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If you want to sell high ticket products and services, you must be in the game of consultative selling.  It's the only way to move high ticket digital products and programs.

The vast network of sales and marketing is filled with challenges. Clients want better returns, and the sales team works hard to achieve their target. Most professionals wish they had more time to pitch to their prospective customers.

However, in reality, outbound sales begin with lead generation, which is an ongoing and tedious process. It involves identifying leads, qualifying, and booking appointments with those qualified leads.

Salesforce is an excellent tool for lead generation and product consultation. However, it became more effective when the roles were split into two – specialized lead generators and sales staff. Simply put, the idea was to make things easier, which resulted in the concept of appointment scheduling.

Why is Appointment Scheduling Important In Consultative Selling?




Appointment scheduling is a tool that reduces new sales closing time, increases the rate of conversion, boosts appointment show-up ratios and leads to higher profits and revenues

At this point in digital marketing, it is crucial for improving the sales appointment schedule because:

  • Appointment setting differentiates between handoff from sales development to sales.
  • The time taken to arrange appointments and meetings has a direct impact on the rate of conversion.


In consultative selling,  something that is loosely tied to the immediate weak zone or commodity products, the second point is crucial. Note that 70% of all meeting happens when scheduled within a span of 9 days whereas 47% meeting when scheduled before 30 days out.

Time remains a critical factor for many prospective buyers. If you are able to secure a meeting at the convenient time and follow-up, it is a win-win situation. At DoneForYou, we are eager to help you achieve your target.

Luckily, technology is here to help. Appointment scheduling tools are very effective for this purpose.


How Does Appointment Scheduling work?



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It is a dream of sales professionals to have their prospect clients calling up and booking sales appointment all by themselves. However, that does not have frequently.

With the help of integrated appointment scheduling, you can head straight to the point rather than beating around the bush. Companies can engage directly with its potential buyers across several digital platforms, offer them an option to book sales appointment or consultation quickly and as per schedule.

Whether a prospective client is viewing the company website, reading landing pages for a product or service, or simply browsing through Google search results for the business, an integrated process of appointment scheduling allows prospects to book sales appointment directly into the calendar. At a later stage of the sales funnel, the prospect starts and meets the best resources available to provide improved customer experience.

Then, one the time is booked in the calendar for the call, you or your sales rep can start the consultative selling process..

Optimizing Sales Conversion with Appointment Scheduling


 The sales funnel is a crucial tool for the sales conversion process. Sales professionals move their prospects through the sales funnel, this leading to their goal. The number of steps in the sales funnels, the longer it might take to close a particular deal, which increases the chances of prospects losing interest. Also, sales taking longer to close are subject to arbitrary effects.

Active sales managers know how to mitigate against such issues by designing an appropriate sales funnel having fewer steps and a passive method to capture leads.  That sales funnel often ends with the consultative selling pitch.


Close Sale Faster with Appointment Scheduling

Closing higher ticket clients with consultative selling is no longer a problem with TimeSlots.

TimeSlots are the latest tool that allows you to qualify your prospects better and begin selling more volume. It combines forms and appointment scheduling to help you gain immediate insight into prospects so that you can close quickly and effectively.

Sales professionals have their hands tied up every time. Spending the entire day in sales appointments leads to the funnel drying up. As a result, you have to indulge in more prospecting. In case if there’s a short of appointments, you have to spend time going through the list of potential prospects, making cold-calls and trying to arrange sales meetings.


How does Appointment Scheduling make things Easier?

  • Adding appointment scheduling tools like TimeSlots,, and Calendly help sales stack. The paradigm of these tools was generic, easy to add any sales stack and process. It further hinges on integrating with websites, calendars, conferencing tools, communication, and CRM for logging activity and payment.
  • Integrating appointment scheduling into workflows is a major advantage. Sales engagement vendors like Yesware or Outreach have added this new capability to their respective platforms to make scheduling easier. The key is to enable users to take action within a message. This is an innovative model that can be applied to surveys, polls, and content. By decreasing the total number of clicks needed, it makes process automation irrelevant.
  • Approach appointment scheduling from a larger perspective by focusing on conversion rates and not appointments booked. It is not only about finding the time, but securing an appointment with the prospect and assigning the lead to a sales representative. However, it is critical to making sure leads are distributed fairly among larger sales teams. To do this, you must gather data, which takes time. Nevertheless, a practical measure of success is the improved rate of conversion.


TimeSlots – Consultative Selling At It's Finest

TimeSlots work by targeting your prospects; it is a network of prospects, leads, and clients, connected together.

Whenever you are scheduling an appointment, get-together, or a meeting, you can choose TimeSlots. It is the perfect tool for:

  • Scheduling sales call with folks automatically
  • Booking meetings with staff and team, going through important points before the meeting
  • Scheduling client appointments for inspections, visits, service calls, and checkups
  • Booking new clients to call on your scheduled time for a discovery session


How do TimeSlots work?

  • Data Collection: The first step is to gather data. Ask questions to meet attendees with tech-free form builder
  • Fill up the Calendar: Allow your prospects and clients to book calls and meeting online
  • Schedule Appointment: Check your availability day by day, or weekly, so that you can schedule an appointment and you don’t forget it.
  • Email Reminders: Get email reminders as notifications right to your mailbox whenever a new appointment is created.
  • Duration of Appointment: Would you prefer shorter meetings? You can now set up meeting time within 15 to 30 minutes blocks. If you need longer meetings, 60 minutes should be perfect.
  • Save Time and Stay on Task: Save your time by quickly linking to TimeSlots form, rather than constantly juggling everyone’s schedule to find the best fit.


Automated Appointment Scheduling with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform is the latest to track website visitor behavior and deliver highly targeted oriented appointment opportunities to shoppers. Although AI is not new for appointment scheduling setting, using an AI-enabled appointment scheduling assistant is revolutionary.

The AI platform understands that users prepping to purchase are reading all technical information and comparing specifications. It automatically uses this understanding to provide the prospect with an opportunity to speak with the subject expert on the products or services of interest.

Once the prospect accepts this appointment, it is immediately booked in his/her web browser. A conversation is arranged between one or two people, either as a phone call or an in-person meeting.

IBM Watson is the latest example of AI used for appointment scheduling.

Final Word on Consultative Selling

TimeSlots are the simple, centralized appointment scheduling for e-meetings. You use some dedicated resources to acquire quality traffic to the website. You use your sales funnel and track them. You invest in content creation and paid ads. You want qualified web visitors who can easily schedule strategy calls with you or maybe book a demonstration of the product.

This is an exact scenario.

However, the best possible way to qualify prospects and turn them into your active customers is to provide them with an easier way to schedule meetings directly with you. To make sure this is effective, it is very important to implement it centrally and automatically.

TimeSlots are crucial and lifesaving marketing technology tools here. Combing forms as well as appointments online, it allows you to qualify your prospect clients so that you can close the sale. Within a click, everything you want is sorted. It saves your time, limits frustration and ensures you have smooth sales.

However, having tools is not enough. You would have to master the technology too and know when to use it optimally. It is very important to deliver the best performance using these hassle-free tools that take up excessive energy. Even though these tools seem to be simple to use and set up, you might not want to go through the lengthy process of onboarding but want a solution instead. To get all the vital steps done in one shot, choose a company that delivers quality and proficient services in this field. DoneForYou is just that company you’ve been looking for.

DoneForYou team of professional handle the heavy lifting and sets your business up with new marketing stack in no time. Our team also ensures that your accounts are configured properly, and individual tools are accurately integrated with the site so that it works as thought.

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