more. I’ve had websites that have been making 5,000, 10,000, 20, $25,000 a month.

Get Targeted Traffic

Free Traffic vs Paid Traffic

And all of a sudden that traffic is gone just like that. Just no more. Because Google had an algorithm update. And every six months, every once a year you will find, and if you keep your ear to the pavement, you will hear when this happens, when website owners are going crazy because Google just pulled all their traffic. That’s why I don’t like free traffic, even social media traffic. Sure, social media is a little bit better because it’s referral-based, but it also is not the long term. You might get a share now, but that share doesn’t impact you in a year. The best way to look and think about targeted website traffic is really to have a good mix of all of it. So, what we like to do is we like to start all paid traffic campaigns with paid traffic and with content.

Social Media Marketing

Ideally, if we can do both, we do both. And here’s why. With paid traffic, it’s early, it’s a quick hit. So, you set up a Google AdWords, or Google Ads campaign, or you set up a Facebook campaign, you set up a LinkedIn ad campaign, or YouTube, or whatever. Then you turn traffic on and you’re getting 50, 100 visitors a day or 500, 1000, whatever your budget allows for.

So, you’re immediately able to see how people are moving through the website. You can start running AB tests, you can start testing the ad creative, testing ideas, testing headlines. You can start seeing how people are going to react to the content. Ideally, you’re getting some sales, ideally, some people are moving through your sales funnel, you’re getting some leads. You’re building the foundation of your business through paid traffic, but you don’t want to forget about the free traffic piece.

Using Google To Target Keywords

So, one of our favorite strategies is we’ll actually go to Google and we will target 200, 300 keyword phrases that we’re trying to get traffic for. And we set up conversion tracking on all of those keyword phrases. So we see which keyword phrases are sending us leads or sending us sales. And what the ad text looks like. Who is it speaking to? Who are the demographics and psychographics and who is that ad speaking to? And why is it sending leads and sending sales? So, when we know the keyword phrase and we know the demographic and psychographics of the ad itself, we can create content for that keyword and we can rank for it, and then we don’t have to pay for it anymore. So, it might take two or three or four months to get there.

But what we’re able to do, is systematically pick off like keyword phrases that translate into leads and sales for us, without us necessarily having to pay $8 a lead, $12 a lead, $32 a lead. Sure it’s profitable then, but when we land on the front page of Google, then it’s crazy profitable because we’re not paying anything. So, that’s one of the reasons why we like to do this hybrid integrated digital marketing strategy. We like to combine content. We like to combine paid traffic.

Using Multimedia For Marketing

Multimedia, by and large, there are so many different things you can do with multimedia.

1. Record A Video
You can record a video, that video can then get syndicated to Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Apple as a podcast, any of the podcast networks, or Vimeo, lots of places it can go as a video.

2. Audio
Then you strip out the audio, lots of places it goes as an audio podcast, or SoundCloud and all the other audio streaming services.

3. Blog Post
Then you can get that audio transcribed, that gets turned into a blog post. And then all of that stuff lives on your website forever. And you’ve got subscribers and viewers that are racking up in the different channels, YouTube and Apple and all the other places.

So, now those are all your hubs feeding back to your website and that’s all content-based and you can further add fuel to that fire, by running some paid traffic campaigns. So, there’s lots and lots and lots of different ways of putting together traffic campaigns that are targeted for your exact end-user. Here’s my advice though. Make sure you don’t do anything … Make sure you really go after one strategy at a time.
Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook Campaign

Facebook has its own strategies. Right now we’re doing a lot of videos, a lot of video view campaigns, every campaign that we start, starts with a video, and then we might run a re-targeted campaign that is an image. But it’s got to start with the video. With video, you get cheaper clicks, you get branding, brand awareness. You also get to re-target based on how much of the video somebody watches. There are so many really, really awesome things about video on Facebook and also on YouTube.

If however, it’s a B2B web product or B2B service, Google might be a better place, or LinkedIn might be a better place. With Google, it’s search traffic. So, people are searching for what it is they need. They’re searching for solutions and then you pop up. So, you need to be poised to provide a solution for that thing, for whatever it is they’re searching for. LinkedIn is like Facebook only it’s interruption-based and has very, very high-quality users. It’s also more expensive.

So, there are lots of different dynamics when it comes to paying for traffic and creating content that will bring traffic. But at the end of the day, you have to do something to get targeted traffic, you have to run ads. You have to create content. If you’re doing something free, it’s going to take months for you to start getting some leads through your front door. However, if you start paying, if you have an ad budget, then you’re going to be getting traffic extremely quickly.

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