Lead generation in 2019

Everyone knows that you need leads to grow your business. Leads convert into prospects and, over time, into customers. Without a consistent lead generation process to feed your sales funnel, your business cannot succeed in 2019.

An impeccable landing page with a promising CTA (Call to Action), compelling email marketing efforts and power-packed Facebook advertisements might fail to show results. It is vital to focus on a complete lead generation process, not just a single landing page or campaign.  Today, 66% of business goals emphasize mainly lead generation.

Lead generation is the heart of your business, and it means growth and sustainability. Most companies fail to make it work, and they will continue to fail in lead generation in 2019. This is merely because they look at the tree, not the forest.

What is a lead?

A lead, in digital marketing, is an individual who is interested in a product or requesting a service. A lead becomes a qualified prospect if they explicitly express their interest in your product. In other words, a prospect is a potential customer.

While you nurture a lead, you can understand what your target audience wants. That’s essential to success and successful lead generation in 2019. Growing your pool of leads becomes easier if you focus on what your audience wants and adapt your landing page and all your marketing collateral to address those needs.

Remember, there are no fixed lead generation strategies that are suitable for every online business. It is very important to implement some basic strategies correctly and then update and optimize your lead generation process in 2019.

Lead generation basics for 2019

Lead generation in 2019

Simply put, there are five basic strategies, to begin with. At this stage, it is crucial to set up web analytics to determine the source of organic leads. After that, you can start with the following:

1. Email marketing

Email marketing tops the list of the most promising digital marketing technique ROI as much as $44 per $1 spent. With email marketing, you can build trust and credibility with leads by sending relevant emails consistently and maintain rock-solid communication.

Communication is the key to lead generation. You cannot allow your audience to forget you.

The other way is to collect email addresses by offering something – a coupon for instance. It works! You can build a robust customer base with these email addresses and convince them to visit your website repeatedly. Here, you can use our software for a short survey that drives traffic to your website.

2. Cold calling

Running a campaign with mobile numbers for communication is also an in-thing today. If you are doing it, make sure you pick up calls from interested customers; they could be your potential sales. Add multiple phone numbers and be responsive.

3. Responsive landing pages

68% of B2B businesses use strategic landing pages to acquire credible leads.

A landing page is crucial. It is the first impression of your business. In addition, space converts visitors into sales. Create a compelling landing page that would encourage visitors to share information, such as email address and contact number. You can then use these details for sales and marketing purposes.

4. Calls to action

A call-to-action is essential to driving sales. Choose words carefully to make sure visitors know where the link would lead them. A simple line that says – “click here to get your coupon code” is a more personalized pitch than merely writing, “click here.”

You can be creative with CTA. If you are into real estate, CTA could be “Let’s Explore.”

5. Blog consistently

Blogs add value to your business. They provide an insight into your business, which is essential to draw the customer’s attention. Create a responsive blog with a subscriber list so that your potential clients and leads are always informed about new resources, products, and services. Update your blog regularly to share new information and content.

Try our software, Curately to write blog posts. It curates relevant content from all over the web to keep your blog fresh.

What’s new in 2019?

Are you looking at some new lead magnet funnels to capture prudent leads? Are you thinking of getting a fresh and innovative landing page design? What are your plans for lead generation optimization?

Possibilities to play around opportunities that the digital market has to offer while staying rooted in the basics – that’s the mantra.

Here below, we are unveiling the real secrets of lead generation in 2019.

Homepage review – Focus, focus

The homepage of any website is the face of the brand. It receives the first visits. It should be credible, informative, gripping, and definitely surprising. Not to forget, it should have an influential headline with subtitles, images, and a convincing CTA.

Businesses that promote their websites proactively should receive more visitors from relevant sources such as social networking channels, referring sites, search engine results etc.

The key is to have a power-packed headline with a consistent message on the homepage. And make sure that your done for you lead magnet is featured pretty prominently. It’s all about branding, rather ‘branding well’.

Allow users to log in with Google

Most of us use Google. Allowing users to log in with their Google username is a convenient way to rope them in. It also ensures personalized efforts. Moreover, you have to learn to view your customers as individuals, and not a group.

While this one strategy has helped many businesses, it is still the most under-used technique. Google is not just a popular email account resource but also the hub of content marketers, online entrepreneurs, and bloggers. It is one of the largest databanks to explore.

Moreover, social media platforms make it more convenient to connect with people. As a result, you can find a sizeable chunk of people storing their names, addresses, contact numbers, and other details on their trusted sites like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. As a result, marketers can create a simple and flexible flow of signing up new users.

Have a dynamic team for lead generation only

If you are serious about converting visitors into leads, take lead generation to a level higher than usual. Yes, you need a brilliant landing page, but it should include everything that attracts users – a headline, subtitles, headers, bullet points, and CTA. In other words, you have to play with the dynamics of the upcoming strategies and keep updating your landing page regularly. Regular testing shall get you right.

But, an important aspect of this strategy is to divide your teams – a team for marketing and a separate team for lead generation. That’s specialization!

Only a specialized team focused on lead generation can bring home potential leads, nurture them, and run successful strategies.

Invest in webinars

Webinars are the latest inexpensive lead generation tools. Using webinars, you can not only have better reach of your audience but also deliver an entire database of leads. The fastest growing digital marketing technique today, webinars are effective for lead generation and nurturing. With these 100% online (digital) events, you offer an interactive medium to your audience, engage them, and make them feel involved, ask questions, give necessary feedback, and get their undivided attention.

Research shows that you have 75% better chances of your audience watching a video instead of reading a boring text. Likewise, 97% of viewers are happy to give their contact details.

Write commanding headlines

The headline of your landing page is the place of all the action. A headline, if written with attention-words can instantly draw user attention.

How to do it?

Focus on the structure, length, keywords, topic, and the action appearing in the headline. Each of these can evoke curiosity, which, in turn, persuades visitors to click.

There is another reward of creating a credible and powerful headline – it improves search engine ranking tremendously by lowering the bounce rate. In fact, a Tech Nicholas research shows that people make 73% of all buying decisions depending on the headline.

Regardless of the platform, you have to create a headline that drives leads. The only way to do it is by adding strong action words in the headline. When you use a strong verb, it replaces useless adverbs, passive voice, and wordiness.

Some verbs that work are – increase, improve, boost, expand, nurture, attack, engage, drive and similar.

Make your business irresistible with offers for no reason

How do you convince people to visit your website, stay, and look, stay further and purchase? Only by giving them irresistible offers.

Marketers just want a “yes” from their audience. The route to that is through offers having high value and spiced with persuasion. All you want is a “yes” in action and that’s how you can attract potential clients as well as retain them.

Now, an offer does not have to be a 50% discount all the time, though percentage discounts attract better attention. In some cases, you can just have a clause like, for example, Domino’s Pizza – delivery in 30 minutes or free. That attracted more and more customers. It wasn’t a discount or a coupon code, but the idea that worked. And, it saved a company that was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Similarly, some SEO services provide lower rates compared to the rest, which definitely grabs attention. While the difference is often unclear to novices, this idea works and eventually, you can save big bucks.

An offer with a call-to-action is definitely the road to success.

Final thoughts on lead generation in 2019

With a plethora of lead generation tools and techniques available, you might tend to feel overwhelmed. But you don’t need to because not every tool will for your business. To build a successful online empire, it takes time, proper lead nurturing, and a compelling presence on social media, effective email marketing, content, and much more. Start by developing a data-driven lead generation campaign. With consistency, hard work, and focus, you can certainly achieve your lead generation goals.