Content has always been the backbone of successful marketing. From the days when word of mouth was the only means to spread awareness about a business to the current digital era where everything is available, literally, at your fingertips; there is nothing quite like engaging content when it comes to converting buyers.

Today, I am going to explore some amazing ways that content marketing can drive buyers through the sales journey…

Discovery – the first point of contact with the buyer

Discovery The buyer journey

Every buyer out there is on the lookout for a solution for the problems that they’re experiencing right now.

Considering the fact that there are virtually countless options available to them, the only way to capture the buyer’s eye is to provide them with something unique and intriguing.  This is where content comes into the picture.

During the discovery stage, the buyer is completely naïve (i.e. he has a problem does not know the solution). So, he’s trying to figure out what to do to get some satisfaction. And, more importantly, he’s in a place where he’s looking for content that educates, inspires, and most importantly helps him with his problem…  Content that can play a key role in getting him to the next stage in your marketing funnel.

Powerful content, like informative blogs and articles, creates an initial impression with your brand, building a connection and enticing him further into your sales funnel and sales letters.

Consideration – one step further in the relationship

How Content Marketing Drives Sales throughout the Buyers’ Journey

So, now the buyer knows that you have the solution to this problem. What next? He’d want to know how good you are or in other words – are you the best help he can get?

This is again where the power of content marketing can make or break the connection established between your brand and your prospective buyer. Now that the buyer is considering your business as one of the probable solutions to his problem, he will want to explore your products and services more specifically.

Powerful content makes sure that your buyers get to know about your expertise in the field and what makes you the perfect fit for his problem. Content like landing pages and “content upgrades,” therefore, become the key component of content marketing that can drive sales.

Decision – the phase that can make or break your marketing efforts

Decision Stage

Now, the client has moved down further in the marketing funnel, but he has is still indecisive on whether you are the best fit for his needs or not… So, how are you going make sure that he makes the decision in your favor?

The one word answer to this question is – CONTENT!  (Notice a trend?)

Content forms like case studies, buyer testimonials, and success stories work towards building faith and confidence within your buyer’s mind. It is a basic human psychology to trust the experience of others. Therefore, by going through content like use cases and success stories, you can give your prospect a taste of what it’s like to finally have their problems solved because of your business!

As a matter of fact, this works as the final push that drives the buyer into the last stage of the buying journey…  Getting converted!

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Retention – going above and beyond


Most businesses think that the buyer’s journey is limited to only the intial sale…  This is a big mistake.

Smart businesses know that there is still another important step left on this journey. This step is to retain those buyers AND sell them more stuff. You might be shocked to know that studies reveal that 80% of future sales come from 20% of your existing buyers.

So, continuing to feed your buyer with more information once the sale has been completed becomes key. This is where content elements like email newsletters, product updates, festive greetings and social media posts come into the picture.

Remember, buyer relationships are a journey that you need to keep nurturing or else it becomes stale. After all, building trust is not just a one-time thing. You need to keep the buyer hooked on the fact that you are constantly evolving and doing things to make their life easier, and better.

Content plays a role at every stage of the funnel!

The points mentioned above paint a clear picture of how content plays an integral role to keep buyers hooked at every stage of the marketing funnel. A slight weakness in content at any stage could mean losing the buyer forever.

While there are many businesses that focus too strongly on the top of the funnel, it is quite evident that content plays an inseparable role at every stage. From building buyer’s interest in your business to ensuring that the buyer completes the journey by converting into a customer rather than leaving before they ever get the chance – content is the one decisive factor in conversion.

So, are you putting the right focus on content?

Now the question is – how much importance do you put on creating content and aligning it with your marketing efforts in your sales funnel?

Remember – no matter how good your marketing strategies are – if they are not supplemented with the well-crafted content they will prove to be of no use. That’s why the adage, “Content is King,” has been around forever…

And, in order to get the best out of your marketing efforts, you need to focus on crafting content that leaves an instant impact on your prospects.

Producing content that matches the customer’s psychology, offers help and support, and builds trust can be the key differentiator between your business being a hit or a miss. So, pull up your socks and invest in content if you want to see your business shining brightly in your market.

After all, the ultimate reason for a business is to help customers and create revenue, making sure they stick to you for the long haul. Powerful content can help you do that!

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