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In today's video, we're going to walk through designing a self-liquidating offer into your sales funnel so you get paid on the first offer AND get massive monetization through the upsell path!

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How To Design Self-Liquidating Offers

Now, I actually spent the last two and a half-ish weeks and put together a course called Funnel Formula. And this little snippet was something that I just had to pull out and just share with you. So what we're going to do is we're going to walk through what self-liquidating offers are and then also the context, the sales funnel and how they're set up and how the emails are set up around them. So we're going to jump into it.

Architected correctly, you can actually pull off what is known as self-liquidating offers. So a self-liquidating offer is where you spend less to acquire a customer than you make on the first offer. So, what I mean by that is if your first offer, if your VSL was selling a $27 widget and you only spend $20 to acquire that customer. One out of every 20 people who view your sales letter purchases and they purchased for $27 and it only costs a dollar to get that person to watch your sales video, then it's a self-liquidating offer. You make $27 and you spend 20. So, what happens at that point is, first of all, you need to invest as much money as you possibly can into that because that thing is like a unicorn. You know, it happens, but it happens so infrequently that when it does, it's mind-blowing.

So, you make $27, you spend 20. Well now what you do is you put a couple upsells behind that, so upsell one, upsell two, maybe upsell one is $47, upsell two is $97. Now not only are you making $7 per transaction, profit, but you're also making $47 and $97 of the upsell and that's all pure profit. We want to peel buyers off as quickly as possible because when we're spending money for traffic, we don't want to hold that cash on a credit card. We want to liquidate that purchase as quickly as possible. That's one of the reasons why the self-liquidating offers are so important because if you're able to send traffic, get a lead, and then flip that lead into a sale all in the same day or all in a day or two, then you're able to turn all that revenue back in to more traffic, and then you're able to scale faster.

The longer you spend between generating the lead and getting the sale, and the more money you have invested in traffic, which means the longer it's going to take to scale the offer, the longer it's going to take to flip it and scale it that way. We're trying to get them to opt-in for something, get them to opt into a lead magnet. Then we're sending them to a sales video which will generate some cash flow and hopefully provide a self-liquidating offer. You're not going to get a self-liquidating offer on the front side, the front end offer, isn't going to be self-liquidating if you're giving it away for free, it's just not. But if you're selling it for $27 or $19 or $37 or something like that, and you can reasonably self-liquidate on the first offer, which means the second offer is, I mean that's all money in the bank, that's profit.

So that's the goal is to self liquidate on the front end. Upsell one is profit of sell, two is profit down-sell, one down-sell to was all profit. And then they go off into fulfillment and whoever doesn't buy, if they don't buy after the landing page or after the first sales video or the second sales video or whatever, then we send them emails, we send them the Ascension Sequence which will bring them back into the offer. And if they still don't buy then we send them to additional offers or affiliate offers.

All right, wasn't that awesome? So now you know what self-liquidating offers are. And basically it's kind of like a unicorn in the night. Like The the Holy Grail of digital marketing and self-liquidating offers, driving traffic and then making more on the front end offer. Then you are in the traffic that you're driving. They can be the goal for digital products, physical products, coaching, consulting, any sales funnel you want to set it up so you're able to get these self-liquidating offers.

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