Today we’re going to talk about email marketing management. For those of you who don’t know who I am, my name is Jason Drohn, and I am the founder and creator of We specialize in three things and creating offers. We specialize in building sales systems and sales funnels, and we specialize in marketing automation tracking. Basically, those three pieces are the foundational building blocks to every business online. That’s really what we put together, are those three things.

Now email marketing management isn’t something that I’ve talked about a whole lot. I’ve talked about it in a roundabout way. Email marketing as a function is done inside so when somebody hits your sales funnel and they sign up for your email list through a lead magnet, or they buy something or don’t buy something, then the default way that you get back in front of them is usually email marketing.

There are lots of other email marketing management mechanisms.

  1. send them an email
  2. send them a text message

You can sell them even desktop notifications now, but by and large, for the most part, how you’re going to get back in front of them is that marketing piece, because they are giving you their email address and you are acting on it to pull them in closer to your sales process.

If somebody signs up for your email list, then you, send them emails to buy the thing, buy the offer. That you are promoting through a video sales letter or you send emails to promote a webinar or whatever. There are lots of different ways that people are going to end up, using your email.

email marketing management

2 Different Kinds of Email Marketing Management

In terms of email marketing management, there are two different kinds, two different formats, performance.

1. Automated Emails

I mean, you have your automated emails that go out. Those are your sequences, the sequences that you set up to mail out when somebody does. They opt-in for your lead magnet and then they get email one, email, two, email, three, email, four, in all those emails need to be scripted before you do something before you go live with your sales funnel.

Even our own sales funnels, when we launch our stuff, we have 20 emails I’ve already set to go because of your email marketing management, the list is your ultimate insurance policy. Do you know? So your email list is always going to be the thing that you can fall back on.

If your sales funnel doesn’t work out the way that it should on the front side, so you’re always going to have that email list. You’re going to be able to market to that email list when you pivot to that email list, or at least a portion of that email list is going to go with you. Your email list is always going to be your database. Some people call it a database, some people call it a list. It’s always going to be the thing that you rely on long-term.

Emailing you to have your automated sequences. And in general, I know this is going to go over a lot of people’s heads as with a lot of my stuff with emailing, you have your automated sequences for your email marketing management.

What I generally do is when a new lead comes into the system, whether they buy something or whether they don’t usually the first 30 days is pretty scripted. They get email one, email two, emails three and four, and five up to 30 days. And that whole thing is prescriptive. We’re going to go out, we know what offers they’re going to see. We know that they’re going to seem like all of this stuff. Videos, bonuses, PDFs, whatever. For you, for your stuff, just make sure to have a process for the first day, for the first week, the first week is ideal. You know, that’s going to be paramount is you want to be able to know that they’re getting dripped email, know that they are bonding with you in one way or another. And that’s the important part.

2. Broadcast Emails

The other side is your broadcast emails. Let’s say you have a list of 20,000 people, 30,000 people.

  • How often do you mail them?
  • Do you often scrub that list?
  • How often do you send them offers as opposed to like blog content or videos or any of that kind of stuff?

Now, my rule of thumb, there are some big email marketing management things, email management takeaways that we always employ.

email marketing management

TIP#1 Email your list often

The first is you want to email your list often. I can’t tell you how many times, somebody comes to me and they’re like, Whoa. You know, I can’t email my list every day. I’m just going to put tip number one, email often preferably every day. Email often, preferably every day. I know that sounds probably a little bit crazy, but at the end of the day, so I’m a very, very wise internet marketer a long time ago, who told me that your email list is kind of like unused hotel rooms.

Every day that you go about sending them something you’re losing a chance to be in front of them. I don’t necessarily agree that you need to email every single day, but you need to email often. Shouldn’t be an offer every single day. It should be something, whether it is a blog article or it’s an article in ink magazine, or it’s an article and you know, women’s health or whatever that you think that they should be reading, send it to them. It doesn’t matter if you created it or not. If you think a video is cool, send it to him, send him an email, say, “Hey, I was thinking about you and essentially this video.” I mean, at the end of the day, treat your email list like you would treat a friend.

If you would email a friend, something, then consider emailing it to your entire list. Because if you have 7,000 people on your list, then those, you have 7,000 people who were into the same things that you are now, email it to them, use that as a way to build a relationship with them, you will be much further ahead for it, but get some of that glare out of the. The glare does look kind of cool though.

Sending emails weekly will get a ton of unsubscribes.

Anyway, a lot of people that I tell or coach to email often, a lot of them are like, well, you know what happens if somebody doesn’t do something, you know what happens if I get a lot of unsubscribes? And the reality is the longer you go without emailing that next email that you sent, you’re going to get a ton of unsubscribes. People are going to be unsubscribing like crazy. Like literally if you watch, let’s say you an email today and then your email next Monday, and then you email next Monday, watch your unsubscribes. You’re going to have a very high percentage rate of unsubscribes because in those seven days, they forgot about you or they just weren’t used to opening or receiving your email.

Email every day to have a smaller percentage of unsubscribes.

Now, if you look at, and now if you email every day, so you email every day, you are going to have a much smaller percentage of unsubscribes. However, you’re going to be in their inbox one day, two days, three days, five days between now and next Monday, which means you’re going to be building a list that much faster, you’re going to be selling that much more. You’re going to be bonding with them that much more. They’re going to be responding to blog, videos and videos, and all that other stuff, so just watch your numbers. If you say, okay, I’m going to mail four times in the next 30 days, or I’m going to mail 20 times in the next 30 days. Your unsubscribe rate is probably going to be very close to two similar between those two, those two scenarios.

If you mailed 20 times, we’ll put five times more links, five times more blog posts, five times more videos in front of them, without breaking a sweat. Yes, you have to write an email every day, but you know what? You show up to work every day. And so just count on 20 minutes of that being something that you have to write a blog post for, it’s not that complicated.
These people are already engaged with you. They’re already on your list.

TIP#2 Emails have to be personal

You do not want to have some random corporate presence in your email, they need to be personal. They need to be coming from you or at the very least they need to have some sort of a personal feel to them.

As I said, you want to be talking, as if you’re talking to a friend, one of the worst possible things that you can do in email marketing is you can get a term paper in college. Nobody’s going to respond to that. At the end of the day, it’s all about being approachable, being personal, building a relationship. And you don’t build a relationship with a textbook. I mean, you don’t, you build a relationship with a human being. So write as if you were writing to your best friend, same language, same punctuation, same words, just write it the way you would write it to a best friend or somebody you’re excited to share something with, or that’s the best way to do email, there’s this move to do a lot of images and a lot of very heavy image base.

There’s a couple of email platforms that I see a lot of small businesses moving to because they’re image-based, they’re HTML and image-based, and they don’t require any copy or very little copy. I mean, it’s image-based. So it’s like, image button, image button, newsletter button, whatever the problem with that though is, again, your prospects are not relating to anything.

They’re not understanding anything and they’re not moving any closer to buying anything. I would be hard-pressed, if you were to do a straight AB comparison between a very image-based newsletter, selling something versus a text-based newsletter. I mean, my guess is a textbase is going to win all the time. The only reason we do HTML image-based kind of pretty emails now is because of mobile formatting, 30% of our opens, most people, 50% of their opens.

40-50% of their opens are going to be on a mobile-based browser text, kind of bloat, like the normal text-based email kind of blows for, for mobile browsing. So that’s all there is to, would you want to be personal, write it as if you were writing it to your best friend, they use the same language, use links when it’s appropriate and just do it, do it that way. It’s going to sell a whole lot more. It’s going to be a lot more approachable. People are going to enjoy reading your stuff.

Have an offer once or twice a month

You guys want to keep things current so, my recommendation is not to show an offer, have an offer once or twice a month, like a straight-up sales video-oriented offer. Now every once or twice a month, go in and throw up an offer, blink or sales video, or like an automated webinar or whatever don’t pressure email, with offers. So way back in the day, it used to work to throw up, offer after offer, especially in an affiliate world.

When affiliate marketing was nowhere and internet marketing was nowhere, you could drop offer after offer. And you could just absolutely crush the offers, but now people are great. And the connection, even right now, even more with like COVID and the pandemic and the lockdown, people are craving connection more than anything.

Whether that is through email, whether it’s through video, whether whatever, then just, that’s ideally you always want to provide the anchor point for that connection wherever possible. So yeah, be personal, be approachable, be current and use blog posts and content and video where you can. Like, use live streams. I have been telling all of our clients to use live stream wherever you can.

Like the community, I don’t even get engagement from the community, although I do, which is awesome. But I would love to have lots of comments and shares and likes and all that other stuff. This does a couple of things for me. First of all, it forces me to create content every day. I have found that when I force myself to create content and usually some cool content is out because I’m not necessarily unless I need to talk about something I don’t, I mean, I’m an introvert. These dailies have been an interesting discipline and extrovertedness if you will. But they also provide a great way for people, kind of tuning in when they want to and not tuning in when they want to. It doesn’t matter, but if they see a topic that they want to learn more about, then they can tune in.

If not, that’s okay too. We send out emails here and there. Whenever I get a chance, I’ll send an email and say, “Hey, we’re talking about this now.” Which has been great too? It gives me a reason to connect with, my list to give me a reason to connect with Facebook. So those are all, some of the reasons why, I have been doing it this way, some of the benefits of it, and we’ve been helping our clients see… Paige, so you got to love the realness of it. But at the end of the day, that’s all there is to it. So email often, connect with your audience, use video, use blog posts, where you can, where applicable. And it’s, I mean, none of this has to do with the software or the tools or list building or any other stuff.

But once you have the people on your list and then you want to make sure to manage it appropriately.

Funnel Factor Book

Now, some cool things over the weekend. I got my first textbook. So you have the funnel factor book that came in the mail, check this out. So this is a full eight and a half by 11 textbooks. It is for sale on Amazon at the moment and this thing. So here, let me find something cool. This thing is full color, but there I am. It’s pretty cool. So full color. And let’s see, find something else.

I’ll just do this for you. Isn’t that cool, cool color on this bad boy. That’s the part that is going to set this book apart. This textbook apart is first, go through and put together the architecture for the sales funnels and then all of the things you need.

So inside. Here over on this side, we have the architecture for the sales funnel. And then over on this side, we have all of the pieces that you need to pull that thing off. If you look, this is the base architecture for what is that? That’s a webinar registered as an automated webinar sales funnel. And then over here, you have the sales copy.

We have the sales copy. The core pages needed to pull that thing off. And then the email copy that you need to pull that thing off. So the lead magnet fulfillment, the webinar promo sequence, the webinar replay sequence. So all of the core funnels are actually in this textbook here.

Let’s see if we can find something different, spend something else. So this is a framework for a fully qualified lead sales video. And then of course the things, the pages you need to pull that thing off. Let’s see what else is there, after they register credit repair, this is an automated cash machine sales funnel right there. And then all the pages you need for the pull that off. That’s an automated webinar, as you can see, this book is nuts. 274 pages, eight and a half by 11. So you can write in the margins, all that other stuff. We’re going to list them for sale on the website. It’s also on Amazon. So you can, I’ll drop the link here somewhere.

I just thought it would be cool to throw up a textbook of it. So this is the link here, right? So here you go. That’s a funnel factor report. So this is just the printed report of that, of what you see there, so you can download it for free, check it out. Yeah, let’s see. Let’s see if there’s anything else to go over.

This textbook goes through, let’s see our page numbers. So we got Facebook ads. So we have the introduction to the framework there, and then let me have the quickest path to cash. What the offer, we talk about offers a little bit of physical book, ebook, audio product. We talk about building a sales funnel, creating your offer. Building the sales funnel is where all of your sales funnels. So this is seven starting on page 71 is where all your frameworks are going to be. So page 71 right here, webinars for high ticket sales, webinars tools, all the different tech, you need to pull this guy off the presentation. Then you got presentation software, video sales letters that convert on autopilot. Let’s see what else we got, the ultimate guide to creating a perfect lead magnet, right?

There are Facebook ads, email marketing management, Facebook ads, increasing blog traffic, developing a content strategy that brings traffic. So attract similar auditors. So there are all kinds of stuff in here, all kinds of stuff. Sweet. So it looks like you guys like it, which is awesome. Yeah, go ahead and download it. It’s at that it’s here You can download the ebook for free. Go ahead and do that. And then, so by and large, I mean, it’s pretty small. It’s awesome. Is it everything I know in, condensed into an easily palpable format. So the ebook is free. You can download that. The textbook, I have priced on Amazon for a hundred bucks. It is 23, $22, $23 to just print it.

And then after Amazon’s fees and all that other stuff, it’s kind of ridiculous, but maybe eventually I’ll have a different printer, a box of a bunch of them and they’ll send them to the house and probably won’t do frequent shipping, but it doesn’t have to be a hundred bucks either.

I think tomorrow we’re going to talk about maybe some headlines, writing effective headlines. That sounds cool.

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