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Today, we're going to chat about generating leads with a lead magnet, through a lead funnel.. It'll be loosely tied to this article:

The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Perfect Lead Magnet

Hey, what's up? This is Jason Drohn, welcome to today's Get Shit Done Daily. We're going to talk about lead funnels and basically setting up a lead generation system so that you're generating leads for your business, for your enterprise, for your nonprofit, whatever, all the time, 24/7, when you're working and when you're not. That's the idea, right?

So, we are actually using a new streaming software today called StreamYard, which is pretty damn cool. Better than the preview. It's so far, nicer than what we were using, Restream and that I can do some really, really cool stuff. Like I can share my screen like that and I can remove it, which is pretty cool because that way... I mean, a lot of times this isn't just riffing, I'm creating content for blog posts, but kind of talking through this stuff and I already have 400 blog posts that have been written on Done For You, and all the other material and lead funnel stuff. So sometimes it's easier just to kind of walk through that stuff and then if you want more you can obviously go click the link and do all that. So, that is kind of some of the low down.

Now for those of you who are new to this every day, 10 o'clock in the morning Eastern Standard Time, we stream live and the idea is to help you work through whatever it is kind of is catching you up in the moment. Because so many new people are working from home, it's a unique challenge because you don't get to bounce anything off of coworkers. There's a certain level of just masterminding coworking and stuff that happens through this when you're working together when you're working in the office and literally I haven't had that experience in 13 or 14 years, 14 I think now because I've been working from home forever and there are unique challenges to pulling it off well.

I know after Charleston and I moved in together there was just... It's different working from home, it just is. So, there are certainly some things, some best practices that go along with remote working and stuff. We'll get into that stuff. I mean, by all means, if you have anything, go ahead and comment on it and I'll kind of chat below, but at the end of the day, working remotely is in some ways better, in some ways worse than working in an office. I mean, from a better standpoint, there's all kinds of tools and tech and stuff that you can use and it really puts the priority on getting things done, because in getting things done, that's what your clients want, that's what your boss wants, that's what the company you're working for wants.

All of the water cooler talk and the looking busy and all of that is literally stripped away. I mean, because your boss, your team, your clients, they don't see any of that. All they see is what you are actually doing and what you're delivering and what you're turning around. So, that's probably the biggest change to remote working.

Now today what we're going to talk about is generating leads through a lead funnel. And there's a couple of ways, so what I'm going to do is I'm going to pull up a blog post that we wrote on how to create a perfect lead magnet. Now your lead magnet is the thing that is going to... Is the thing that people are going to opt-in for.

So basically your lead magnet, somebody clicks on a banner ad and somebody clicks through a blog post, whatever, they go to your website and then for the most part they land on a landing page. So, a great example of a landing page is actually right here. So, you probably can't see that. I think you can see this if I open it up into a new tab though. So this is an example of a landing page. Literally, business accelerator toolkit for coaches and creators. Hit the download now button. This is a two-step opt-in. So, basically poop, enter your email address, enter their email address and then they are off and running. So, it ends up being pretty cool, right? Now, what we need to do though is we need to give them something in exchange for their email address. That thing is typically what is called a lead magnet.

Now lead funnels take a lot of different shapes, a lot of different forms. So at the end of the day, what you want to do is you want to give them something of value that you could pay or you could charge for and will help them in their life. And the best way to think about this is to think of your primary target market, your customer avatar. Like what little tip can you share with them that will get them taking action and will get them to opt-in, join your email marketing list and move them closer to buying. So, in a lot of markets, a simple PDF is really going to do the trick. So, a six to eight-page report, you can type it up in Apple Pages or Microsoft Word, export it as a PDF and then give that PDF away for free.

So we just want to be really, really specific. So, here's some example headlines just... So seven secret persuasion tricks to increase webinar conversion, or seven WordPress plugins that increase visitor engagement without them even realizing it, or seven email templates to re-engage the email subscribers who have already written you off. So every market has those little tips, those little strategies that somebody will opt-in for. And then what you want to do is you want to build a landing page around that market. Now in this example, literally our landing page is the simplest, cleanest looking thing ever, but this converts really, really well. In other markets that might not, you might want to have a big background image or whatever, but all in all works out nicely. So, there's another example of a landing page and the survival space and then another landing page.

But down here below we start talking about the different types of lead funnels and lead magnets.

So, the seven types of Done For You lead magnets, so one is a report or guide. So like I said, six to eight page report that you can type up and you probably already have this thing already done. I mean, if you've written a couple of blog posts, you can put those blog posts together, give them away for free as a PDF and then boom, you're in the game. You can give it away for free. You might not even need to export it as a PDF, you might just be able to literally link them directly to the blog post and call it good. So it's opt-in form and then the blog post and bam, you get their email address, they get the thing that they opted in for and then you're good.

The other thing is a cheat sheet or a process map. I actually just recorded a video on giving away one of these things for sales funnels. So you will see that in the future, but basically a flow chart that walks somebody from point A to point B. So it might be whatever your market, I mean, whether you are an accountant or whether you are selling digital products or a coach or whatever, is there a process that somebody can go through and then give that thing away for free. Give it in exchange for an email address. A checklist is another great one, the software is another great one. I actually just had a call yesterday with a guy who writes software and he was going to give the software away for free to generate leads, but that was also his offer.

So my advice to him was, look, let's create a lead funnel that we can give away for free to your prospects and let's sell the software because the software is expensive to write and it's also expensive to maintain. So a checklist, another great freebie to give away and we've talked about this. I actually just recorded a video for one of these too. Videos, you can record a video and then give it away for free as a lead funnel generation. We have typically had less luck giving away a video from a lead funnel standpoint in a lead funnel because the video was kind of synonymous with... Well, free video is synonymous with YouTube, so people don't necessarily value video the way they previously did and they don't necessarily want to wait eight minutes to get the full impact of that video, to actually absorb the content. What they would rather do is download a checklist, download a process map or a flow chart or even a short PDF, skim through it, figure out what the hell you're talking about and then they kind of scroll back up to the top and then they watch the rest of it.

With a video, they can scrub of course, but then they miss it. Do you know what I mean? They might miss the payoff that they are hoping for. So oftentimes we don't see videos work so well from lead generation standpoint if it's not highly visual in nature. Now a visual kind of thing, visual in nature, I mean it might be golf, might be fitness, might be even some survival stuff, but those are going to be some niches that video will be a little bit more impactful on when they're actually learning how to do something.

I was just talking to Chelsea about how I have a couple of DIY Builds videos up and they're in crazy traffic right now. Not necessarily views, but when somebody watches, they're watching for a really long time. So, like the last couple of weeks we've kind of entered into this kind of content consumerism, so people are watching videos, they're staying for longer, click costs are going down, banner impressions are going up. Lead cost is going down because there's just more people online and they're staying for longer, and they're doing more things. So it's nice that way. Do you know what I mean? So tutorials always, always, always a great way to generate leads and prospects through a lead funnel is to give tutorials and offer tutorials. Now oftentimes, there was a piece of software called Clarify-it which lets your screenshots and then document the screenshots.

I don't know of another piece of software out there that does that. I'm sure there is. I know Clarify-it kind of morphed into another brand, but I haven't done it in a while but screenshot based tutorials always work really well because they move somebody through like learning... Let's see, quizzes and surveys and chatbots, huge for regenerating leads. We actually just implemented a chatbot on the homepage of Done For You just to see how it would work. It's already sending leads through our lead funnel to people who are already moving through it, which is fantastic. We're actually using it for what you'll see in pretty soon, which is a Done For You button that you can add into your membership area or coaching area, whatever, an offer done for your services and get paid a commission. And it's all based on this quiz survey chatbot model, but the idea is that if you ask somebody a couple of qualifying questions before you ask somebody for their email address, they are more likely to give you their email address in exchange for results or in exchange for marketing or whatever thing that they want by going through the survey.

Now it can't necessarily be kind of a weird survey, but you can also segment them into buckets and then send marketing material out based on how they answer. So that is also really, really hot. Let's see. So we have some lead magnet ideas for coaches. In setting up lead funnels for coaches, lead generation for coaches, I mean there's some lead magnets you can use. So for health coaches for foods, you can buy at the grocery store that they give you instant energy or three steps to changing any habits, no matter how addicted you think you are. So those are just some general kind of lead magnet ideas.

Real estate finding deals, flipping properties, that kind of thing. So all in all, your lead funnel has a couple of core components. It has your traffic, so you need a traffic source in order to have a lead funnel of course. You need eyeballs coming to your website, hitting your landing page and then ultimately opting in or becoming prospects in one way or another for your business, for your thing. So you need traffic, you need a lead magnet, you need something to give them for free in exchange for their email address. And then not only do you need to give them that thing, but you also need to market to them tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day and for years, I mean this is not open-ended or this is not a closed-loop thing.

You don't write five days worth of email or seven days worth of email and then call it good and hope that they convert because they won't, the majority of them won't convert until the end of the first week or second week or month. We have people coming to us that are literally just getting started in some of our services six years later. So if we would have stopped marketing to them then, I mean they would not have turned into customers. So, that's the point of lead generation. You nurture them again and again, you move them through buying cycles, you nurture them, you send them blog posts, that's the point of lead generation. It doesn't just end after five days. So you need traffic, you need lead funnels... You need a landing page.

Landing page, great example is this. So nice and simple. We have other landing pages inside of our access CRM, there are landing page builders, there are all kinds of ways to create landing pages. But the most important part of the landing page is that it converts somebody to going from just traffic, somebody who's visiting your website to ultimately opting in for your marketing message and that's how they become a lead. So your lead funnel is how you scale this thing from 10 leads to 20 leads to 50 leads to 100 leads. And then ultimately it's how you convert that lead into a paying buyer so that you can then scale faster and stronger and harder and all of that other happy fun stuff. So, that's the idea behind lead funnels.

Now if you guys have any questions, I think this question box actually works, the one that Restream didn't. So go ahead, ask some questions. Let's see. Otherwise, I'm just going to kind of click around here. It looks like we got some private chat options, which is kind of cool. Let's see. Got a couple of banners, so I'm going to post... All right, so I just chatted out, how are you doing to everybody. So, let me know if you see that it would be awesome. All right, I think some of the platforms are coming back. It looks like it hit. All right, cool.

So all in all, that's lead generation. So if you're watching this and you have any questions on lead magnets, let me know. Like this, share it, whatever, that'd be awesome. So in terms of lead magnets, some of the most successful lead magnets that we have ever produced are, one of them was the 100 email subject lines, it was nice, simple, quick to get going. And at the time we were generating email leads for about $2 apiece. Now that same lead magnet generates email leads for about $4 apiece.

We have seen very, very specific lead magnets converting for far less. In their survival market right now, we have a lead magnet that is converting for about 40 cents. So 40 cents per email lead. It was 80 cents per email lead, but then it kind of... We have now, amiss the coronavirus and the lockdowns and everything else, not lockdowns but the shutdowns and all that other stuff. It has really spurred the survival mentality, so that lead magnet is performing really, really, really well. And it's a 30-page ebook or something. It's quite a bit longer, but checklists and build maps are working tremendously well because they're just so compact and so nice and so focused that you immediately know what it is you are getting into. Now if your lead funnel starts off with something that is like, four ways to double the revenue of your business in the next 60 days.

It is so generic and so general and so whatever that people just keep swiping, whatever, whatever, whatever, okay, fine. So that's the problem, that's why you need to make these things super, super, super-specific. So even this one, business accelerator toolkit for coaches and creators, this isn't specific enough, but we don't... This is very simple just to exit pop traffic. We don't necessarily need... We are not paying for traffic or paying for leads here. So, that is the idea. Now, let's see. All right, we got... That's good.

All right, so if you guys have any questions at all go to, fill out the little form, book a call with me, I'm happy to get on the phone and talk about your business, talk about ad campaigns or anything else, whatever you need. Literally, I am here at 10 o'clock every day, Monday through Friday to answer your questions and deliver content and teach you the things that I know that might help move your business forward. So if you have any questions at all, go to Let me see if I can throw this in here. So ask questions for the next show at

All right, ask questions for the next show, you can type that in. I'm going to play with these banners over here. So let's see. I'm going to create a banner and say, ask questions for the next show at... Let's see what this does. All right. So, I'm going to show you this thing. Let's see what this does. Woo, that's pretty. Maybe I don't want to scroll it as a ticker. Okay, let's see what this one does. So I'm going to show this guy... Oh, there it is, nice and big. Cool. No. All right, here's another one. Get an action plan call at... All right, how about this one? We're going to do this. Show this guy, bam, get an action plan call at

So, if you have any questions at all, go to, sign up for an action plan call and then we will put together a plan for web design, web optimization, ad management, whatever. As I said, we just want to get your shit figured out and help you move forward, help move your business online, help you get leads in sales and traffic and all that stuff because literally I mean, I don't know when this is going to kind of be fixed. I was just reading a report about business could be changed for the next 18 months or whole life could be changed for the next 18 months and we might have this rolling kind of blackout window or something, I don't know.

All I know is that business will be different after this than it was before. And so many people are going to now be turning to online to do business because they have had to do it for a couple of months and they've gotten accustomed to it, same with remote work. And the companies who shut down, they might not call people back or it's not even they won't call people back, but I mean, the entire country might go remote. I mean, there's all kinds of random stuff that could happen. So for me, I just want to help you get ahead of it. So, that's really the idea. Now, if you have any questions, let me know and I will talk to you soon. All right, thanks. Bye.