A lot of people start working in affiliate marketing thinking it’s a fast and easy way to make money online. They start searching for shortcuts and quick ways to get a fast income from affiliate products.

That strategy is wrong on so many levels and you shouldn’t follow it at all. Don’t go searching for secrets to make money with little to no effort because that’s not going to happen. You’re just going to help someone else to build email lists without getting anything done.

Instead of looking for the easy way, start putting in the work and learn from the people who know what they talk about. Make sure you don’t overlook anything as it may make the difference between a one-time commission and a steady income. Now, if you’re convinced that you have to work hard and there aren’t any shortcuts in affiliate marketing, you’re ready to discover some overlooked places you can promote your affiliate links.

The following information isn’t something you didn’t think about but it’s often overlooked because people search only for affiliate marketing secrets and not focus on building their own strategy.

4 overlooked places where you can promote your affiliate links

Looking for affiliate marketing secret places to share your links and get amazing conversion rates? You’re looking in the wrong place. The main affiliate¬†activity should be massed around your website(s) or blogs. Since that’s not the only efficient way to get more clicks on your affiliate links, try doing the following:

1. Your own website

We’re not talking here about people who create websites for the sole purpose of creating a cash cow from affiliate marketing. There are so many bloggers who use email lists or newsletter services to send updates and blogs to their readers but don’t even take advantage of this powerful tool to make extra income. If you own your website and want to make some extra money by using affiliate links you can do the following:

2. Look for Youtube videos related to your affiliate links

Since everybody is focused on using Facebook and other social networks to promote affiliate products, they tend to overlook the obvious choice – using the amazing variety of content you can find on Youtube. It’s not something new but most people are promoting affiliate links the wrong way on Youtube. You’ll need to be smart about it and follow these guidelines:

  • Don’t SPAM
  • Be honest about your links.
  • Provide quality to the people you interact with.

You can create your own videos showcasing affiliate products or leave comments with your own information – adding value to those who click on your links. Don’t post spammy links in Youtube comments but link people to resource pages where they can learn more about that product.

pinterest affiliate links
Are you using the correct strategy for affiliate links on Pinterest?

3. Follow the money trail on Pinterest

Affiliate links on Pinterest aren’t a new thing but if you take a look at all the people who post them, you’ll see on thing in common – they don’t have any followers. Before going on a social network and sharing your affiliate links, first you must understand how that network works and how its users behave. To have a successful affiliate marketing strategy on Pinterest you’ll need to:

  • Start by adding a mix of content (affiliate and other pins).
  • Search for boards relevant to the niche of your affiliate links.
  • Follow the top contributors and interact with them in the hope that they will follow back.
  • Continue adding the mix of content and get repins on your own boards.

4. Podcast episodes

Social media “experts” said that podcasting would be dead a few years ago. You can clearly see that’s not the case by going to iTunes or Android audio services and look for podcasts. You’ll find broadcasts in every niche you could possible think of – and if you don’t find any podcast for your niche – that’s a good place to start.

Let’s say you want to sell virtual affiliate products such as eBooks or audio books. How can you use a podcast to your advantage? Simple – under each podcast episode, you can add show notes. These are basically links to information you talked about in your podcast. So, if you start a podcast and build an audience from that niche, you can easily add affiliate links on those pages.

The awesome thing about podcasts is that people trust a message if it’s audio or video. That’s how our brains are built and we behave.