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Today, we're going to talk about marketing goals as they relate to marketing automation and smart marketing in your business.  Set up correctly, when a goal fires inside your Axis CRM, it'll end the subscriber's current campaign and kick off the next - advancing them through the buying process.

There are basically three pieces to a marketing automation campaign.

  • The first is a trigger, or what happens in order to add them into a campaign?
  • The second is the campaign, or the emails, texts, phone calls, and other messages that go out.  Also included in the campaign is the 'logic' and task management.
  • The last piece is a goal. That what we're going to talk about today.

Goals are really pretty interesting. Goals signal the CRM to stop messaging because your prospect did what you wanted them to do.  That's what goal marketing is all about.

Let's say a smart marketing campaign has three texts and seven emails to go out all as part of the drip campaign automation.  Then, when somebody takes your desired action, the thing you want them to do, you don't want them to continue receiving those text messages and emails. That would drive them nuts, right?

So, what you do is you set up a goal.

Setting Up Marketing Goals In Your CRM

We use marketing goals all the time in our CRM.  Let's say you're doing webinar marketing by running a webinar promo sequence (ie. we're promoting a webinar, sending them to a webinar registration page!).  Then, we have a goal at the end when someone signs up for the webinar.

Obviously those emails are trying to get them to do something - we're trying to get them to sign up for a webinar. As soon as that sign up happens, then we move them into a webinar replay sequence. Whether they sign up on day one or day four, the goal in the CRM fires, and they immediately move into the replay sequence.

... Then, they continue getting the five or six emails in the replay sequence. If they purchase, the next goal fires, and they move into the buyer's sequence.

Break Down Your Buyer Journey Into Smaller Steps

That's why in smart marketing, goals are so important.  Email marketing automation doesn't work without them.  As a smart marketer, you always want your customer, your prospect, to be doing the next thing in your business.

You want them becoming a better customer and to advance along in your buying cycle.

More Complicated Goal - Shopping Cart Abandonment

Now, that goal is pretty easy. If they sign up for webinar replay, if they buy a product, they're added to a new list. That's when the goal fires.

Now, one that's not quite so easy is shopping cart abandonment.

With the shopping cart abandonment campaign, what you're doing is you're saying, "If somebody hits this page and they doesn't buy, send them an email 30 minutes later."

That's a little bit more tricky.

Then, when they purchase, then it takes them off of that shopping cart abandonment list. The same is true with a webpage visit. If somebody visits this webpage, then the goal happens.

Multi-Video Launch Sequences

For instance, let's say you're doing an evergreen multi-video launch sequence, like a Jeff Walker product-style launch promotion.  What happens there is you have:

  • Three emails promoting video one
  • Three emails promoting video two
  • Three emails promoting video three
  • Then six emails promoting the sales video or the webinar or whatever.

You have a series of emails that promote each piece.

Now, if you're accelerating that...  You want to send out all the videos as part of a marketing automation campaign or compress the promotions to 4 or 5 days...

Accelerated Launch Video Campaigns With Goals

By activating CRM goals, you can accelerate that multi-video launch process.  There's two ways you can actually fire the goal.

  • Scenario One - if somebody hits the video page, then goal is satisfied. You've got that person to the page, and then they can bounce to the next sequence down.  The problem there is you don't know if they watched the video.
  • Scenario Two - through an API, you track how much of the launch video they watched.  If somebody watched more than 50% or 75% of a Wistia video, then have the API add a tag in the CRM.

What you don't want is to send somebody three emails when they already watched the video!

Ideally, you want to move them to the next campaign as soon as they click over to the page.

Smart Marketing With Calendar Appointments

Another goal you can activate in your smart marketing campaigns is a calendar appointment.

If a calendar appointment is set by contact record, then this goal happens, moving them to the next campaign. Really in thinking about triggers, campaigns and goals, you're able to set up some pretty dynamic marketing automation by just imagining what's possible.  Is it a page visit? Is it for a goal or a trigger? Is it something they did? Is it something they bought? Is it something they signed up for?

Getting Marketing Goals And Automation Set Up For You

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We'll talk about your business, your marketing, and put an action plan together for you!

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