6 Effective Ways To Manage Your Client Campaigns

Digital marketing agencies are continuously innovating how to create value for their clients. The custom agency marketing dashboard by Done For You is a differentiator. It is all about delivering the best results fast and efficiently.

Digital agencies leverage a wide range of advanced tools to create eye-catching, on-brand marketing campaigns that provide value to their clients. Having an intelligent marketing agency dashboard for clients dictates the quality of work and the opportunity to achieve business success. As a top-rated digital marketing agency, our comprehensive dashboard solution can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors and enhance client relationships.

Impress your clients with Live Customized Digital Marketing Dashboard

 “Modern agencies deliver modern reports. They choose living dashboards over dead screenshots.”

For us, differentiating” does not mean following the same archaic way of sending massive piles of data to our clients, even if such data is organized and defined to highlight predictive growth trends. We offer live dashboards that constantly indicate campaign performance and provide comprehensive analytics that your clients will understand.

Our Marketing Agency Dashboard is the best solution to manage the campaigns of an agency’s clients. Add a little code snippet to your client’s website and start monitoring every visitor who hits their pages. Give your clients access to their dashboards so they can view the results, or use the advanced features to manage and optimize their marketing campaigns effectively.

Here are some amazing features that you will love about our marketing agency dashboard for clients:

  • Conversion Goals – With an automated digital marketing dashboard, you can set up as many goals or events to ensure maximum conversions for agency clients.
  • 100% Customizable – Configure client dashboards individually, with permission settings and granular metrics.
  • 360° Dashboard – With our comprehensive agency dashboard, you have a complete view of all your clients’ statistics – all in one place.
  • Simple & Easy to Set Up – Configure multiple client dashboards in minutes. Just drag and drop a small code snippet to your client’s website, and you are ready to go with advanced analytics and reporting.
  • Triggered Notifications – Receive instant alerts when a page is performing better or worse than expected.
  • 24/7 Client Access – Give your clients access to the right data at the right time.
  • Real-Time Tracking – View what is happening on your clients’ websites or track campaign performance in real time so you can make necessary adjustments on the go.
  • Sales Funnel Tracking – The dashboard provides a comprehensive top-down view of campaign visitors as they move through the client’s sales funnel. This helps in effective management and campaign optimization for higher conversions.
  • Content Driven ROI – Identify and optimize which content metrics are contributing to higher sales.
  • Seamless Integration – Integrate a marketing agency dashboard with any page builder, website builder or CMS through code snippet or plugins. It’s that simple!

Optimize your clients’ campaigns for best results – Built for agencies

6 Effective Ways To Manage Your Client Campaigns

Our all-in-one marketing dashboard is intelligently built for an agency. Whether you have one client or handle multiple campaigns, the ability to deliver an outstanding report is one aspect that serves as a microcosm for your performance. Effective client management is all about leveraging the opportunity to automate reporting. Rather than cutting and pasting numbers into templates in PowerPoint or Excel, a digital marketing agency can provide its clients with a dynamic, real-time marketing dashboard.

To put it simply, an agency can present campaign performance analytics and reports that their clients can understand  – in seconds.

Our full marketing agency dashboard isn’t just about analytics & reporting. It includes a set of advanced tools & software that streamlines the process of campaign management & optimization. So, an agency can seamlessly set up their clients, monitor their website traffic, manage their digital marketing campaigns, and optimize the same to deliver higher conversions and better ROI.

Let’s have a look:

  1. Axis Curation – In today’s competitive digital environment, content is king – not only from an SEO point of view but also to generate more traffic and increased conversions.

You have an awesome product or service that serves the needs of the customers. Wondering how to drive traffic to your website and entice them to buy? The answer is right here! High-quality, interactive content is the secret to rank your website high on search engines, drive increased traffic, engage users and inspire them to convert into sales.

However, we understand that writing an 800-word article in the middle of your more important goals isn’t easy, especially when you have to keep posting on a continuous basis for better engagement. Our marketing agency dashboard is powered by Axis Curation, a powerful content-curation tool that helps you publish high-quality content that gets your clients more traffic and sales in a time efficient manner.

This tool is effective for SEO firms, PR agencies and others whose strategy includes creating a lot of content for a client website, email campaigns, etc. With Axis Curation, you can create, rework and publish remarkable content in minutes. Curate great blog posts, website content, articles, emails, and much more that will get your clients high traffic, quality leads, and increased sales.

Get started today!

  1.  Axis Advanced Analytics– Campaign performance and success depends largely on real-time tracking, in-depth analysis, and reporting. You can get all these, and much more, using our full marketing agency dashboard for clients. It integrates Axis Advanced Analytics, a real-time “opportunity” based analytics that allows tracking every visitor moving through your clients’ websites or sales funnels. This helps optimize their sales experience and improves conversions.


Axis Advanced Analytics is easy to use and facilitates continuous integrations. Add the Axis Advanced Analytics code into your clients’ websites or integrate one of the plugins for instant analytics. As soon as you configure the tool, it will start tracking visitors and generating valuable insights for your client campaigns.

A good thing about the software is that you can monitor what’s happening on your client’s website in real time. Even your clients can view campaign performance live, and not just through a pile of numbers. This helps you make necessary tweaks in the campaign on the fly.

Axis Advanced Analytics also sends triggered alerts when something out-of-the-box happens, i.e. better than expected conversions, traffic boosts or decreased conversions. The dashboard provides your clients instant access to analytics and reporting so that they can see what is happening on their site, in real time.

  1. DFY Ad Management: As a digital marketing agency, your core objective may be to create and manage ads for your clients. However, it is easier said than done. It involves numerous KPIs such as building and managing multiple ad campaigns, audience targeting, split testing, daily account management, reporting, and retargeting.

 Our marketing agency dashboard has ad management capabilities that let you perform multiple tasks such as:

  • Creating and managing unlimited ad campaigns
  • Managing demographics and audiences
  • Split test unlimited ad copies
  • Implementing new and creative ad ideas
  • Complete conversion tracking
  • Setting up and managing retargeting campaigns
  • Customs conversions set up
  • Optimizing your clients’ sales funnels
  • Sales page/landing page split testing
  • Google Ads and Facebook ad management
  • Daily account management
  • Axis Advanced Analytics and tracking
  • Weekly analytical reports

And all these you can manage from a single dashboard, which is also accessible to your clients for regular monitoring. Done For You can also help your team understand how to manage ad campaigns. For more details, click here.

How To Manage Your Client Campaigns

  1. SEO Audits – The key to successful website performance, increased traffic, and better conversions is Search Engine Optimization done right. As a marketing agency, SEO must be one of your top priorities. But are you able to measure your clients’ SEO campaign performance on a continuous basis? Are the results at par with your expectations?

Our custom marketing agency dashboard for clients allows you to perform a comprehensive SEO audit on your clients’ websites. Using the tool, you can schedule weekly audits to reduce bottlenecks, increase conversions, and capitalize on hidden opportunities. Generate meaningful data from Axis Advanced Analytics and tracking, and optimize the SEO campaign to deliver the best results consistently.

  1. TimeSlots – In today’s fast-paced digital world with limitless opportunities, your clients have to learn how to juggle, and juggle fast. As you put your best foot forward, business will start flowing in. But are you, or your clients, capable of handling each prospect efficiently? If not, our agency dashboard can help streamline processes with TimeSlots.

 For this intuitive tool, the only key is “Schedule Smarter – Sell More.” As quality prospects come pouring in through web forms, email subscriptions or appointments, you need to schedule high-ticket customers with efficiency and close them fast. If you are unable to manage your appointments with competence, then remember, your clients are actually missing out on a major share of the market. So, get started with our innovative & all-in-one agency dashboard to offer the best marketing solutions for clients.

  1. Axis Surveys – Survey is a powerful tool to measure the performance of any website or marketing campaign. In fact, you can “drive sales by asking the right questions.” Keeping the importance of surveys in mind, the agency dashboard comes integrated with Axis Surveys – point-and-click software that unveils what your clients’ customers actually want.

With this software, your clients can get valuable insights on their customers, which can be used for audience segmentation and targeting. This works well in gathering information regarding a particular campaign, both in the testing and execution stages. Likewise, you can make necessary improvements in your clients’ websites or campaigns to get more leads and convert sales. With Axis Surveys, you can help your clients identify the biggest challenges for their customers. This helps them to be what their customers want them to be, without having to change.

Use these intuitive DFY tools to manage your clients’ campaigns through our powerful marketing agency dashboard. Manage and track performance real-time, and leverage cutting-edge analytics & reporting to deliver maximum value to your clients. To learn more, click here for agency insights.