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Video Transcript:

From A to Z, this startup process, so you can release in the launch and create your digital products, your services, your coaching offers, consulting offers, even SAS like software. So you can start and do it live. You can start and start selling it online.

So just a couple of quick things. This lesson, lesson number one is, is going to walk through coming up with your product or your service. Brainstorming for a business idea, the thing that you want to build a business around, is so important because to do something you're passionate about, but it is also important to do something and sell something and create something that you're going to be able to sell. And those two things are not always the same. Oftentimes like you might have an idea and the idea just doesn't work or you don't have enough marketing capital to put behind it.

Or the idea is flawed or the execution of the hook is flawed and it's really hard to salvage that. So what we try to do is we try to do some research early on, which gives you a great business idea! Of how the product or service or skill or whatever is going to translate into revenue and dollars. So that is what we're going to talk about today.

Lesson two is putting legs around your product or service, putting together an outline for the digital product, the book, the service offering, the coaching program, whatever. But putting together an outline that will help your end-user, your buyer, your customer, your client move from where they are right now to where you want them to be because of your services.

Lesson three, which is probably going to be Friday, is going to be figuring out what format you need to fulfill your service in or your product or whatever. So whether it's an ebook or whether it's a video course or a membership site or something you have to do on-demand. So we're going to work through a couple of little lessons, a couple of problems, no problems, but we're going to work through and figure out how your product needs to be delivered.

After we get through the business idea section, next week we're going to talk about creating your product, like recording it, hosting it, editing the videos, doing all of that stuff. And then we're going to talk about selling your product. So this will... What sales copy is, what email is, merchant account providers, and all of that stuff that's going to be towards the end of next week.

So, all in all, it might be, I mean I'm not sure exactly how many lessons we're going to have. That depends on how quickly we can get through this stuff. When I do the on-demand video series, this is a full... We might go like six to eight lessons. I don't know exactly how many lessons we're going to have. It depends on how quickly we get through. When we do this with the on-demand videos, it's four lessons. And the first lesson is brainstorming a product idea. And then also mind mapping. Putting legs to that product. We're going to split that up between a couple. So hopefully we can get some feedback in the group. Hopefully, we can work through some of these product ideas in the group and go that way.

So today what we're going to talk about is coming up with your product or service. Now, the first time I built my product, it was a last-minute thing and I've told this story quite a few times before. But basically, I was good at selling clients. So about eight years ago I wrote this ebook called Client Crusher and it was 10 methods, 10 strategies that you could use to pick up local marketing clients. And the ebook was free. I gave it away for free. I gave it to, there was this course called P3 Marketing. And I let Jennifer put it at the back end of her course. And then throughout a weekend, I signed up like 200 emails onto my list. It was the first time I made a dent in putting emails on our list, which was awesome.

So I was so excited about it. And then what I did was I surveyed that list and when I surveyed the list, I asked them three questions. What did you like, what didn't you like and what can I do better? And their responses I put together in a video course. And that was the first digital product that I created.

But I tell you to come to this point. When I released that digital product, I sold it for $67, and I remember being so fricking excited because people were learning from me without me teaching them. They were learning from me because they were watching videos and then we were establishing a common language. And I didn't have like a ton of people who were in that course. I mean I think I sold 300 or 400 copies in the lifetime of that thing. But at the same time, I was able to teach people without having to teach people, without having to like just recording videos and then going from there.

So it was a beautiful thing. And I will just always remember that kind of distance learning thing. And now like I look at what's going on from a coronavirus and pandemic standpoint and you have these teachers who are trying to figure out how to do this digital distance learning kind of teaching. Everybody is trying to figure it out and it can be a really powerful thing because I mean it makes you placeless.

So if you are creating digital products or creating eBooks or creating something that allows you to be placeless, then you're pretty much the master of your destiny. You can get through this and pivot and transition with flying colors. So that's the idea.

Now at the end of the day, it comes down... So there are two kinds of people. There're creators and there're consumers. Everybody is a consumer. I'm a consumer. You're a consumer. I mean everybody's a consumer. We consume media, we consume video, we consume things all the time. But there are a fewer set of people who are creators. They create things to be consumed. This video is something created to be consumed. The stuff that you create, the blog posts you write, the content you create, and all of that, you're creating to be consumed by other people.

And the creators are the folks who can transition what they create into revenue. And now it must be digital and remote. So when it comes to starting up a business, you need to solve problems. So whatever your business idea is, whatever thing you're trying to do, you need to solve problems.

And that's really where today's lesson starts. No matter what you're doing online, you need to solve problems. And the best way to figure out that you're going to be solving problems is to dig into this thing that we like to call keyword research, which is going to Google and having Google tell you exactly what people are searching for. Because at the end of the day, you know, I mean just by looking at people's searches, looking at trending, search history, then you can pinpoint exactly what people are looking for and then also what they're going to buy, if you're able to solve those problems for them.

So, which is so, so powerful because at the end of the day, I mean that's why people, I mean, people search Google for any number of things and they're looking for answers to their problems. Whether it's a product, whether it's a service, whether it's just a how or an article or whatever. And the important thing is that you can carve out a space, a niche for yourself and your business idea if you're able to solve those problems for them.

So we're going to flip over into Google keyword tool, which is always where I start. It's always, always, always where I start for anything. If it's any piece of content, I always go to Google's keyword tool and I do a simple search and I figure out like how I need to position an article, what I need to talk about, what keyword phrase I need to rank for. What are some of the problems that people are facing in setting up whatever, I always look and that's always where I start because it informs so much else?

All right, so let's flip over into the Keyword Planner. So I'm going to go here. All right. It's funny, we've just talked about keyword research in the GST Daily and it's interesting how few tools. It's like you use the same things over and over and over again for all kinds of different stuff. So I'm just logging in here. All right, I'm going to stop sharing my screen and then I'm going to flip over into our ad manager. Got to sign in twice.

All right. For those of you who have never been to Google's Keyword Tool, you're going to need to go here. I'm going to drop it in the comments here. There are quite a few keyword pools and that's important for your business idea. There you go. So I just put it in the comment box there. There are quite a few keyword tools that you can get into. Google is, I mean it's straight from the source. You need to have an ad account to access it. But so let me flip over. I'm going to share our keyword planner tool.

All right, cool. So you're looking at the keyword planner now. There we go. Okay. So with the Google keyword planner, in doing your market research, the most important thing is just to get started. So let's say you wanted to you knew you wanted to do something fitness-related but you weren't sure what. So what you can do is you can just start with fitness and then maybe enter.

So I just hit the tab key, maybe workout programs, exercise programs, and then we're just going to hit get results. I just want to see what kind of search results we have here. Because what Google is going to do, is it's going to return the search results for the things that we wanted more information on. But then also it's going to tell us different keyword phrases that other people or like the phrases that we're looking for.

So for instance, here we have fitness which gets 201,000 searches every single month, which is crazy. That's so many for a new business idea.  Now the top of the page bid is $1.48 and the top of page bid at the high range is $5.66. So basically some people are paying on the high range $5 and 66 cents to Google per click to be... Whenever somebody clicks on their ad, that is showing on with the search phrase fitness.

For this business idea - it is a very high-value keyword phrase. That doesn't mean anything else. This is an ad word keyword planner tool. So what it gives advertisers is an idea of how much it is going to cost to put ads up for this keyword phrase. We are using it for a different reason. We're using it to find insight into what people are searching for. So fitness gets 201,000 searches. Workout programs get 8,100. Exercise programs get 24,000 searches a month or 2,400 searches a month.

Then we have fit girl, I don't know what fit girl is, but it gets 60,000 searches a month. Personal trainer gets 90,000 workouts, gets 135,000. Fitbit ionic gets 60,000. So these are all keyword phrases that matter to somebody a matter to a lot of people. LA fitness, abs workout, CrossFit near me, chest workouts, okay. We're getting all kinds of keyword phrases here - stuff to pay with for our business idea. Now, bicep workouts, 90,000 searches a month. People are looking for bicep workouts. All right.

So, let's say we're a fitness person, and we're trying to put together a product and we don't know what, but we know that we could put together a bicep workout. We know we could. And if we could put together a bicep workout, then we're going to get 90,000 people who were searching every single month for this workout. It's funny that it spikes right there too.

Let's see. January, February, it's spiked. Oh, so it's spice a little bit during summer. I imagine all of these do. So fitness band randomly gets 14,000 searches a month probably because of coronavirus.

But anyway, so you can geek out on keyword phrases when you're coming up with your business idea. It's pretty easy to do. All right, so bicep workouts, what we're going to do is we're going to go up and now that we know 90,000 people a month search for bicep workout, then what we're going to do is we're just going to go figure out, okay. What else do people search for that is similar to bicep workouts? Bicep workouts, 90,000 people, bicep exercise, bicep curls back in bicep to workout. Oh, I mean, it gives us a little bit more insight. We can include a back workout in with the bicep workout.

Best bicep exercises. Arm workouts for men. Bicep and tricep workout. So cable bicep curl, 4,400 barbell bicep curl. So these give us some insight into all of the things people are searching for.

So what this does is, this is real-time stuff that we can include in our course. So that, which is so fascinating because I mean, all we have to do is put this business idea together, write some sales copy, write some email copy and now we can have a bigger bicep course that we can sell. So isn't that cool? Pretty, pretty sweet.

All right. Crossbody hammer curl, bodyweight bicep exercises. That's a pretty great idea for a course. Curls workout, curls exercise. Okay. So you get the idea. So you can go through and literally, I mean it's going to take what, four or five videos to put together like a bicep workout course. And then you can sell that thing for 27 or 37 bucks. And now 90,000 people are going to be searching online for it.

So whatever your market is, whatever your business idea and target market, your avatar, whatever it is you are into, there is stuff like this that exists for you. What the important thing is to make sure that you are doing something that people want. You are solving a problem that people have. You are not trying to solve a problem that you think people have or that you need to educate people that they have. Do you know what I mean?

So, I read a lot and it's interesting like Apple as a company is interesting because they did not invent the touch phone, the touchscreen phone. They did not invent a tablet but they perfected it. So they let somebody else invent it. Somebody else takes that first move or advantage and see what happened. And then they perfected it.

Like next year from what I understand, they are releasing a pair of AR/VR glasses. The code is already in the iPhones, which is crazy to me because I mean there's VR headsets. I mean you have Oculus rift and Apple's literally going to come behind all of them and just swipe all of their market shares. Because they waited a little bit to figure out what people wanted, what people cared about. There are solving a problem, the problems that they find in the market just more elegantly.

So in creating your process around your business idea, in creating your services and your products, it's important to do a little bit of research and make sure that you're finding solutions for them. Then once you find a solution, it's really what you do, are you go and seek validation. So we know the bicep workouts, a lot of people are looking for bicep workouts and we think that we can sell workout material online-centered to men with biceps or whatever.

So now if we go to, one of my favorite kind of places to research are the dummies books. So the entire dummies series, they have such a wealth of people and experience in solving problems. I mean they have a book for absolutely everything. And if they invested the time and the experience in writing a book on a topic, then you better believe that they knew they were going to sell that book. So we're just going to do a real quick search for the bicep. I just want to see if something comes up, bicep. Maybe yes, the site's loading a little slow.

All right. 76 search results for the bicep. How to do bicep curls, how to tone up your biceps with seated curls, three bicep training exercises all in weights, and exercise. So they've created some material on this. Now you're probably not going to get rich selling bicep, just bicep workouts. For your business idea, you're going to need to put some sort of a wrapper around it, which might be put an inch on your biceps in 30 days or less, or the 30-day workout, the 30-day bicep routine, or something. You're going to want to like pretty it up a little bit. It shouldn't just be like 15 bicep workouts that you can do at home or whatever.

And that's where the marketing and the sales piece and all that comes in, which we're going to talk about a little bit later. The next place I'd like to go when researching a business idea is Amazon. So Amazon, I mean books or information products. So Amazon Books. If there are books written on a topic, you better believe it's going to be able to sell. Books written on a topic and also selling, let's put it that way. So let's check out this. Books, bicep workout, or I bicep workout equipment. Okay, so here we have a training poster. Bodyweight training poster, $27 it doesn't have too many reviews, not that the reviews matter.

We have build muscle, let's see, bodyweight workouts. We have a three and a half star review. Something is interesting here. So the 15-minute bodyweight burn. The ultimate dumbbell guide, 229, 4.5-star reviews. All right, cool. We're getting somewhere with this. So men's health, ultimate dumbbell guide, more than 21,000 moves designed to build muscle. Okay? So we have a Kindle hardcover and a paperback version. Let's see. Now here is something super interesting.

We have quite a few reviews here, but check this out... This is fuel for your business idea. Amazon's bestseller ranks 97,000 paid in the Kindle bookstore, a hundred in sports training, 82 in stretching exercise, and 62 on weight training. So it is not selling all that well, but I mean it's got a lot of reviews. So I mean it is moving. Let's see what the hardcover is. So the hardcover is number 1,100,000 in books. So quite a ways down there. Let's see if we can find any other bicep work out things that are working, have a little bit higher ranking. I don't see it too much.

So what this tells us is we're probably going to need to add than just dumbbell workouts, just bicep workouts. For our business idea, we're probably going to need to have some sort of a more full-body training, but it can include biceps in there. Let's see. All right. So is there any questions over in the chatbox, let me know. Any questions? You want me to look up your market or your product on chatbox over in the comments I should say. All right, so now how about work out home.

Well, weight training for women. All right. 100 no equipment workouts volume one. So let's look at the sales rank on this guy. So understanding that we need to broaden it up a little bit. This one's a little better. Number, 30,000 paid in the Kindle store. So that one's a little better in terms of sales ranking. Now, these people are still selling. So I mean they're not getting rich off of this one ebook, but they are still moving copies of this ebook. And this particular one has a paperback as well. So let's see what the paperback is.

This is number 8,433 in books, which that's pretty damn good. So we're getting there. Just a little bit of research and we're finding where these people are buying stuff. Not these people, but we're finding where our target market is looking. And this is just a book. So whether it's a video course or whether it's a coaching program or any of that sort of stuff, which we're going to talk about in the future. This we're dialing in, we're finding it. And that's the most important part of this brainstorming exercise and coming up because like this book is definitely on the five and six-figure per year mark.

Now what's probably happening is the workouts. I mean you can make money from affiliate products like protein powders and some of those MLMs you can make money from bands, any kind of Amazon products. You can make money by selling your video courses. There are so many ways that you can generate revenue once you put something out there, even if it's free, even if it's a lead magnet.

So that's the point of today's session. Brainstorming a business idea by topic, brainstorming the niche, brainstorming, coming up with the idea of the thing that you want to grow, and scale-out. So that's your homework for tonight or today or tomorrow. So in the next 24 hours, so not 24, in the next 48 hours I should say. The next session that we're going to do is going to be 3:00 PM Eastern on Wednesday. And we're going to talk about outlining your product, outlining the product, coaching program, whatever. Whatever it is we're creating that we're going to sell, we're going to outline that thing.

So that's going to be Wednesday at 3:00. And before Wednesday at 3:00, your homework is to post in the group what you're going to create. And then we're all going to, not we're all, but we can comment on it, look at it.

Here's the qualifier though. It cannot be, I'm going to create a course for businesses. You need to qualify it. Like, tell us what it is you... I'm going to create a Facebook ad management course for media executives after the pandemic or whatever. Like, tell me exactly what it is you're going to create. Tell us what you're going to create. Because if we don't qualify it that far, then it's not going to sell. It's not going to sell no matter what we do because we don't have an end-user in mind for it. So let us know in the group, and I will see you Wednesday at 3:00 and I'll be commenting as we go. So I'll talk to you soon. All right? Thanks. Bye.