Sometimes getting in front of decision makers is an uphill battle, especially when you’re working with larger companies.  You want a certain amount of sales intelligence leading into the first call, which is a big underlying benefit of using TimeSlots to schedule your sales calls.

By simply seeing an appointment show up on your calendar and going through the answers that the provided upon booking the call, you know that you’re speaking to a decision maker

Sales Intelligence 101

It goes without saying, the better you know your customers, the more you’ll sell to them. If you know at the outset of your call or meeting that they’re looking for a solution that does A, B and C; you know instantly whether you’re a good fit for them!

You also know what their roadblocks are…  What they’re struggling with…  And what they need help on.  In fact, if you ask the right questions, you can pretty much figure out how the close will go even before you get on the phone with them!

This works for anyone from coaches and consultants to high-end software vendors and service-based companies.

If you’re a good fit, have your meeting, send your prosposal, and get the sale!

If you’re not a good fit, then it’s ok to cancel the call… They’ll appreciate the fact that you didn’t waste their time!

This is exactly why your TimeSlots form exists… You can ask the questions you need to before you get on the phone with your customers!

Make Your Offer As Simple As Possible

I’ve been in business a lot of years, selling pretty much everything you can imagine for clients and for my own companies. One thing I can tell you is that the simpler you make your offer, the better it’ll be received.

Granted, some sales processes are more complex, and I get that. Your core offer needs to be easy to understand, though; and oftentimes customization of your offer is the difference between a yes or a no, right out of the gate!

Not to mention, keeping an eye on these 15 Characteristics of People Who Succeed at Sales is a good place to start…

Customizing Your Offer For Your Customer

What you’re selling has a lot of different uses, and can be applied in lots of different ways… Whether that be design services, coaching, consulting or higher end physical and digital products.

The power of a sales call, a lunch appointment or a meeting lies in the ‘customization’ of your offer. Will it work for your customer? Is it truly a good investment? Will it specifically solve their biggest problem?

On a sales call, you can address those issues more easily than through any other form of communication – and you can charge a lot more too!  It’s different than with more traditional sales letters – you’re on the phone live with a prospect so you can immediately address their desires and concerns.

Relationship Building

In this world of fast-paced, instant gratification that we consider technology to be; there is always room for relationship-building.

You wouldn’t beleive how many people I’ve talked to who have turned me down the first (and even second time) I talked to them… But those same people are usually our best buyers months and years down the road.

Maybe the don’t have the funds or the capital required to jump on board right now… That doesn’t mean they won’t in a few months!

The Importance Of Following Up

One of the biggest mistakes that I’ve seen folks make in sales calls isn’t what they did on the call itself… It was their lack of ‘follow up.’

After you get off the phone with your prospect, you should be busy doing what you told them you’d do. Maybe it’s putting together a proposal or finding a link for them…

If you go more than 24 hours without following up, that red hot lead is starting to cool off. It’s up to you to take the next step, even if that’s just thanking them for the call or the meeting, and allowing you to learn a little more about them.

Selling effectively isn’t a sprint – it’s a marathon! It’s important to know that and understand that it could take some time…

One of the things TimeSlots does exceptionally well is make sure your prospects get automated emails, all customizable, to make sure they know you haven’t forgotten about them!

Getting Started

The best way to get started is to let your ideal customer come to you…  It doesn’t matter what you’re selling – coaching, consulting, high end programs or services – if someone comes to you they’re already preconditioned to by.

Not to mention, you’re by passing gatekeepers altogether, which makes your job of influencing them and selling them that much easier!

The first step is to sign up for TimeSlot’s free trial and post your calendar online.  You can embed your calendar right in your website or post a floating widget in the sidebar.

Once that’s done, your prospects will be able to book a time on your calendar – not the other way around!

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