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Video Transcript:

Hey, what's up. This is Jason Drohn. Welcome to today's presentation This is GSD Daily number 65.

And we're going to talk about intelligence, gathering intelligence on your competitors. Spying on your competitors, ripping off their campaigns and their keyword phrases, and then using that data to help you generate more revenue online. Make more money, right? It's a little weird, I know... It's not weird, it's something we do every day. And you're better agencies, you're better providers, you're better... I mean, if you have somebody on your team who has this skill, you're going to be able to generate a lot more money a lot quicker, because you're using everybody else's data to find out what works and what doesn't. Today I'm going to walk you through a tool. SEMrush is the name of the software. It's a paid application obviously, you can't get anything quality for free.

For reason, this is high-grade stuff and what it provides in terms of analytics, and terms of competitor research and capability are... You could see everything your competitors are doing, everything that's working at least. We're going to go through that in a minute. For those of you... Let me shut my door there. For those of you who don't know who I am. My name is Jason Drohn, creator of a and we specialize in three things, creating offers, building sales funnels, and then setting up marketing automation that works. And everything we do is about building a foundation for a business online, something that gives you sales on autopilot automatically. Today I had not a significant amount of... This is episode 65.

I have talked about a lot of different stuff as it relates to internet marketing, I'm starting to run out of stuff, that isn't a rehash of a previous thing. What we're going to be doing is we're going to start diving into some of the tools that I use, or that my team uses daily. We're going to talk about using things to execute some of the bigger things that we've talked about in previous episodes, like sales funnels and stuff. We have laid much groundwork already in the daily series, and talking about sales funnels, and talking about Facebook traffic, and talking about organic search rankings, and products, and offers, and all that other stuff that I'm going to start diving in deeper into specific things. And then those specific things we can roll up into the sales funnels, which is ultimately what we've already discussed, so I'm pretty excited about that. Next week, we're going to dig into organic traffic, so we have a lot of clients who are starting to explore organic traffic, starting to explore live streams, and SEO, and some of those things.

Next week we're going to talk about On-page SEO, finding keyword phrases, using keyword phrases, what we do to get rankings and all that stuff, and cover I think, a day. Today we're going to talk about spy tools if you will. The tool that we're going to discuss today is an application called SEMrush. SEMrush is a wicked awesome tool for SEO. And it works nice for SEO but more than that it gives you a lot of competitor data, a lot of competitor intel that you can use to spy on people who are advertising against you or people who are doing business in your same spaces. I'm just going to go through the tool. We're going to discuss the different areas of it and how we use it. Now, you probably are going to use it differently, or you might not, who knows. But the domain that we're tracking in here right now is done for you, I've been using SEMrush for years.

We have several options on the left-hand side, we've got domain analytics, keyword analytics, we've got projects, marketing insights, gap analysis, SEO content template, all kinds of internet stuff. Now, if we just scroll down this page a little bit, you're going to see that in terms of position tracking, we have visibility of 26.48%. And then we have some audits and some on-page checkers and stuff, but where this stuff comes into play. We're going to click into the domain analytics, so you can see some numbers. Now here this 38 is our authority score. We have an authority score of 38, our organic search traffic, we have 308 keywords, then we have 80, so these numbers are not right. If you look at our Google Analytics, we're getting about 300, 400 organic visitors a day.

Then can we scroll down here, and we see our traffic trend, so we can see that one. 2019, then up in March our traffic started trending up. Then we have our keyword rankings down below. You can see how many keyword phrases we have in the top three, so currently, if you follow this report. Now, this report is all... it's not like we're tying in Google webmasters, or Google Analytics, or anything like that. This keyword is generated on their side from their bots and crawlers. Here we have the top three, we have 13 keyword phrases in the top three. There's a lot more than that. We have 35 in the top 4 to 10, so a total of 722 keyword phrases that it found in the keyword results.

Now, if you look at our organic keywords here, you can see those 722 keywords, and we will see... Here, we're looking at organic competitor research, we are ranked in the first position for done for you, advanced lead generation systems, first position, DFY funnels, first position, free traffic Instagram, first position, DFI sales funnel, second position, so you can go through and see all of the keyword phrases that were ranked for. DFI funnels, Scriptly, webinar maker we're in the seventh spot. Done for your webinars, done for your webinar, so there are all kinds of stuff on the first page of Google, as everything above 10 is the first page of Google. CRO KPI done for your courses, that's interesting, we're up to the 12th spot there. We'll have to check that out. That's a pretty hot little keyword phrase. And that is really what we do.

Like we kind of troll through these keyword phrases and find where are our opportunities and if our opportunities, like let's say this done for your courses, it was in the 24th spot. Now it's in the 12th spot. We increased by 12. And the page that it is directing to is Well, knowing that it's like well, okay, we offer done for your course creation services. We create offers, so in knowing that it's like you know what, we're going to add something to the homepage for done for you courses linking off to our product to continue ranking for that keyword phrase, so I need to write that down while I'm still thinking about it. Marketing automation workflow, we're in the 27 spots. There are all kinds of keyword phrases here, so this gives you some insight into how your website is doing in the search engines.

But here's the thing, it's not all just that. We can go back out and let's get rid of this bubble here, and we're going to go back to overview, and we can see backlinks, we can see the advertising competitor research, but more than that, we can go into the competitors. Let's look down here, this competitive positioning map, and what you will see is all of the competitors that are, that are ranking for, and advertising for keyword phrases, just like us. We have DFI templates, Marketing Funnel Academy, we have has 19 keyword phrases and their traffic is 10. We have machines, we have, which has 156 keywords and 93. And then over here, we have, which has 722 keywords and traffic of 308.

Needless to say, we're doing pretty well when it comes to our competition. And then we have a list of all of our organic competitors, so Marketing Funnel Academy, client attraction, RY machine, John McNeil has, it looks like three common keywords, a total of 214 keyword phrases, they have traffic of 71. And then we have 2 common keyword phrases, but 472 search rankings and 428 traffic. Let's see if there's anybody else down here. Digital matchbox, we have Rojo consultancy has 559 traffic... is 2300. The easy webinar is ranking for some of the common phrases that we are... They have 2, 618 keyword phrases. You can pinpoint all of your competitors here, from an organic standpoint. Now, if we go, we can go into advertising competitor research and we see the different positions, so traffic costs, we see the keyword phrases. The keyword phrases where we are ranking for. Then we can go into, let's see, we got position changes, and then competitors for advertising competitor research. These are competitors for our ads, so home business promo CFPRO, CFpro tools by ClickFunnels pro tools, they have some traffic going. has a lot of traffic going. Let's look over at... we're just going to go into I Love Click Funnels, we're just going to see what they do. Their keyword phrase is ClickFunnels on average, their position number one. This is the URL of their landing page and is here, so we're going to go up and we're just going to look at this guy. This is their landing page. Hey Russell, if ClickFunnels is so darn good, why are you giving me two weeks for free? I don't have any idea what this is about, but it's maybe a video of some sort. And because I want you to make money before I make money. I'm so confident that when you see that... Anyway, whatever. That was an example of an ad. Now let's go back, we're going to go back and look at our competitors again. These are all paid, traffic competitors. We're going to go into FunnelHub here and look at... so FunnelHub is also advertising on the keyword phrase, click funnels, And they're just going right to a homepage.

Let's go look at that, so this is FunnelHub. It magnifies your authority, fixes leaky funnels, creates ownership of your traffic managers' perceptions, so this is Funnel hub, and apparently... Create my Funnel hub? Okay, cool. Now let's look at their ads. Funnel hub looked okay, right? I mean, so let's look at their ads, take control of free traffic start building your Funnel hub. Funnel hub helps you create a website to organize all of your funnels offers in one place, blah, blah, blah. Eh, is that? I mean, is that a solid ad? Maybe. Let's look at history and see how long it's been up. Well, this ad it's got 544, the traffic is 544. Click cost is 471, that's quite expensive for the keyword phrase, click funnels, like we're spending 70 cents for the keyword phrase, quick funnels. And it looks like this ad was in the maximum position in ad earned for a given keyword on a particular month, so 3, 1, and 3.

They're advertising pretty heavily right now for these two keyword phrases and then their pages are here, so now that is tied to some advertising competitor research. Then if we look at display advertising for Funnel hub, so the best tool for build sales funnels, okay. The best tool for build sales funnels, that's Funnel hub's display banner ad. That's unimpressive. But anyway, you get the idea, you get to kind of kick through, look and see what your competitors are doing. You get to dive into their stats, you get to look and see what keyword phrases they're ranking for. You get to see their ad copy. Everything about their campaign, you get to see through this one tool and you also get to track your competitor research, your keywords, your phrases.

You can do some keyword competitor research, putting together projects and stuff. They just created some sort of a content writing tool too. I don't know anything about it, but here's some global volume of Funnel hubs. There are lots of ways you can slice and dice the data. I mean, there's so much information in here that you can literally spend all day in here and just do nothing but competitor research, research your stuff, find different ways to exploit your data and rank better. But oftentimes whenever I start working with a client we're always looking for opportunities inside SEMrush for them, that we can go exploit for them. If you have any questions at all about signing or any questions at all about finding your competitor's information, building sales funnels, running traffic, all that stuff, then go to Sign up for an action plan call with my team and I. And then we'll put together a plan for you selling more stuff, creating offers, getting more traffic, setting up marketing automation.

And if there's anything we can do to help kind of talk through something on a future episode, go to and done, and I will talk to you soon. All right. Thanks. Bye.