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Video Transcript:

Hey, what's up? This is Jason Drohn, welcome to today's presentation. This is the third presentation of the day, which is pretty crazy. Today we're going to talk about launching your product and how to get traffic to your website fast...

In other words, launching your offer out into the world. Monday we talked about brainstorming, coming up with ideas, and then Tuesday we talked about putting your idea through an offering framework. Putting together the marketing avatar, putting together the outline, putting together all that stuff. Then Wednesday we talked about creating the offer, actually no creating the thing that you are going to be selling. Thursday we talked, yesterday we talked about sales funnels, setting up automated sales processes that are going to push your offer out into the world. Today we're going to talk about launching it.

Now, there are two different ways that you can go about moving product. The goal for moving product, the goal for launching is to get as many eyeballs on your offer as you possibly can. At the end of the day, that's all there is to it. You want to get people who are interested, who have a problem that you can help them solve. You want to get them to your website, watching your sales video, consuming your material and then ultimately buying from you. I mean that's what business is. The goal of marketing is to help as many people as possible find your offer, find what you do. That's really what we're going to talk about today. That's the part of getting traffic that a lot of people struggle with.

So the questions is always, "How to get traffic to your website fast?"

I have a friend who says, "You don't have a traffic problem, you have a money problem." Like there's never traffic problem because there's so much traffic out there online, you just have to pay for it. You just have to go get it. At the end of the day, that's all there is to it.

Now, there are two types of traffic. There is a free traffic and there is paid traffic. I'm referring to free traffic and paid traffic in the monetary sense, all traffic costs something. If you want free traffic, you are going to be spending time to get it and there's no guarantee that that traffic is ever actually going to happen. There's nothing guaranteed that says that anybody's ever going to show up to your website if you go the free route.

When figuring out how to get traffic to your website fast, there are ways to ensure that you are going to be getting traffic. Livestreams is one way, that's one of the reasons why we do live streams. Content is another way, so posting blog posts on your website, you're bound to get some traffic. It might not be the best traffic. It might not be a lot of traffic, but you're going to get some traffic, some clicks. Now if you want a lot of traffic, you need to post a lot of content. You need to do a lot of live streams and even then it's going to take a while for the traffic to hit.

I used to do a lot of SEO and when you have a website that is ranking well, then you can count on the traffic coming, you can count on it coming quickly if you know what you're doing in terms of targeting the right keyword phrase. Used to be, now not so much anymore. Now it's hard to get ranked for the keyword phrase that you want and basic command to search engines quite the way you perhaps want to.

So is slow so it's not a great way of figuring out how to get traffic to your website fast.

I'm talking a lot today, so regardless of what keyword phrases you're trying to rank for, what you're trying to launch, one of the most full-proof ways of getting free traffic is what I have been doing, what you've seen me do. Which is do these live streams and then transcribe those live streams and put them on a blog post, and then get ranked for keyword phrases?

Like right now we are experiencing like a 15% improvement in traffic week to week. They, my friend, is how to get traffic to your website fast!

It's like kind of stepping up like we have a baseline so let's say this is our baseline and then we have month one or week one. Then we have week two, we step up and then week three we step up and then week four we step up. We've been doing this for five weeks. It is an incremental improvement, we are roughly generating twice as much traffic right now as what we were five weeks ago. It's not an insignificant amount of traffic, this is all traffic we don't have to pay for. These people are interested in what we do in one shape or form and they come, they read a blog post and then they leave. In leaving, we also are retargeting them so now we're putting together these pretty intense like buyer pools based on them coming to the website and everything else, so that is nice.

It takes a lot of time and even that it's not free. Like the software that I'm using to stream these, it is called StreamYard. StreamYard is $49 a month, which is pennies compared to the value that we get out of it. Like $49 would get us 50 clicks or 75 clicks or 20 leads or whatever. We are getting thousands and thousands and thousands of visitors because of this technology.

There are freeways to get a blog post transcribed, is one. I'm just going to start kicking around on the screen here so you can take a look if we go here. All right, so I'm going to share this screen and I'm going to go find that screen. Is this it? All right, there it is. Okay, cool., is a blog post service. I like my stack for these live streams is for the streaming. does the streaming and we're life right now so that's why you see it now. Then is a tool that you can use to transcribe your content.

Now it's machine transcription so there is nothing crazy... I mean, well, it does a great job for what it does. The problem is, it is a word for word transcription. When you say so and um and uh and all the imperfections, then it transcribes all that stuff. It also blocks it all together as generally like there's no intelligence kind of breakouts as far as paragraphs go.

But if you're looking for how to get traffic to your website fast, this is one way of doing it!

What we do is we use a service called you can see that I'm in here quite a bit, but is, I'm not sure if I can go back to the homepage. I'm logged in yeah, it's just going to keep bouncing me here. I could log out, but whatever. is a buck 25 a minute and the transcribers are awesome, great transcription service. For me yeah, these 30-minute sessions cost 40 bucks for every one of them to be transcribed.

I post them as blog posts and then all of a sudden I'm getting traffic for them for all kinds of keyword phrases because it is legitimately a 4,000-word blog post. Not many blog posts are usually that long so this is an example, this one. Yeah. This was a GSDdaily blog post that I added, how to write an email copy that gets opened. This was Wednesdays and basically, it's a video and then button. Oops, I need to put this over on the screen that you can see.

This is my free traffic strategy, my free traffic growth strategy here. When I'm asked how to get traffic to your website fast, I usually share this...

I've shared this with a couple of people and they freaking love it and they are implementing the results the same way. Starts with the live stream, you get it transcribed and then you drop the embed code for YouTube on the blog post. Then you've got the button and then you have your just... The only reason this is here is so I can push the transcript down because it is kind of ugly. Like look at this, there's no formatting. I send it through Grammarly.

Grammarly likes to do all the checking and make sure that my punctuation and stuff are right. I didn't write it, it's did, so I make sure the grammar and punctuation, all that stuff is good and it's just a wall of text. I don't think anybody's going to read this, but the search engines love it because the keyword phrase, write email copy is literally in this text 17 or 18 times. Here, watch this, write email copy, 16 times so look at all of that.

Google knows that this article is about a written email copy, so we're going to be ranking for a write email copy. There's a video with all kinds of write email copy in there. Like all of it, all of it points to the fact that this article is about to write email copy, writing email copy so that is a free traffic strategy, getting clicks now. It might take a week, might take a couple of weeks. Done For You is an old domain, 12, 14 years old or something. I've only had it for two or three years and we have been writing content on it for two or three years.

When I first started so last two, is it two Januaries or three Januaries ago? I think it was two Januaries ago, might've been three but basically, I went to Upwork. I was spending a bunch of money on traffic and I went to Upwork and said if I can spend $1,000, so if I can take $1,000 out of my ad budget and start building content, start having ghostwriters or writers, bloggers write content that can get me free traffic forever then it's a good deal.

I started to do the content marketing angle and since then we've published 450 or 500 blog posts but now most of that work is taken over by this live streaming process because we just pump out articles so fast. 4,500-word article for 60 bucks, 70 bucks give or take, all in so that's how we get free traffic, so free traffic launch strategy.

Then what we do is we couple that with a paid traffic strategy where we boost these live streams. I want to just take you real quick into my ad account here where we can see how those live streams are, they influence, we can end up doing some pretty, pretty good numbers for some not a whole lot of money. Then how that influences paid traffic strategy, so here we are inside one of my ad accounts and I'm just going to open this up a little bit.

Now if we go into... This is our live stream campaign. Now, for the most part, I spend $5 a day promoting live streams. It's not a lot, but because I'm doing a live stream, at least one live stream every day and this week I've been doing two a day and today I did three. Like all of this little, tiny chunk kind of stuff adds up but here, let me just take you through some of the results. I think you can see this stolen stream here, so let me just make it a little bigger.

All right, so you can see this. All right, so I have three different ad sets. There's an ad set for sales and conversion, an ad set for startups in creators and an ad set for content marketing. Now if we go sales and conversion, then you're going to see there's a couple of live streams that I added in here, a couple of the GSDdailies. The one that's still on is an automated webinar live stream and this is just the live stream, including all the fucking off at the beginning and the random stuff at the end and whatever. Like it's just a rip of the live stream, no edits, no nothing.

The ad itself is Jason Daily number 16 automated webinar, blah blah, blah. The captions are saved to the video and then we have a call to action and the call to action is for the sales funnels page, which I don't plan on anybody clicking. Like I don't think anybody's going to watch it and then click over to a sales page, that's not the point. The point is we want to get people who are interested in the thing that we're doing, interested enough that they're going to watch like 15 seconds of the video.

15 seconds on Facebook is what is called a ThruPlay. If I just go to video engagement, then you will see for, how much have I spent? I've spent $22 on this campaign, which is nothing. 1,400 people watched 10 seconds of this video for $22. 2,600 people watched three seconds for $22, so the impressions were 5,400. The only thing I care about is how many people watch like 10 seconds. How many people watch ThruPlays is 15 seconds and then wow, we had 23 people watch the whole thing. Like really? Really? That blows my mind, blows my mind. Here we had 2,000 ThruPlays on this chatbot funnel for $56. Again, just ridiculous. I mean these things are half an hour-long, like just a random and then boom you get somebody watching it for half an hour, it's nuts.

The reason we do this though, we don't get the clicks, so the video engagement is why we do it. Let me just look at, so performance and clicks, I just want to show you how little I care about the clicks in this aspect. The conversion rate is average. The engagement rate is above average. The quality ranking is above average, all good things. We only got six clicks, so it was $3 and 67 cents per click, which is fine. 100 clicks in total though, which is solid and the average percent, so they on average watched 26 seconds of this video. It's crazy.

Now the point is, these live streams I don't care about the clicks. What I want them to do is if we go into audiences, this is where you start to see where it all makes sense. Our cold traffic, actually let's go there next. Our cold traffic, let's look at the targeting here. Targeting is going to be in your ad set. Now in the ad set if we look at the targeting we find this is a cold traffic ad. Meaning, so I even say cold traffic ad in the ad set there but inside this ad, so we're just spending five bucks a day and our reach is pretty exponential. This is a 100% lookalike audience so I created a lookalike audience of all the people who have been to our VSL, our sales funnel, development sales page. Then I put them, I created, kind of dripped them down through filters.

Everybody who is living in the United States between the ages of 35 and 64, both men and women who they're interested in Brendon Burchard, Frank Kern, Grant Cardone, Mike Dillard, and then also our career coach, executive coach, life coach, life coaching, all the life coach kind of skills. Then we're putting automatic placements, so automatic placements include Facebook, mobile, Instagram, not Instagram because these are long-ass videos, but wherever we can show it, we are optimizing for a ThruPlay. Then that is it, that's targeting, it's a cold traffic audience.

Then what we're doing is anybody who watches, so we're going to go over into audiences. Anybody who watches more than 10 seconds, who watches more than 15 seconds or a ThruPlay, they end up getting put into a bucket. Here we have video views, all 15 seconds. I mean we have 2,300 people in this campaign right now. In the last 30 days, 2,300 people have watched at least 15 seconds of the video. 4,000 have watched 10 seconds, 1,100 watched 50% of our Facebook ads, Facebook video, video ads. 50% watched the sales funnel video, so there are lots of different ways to kind of cut it up.

Now anybody who watches more than 15 seconds ends up getting put into a group and better yet, we can create a lookalike audience. We're going to do this, we're going to create a lookalike audience of people who watch more than 15%, so this is going to be our United States group. Then 2.4 million people are going to be in this segment and we're going to just say create an audience.  That's a lot of people when you're trying to find out how to get traffic to your website fast!

Now it's going to create the audience and if we want to add those people into our campaigns, all we need to do and keep in mind this, so because we're going to come back to it. All we need to do, let's go back to the ad manager. We're going to go into that live stream, the live stream audience, which is right there. Then we're going to, so we have yeah, there was one out and we're going to go in here. Actually no, we're going to go to ad sets, edit the ad set and then we're going to just add that new segment that we just created. Right here we're going to search existing audiences and then we're going to add that lookalike audience, that lookalike video views audience. Now our targeting is a little bit more, we have more people so in this sense, anybody who watched more than 15 seconds, we created a lookalike audience of people just like them. Now they are going to be seeing our ad too.

The ad set has been saved. Now I'm going to show you the re-targeted ad. When we set these things up, it's a two-staged approach. We always have the cold traffic ad that typically is a video or a live stream and that thing is being pushed out to all of the cold traffic people. Facebook gives bonus points to live streams because it's kind of all done in their platform.

Then all of the people who watch at least 15% of the video, we re-target them into an ad like this. Now I just set up this ad so we're looking at Facebook, let's see, sales funnel cold. This sales funnel cold ad is kind of an anomaly. Hardly ever do we go after cold traffic and try to get them into like an ebook but that one's work, really, really well so $3 and 56 cents a lead. This campaign is one, so it's a re-targeted ad. Anybody who watches more than like 15 seconds of a video or comes to our website, then we try to get them back into a sales process.

If you're looking for how to get traffic to your website fast, FB ads are the best way...

We have re-target and then we're going to hit edit and you will see that here we are targeting DFY website traffic for the last 30 days. VSL sales funnel traffic, and also anybody who was engaged for more than 10 seconds with one of our videos. They watched 15 seconds or more of a video, 10 seconds or more of a video. All, so 75% of a video, 50% of a video.

If they've watched more than 10 seconds of a video, they are in this campaign, they are seeing our re-targeted ads. Then also we kind of again drill down through locations, United States, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. Those are the five big countries that we do business in. The age group is a little bit laxer just because it might be website traffic that comes in, 30 to 65. Right in the range of folks we're looking for when deciding how to get traffic to your website fast...

Then here we don't have any demographic or interests in this re-targeted campaign because we know we could, we could step them back down through like interest groups but here's the thing, they're engaged with us. They watched enough of a video, so unless they were scrolling and then they just kind of stopped on a video that didn't apply to them, then they're probably pretty hot. I mean they at least should be there.

The same as if they came to our website as they had to kind of mess up to hit the website. We don't try to make them jump through hoops when we need to figure out how to get traffic to your website fast.

I mean, Facebook isn't the end all be all in terms of their algorithms, so every once in a while somebody who might be super interested hits a website and it's like, well, we're not going to filter them out if need be.

Then the rest of this campaign is pretty set up, it's on automatic placements. We can have manual placements too, so we can just do mobile or desktop or whatever but automatic has seemed to work pretty well. The image that was working the best was this image here. I actually, I wasn't real happy with the click cost, so I switched it out to a video. This is the image and then I switched it out to this guy, there we go so you can watch the video here. It's literally, I ripped it off of a sales page. It's just an MP4 file that has an intro and then that's it. That's it. Right, nice and short, so it's just meant to engage because it will autoplay on devices. It's meant to engage them and move them into a re-targeted campaign and that's about it.

There is a lot here. Basically what we do is we kind of go through and we start with organic traffic and then we kind of move to paid traffic. That's how to get traffic to your website fast.  You can start with a live stream, you start with a video. We write scripts for our clients, so we'll write Facebook ad scripts for your lead magnet or your webinar or whatever and kind of move into edit it and all that other stuff. It ends up becoming kind of a nice, simple process for rolling out.

Every campaign is a little bit different. The startup campaign, whether you're working with free organic traffic or paid traffic, whether you have money to invest in paid traffic campaigns. This strategy works tremendously well for bonding clients to you, for attracting people into your world. Then ultimately to get them to push them over the edge in the buying journey, in the story arc of purchasing from your company.

Now, this is the last lesson for accelerate. This is the last lesson and we walked through exactly how to create and build information products. Just judging on how a lot of the messenger feedback we got, the content was like literally, this is the same stuff we teach our clients. The only difference is we pull people, we pull our clients through. Not only do we help you brainstorm, but we also try to create the product for you so there are lots of things. We build the website, build a sales funnel, all that stuff.

Here is what I'm doing. In the next two weeks, I'm welcoming you to set up a call with me where we talk about your idea, your product, your business, the thing you want to launch, the thing you want to grow, the thing you want to scale. You and I are going to talk about how we put an action plan, a strategy around that. We're going to talk about rolling it out, whether it's an idea that you're looking to launch and you're looking to create an info product, create an ebook, create a video course, a membership site, whatever. You're just looking for somebody to help you through it.

Or you have something, maybe something that has been sitting on your hard drive or sitting in the recesses of your mind or whatever, but you have something you know and you want to grow it, you want to scale it then also book a call with me. Go to The better ones that go through are probably, just go to, book a call with me I'm going to toss in a banner here. Consulting session, so there we go. There we go, so that's it. I even added a little ticker there for you and then here are the comments, to book a call. All right, so to book a call, go to I'm happy to work through your idea, your problem, your business, and all that stuff. Figure out, see where it leads.

We have training. I've done these hundreds of times for clients and I would be happy to help you put your product together, put your business, launch your business, scale your business, like the whole deal. To find out how to get traffic to your website fast, go to, fill out the little form, then book a call with me or just send me a message on Facebook and I'm happy to help out.

For the next two weeks, let's see, it is the 17th, so for the next two weeks, we're going to be doing this. The program that we are launching is going to be, the program is going to launch on the fourth. My fourth is going to be the start of our accelerator. May fourth we're going to start and get everything going and the accelerator is going to be, well we'll talk more about this on the call, but it is going to be an eight-week boot camp. We're going to go through and build it all as a group and work through the creation process and I'm going to help. At the end of the day, we're going to move through it together, launch together, create together, and tell this pandemic to go to hell together. That's going to be a lot of fun.

Go to, book a call with me. If you have any questions at all, send me a message or book a call and I will talk to you soon. All right, thanks. Bye.