There are probably hundreds of reasons why someone would start a blog. You can begin blogging to feed your passion to cook, to share market insight with others or even to help young parents to accommodate to the family life.

Whatever the reason may be, your blog can drive additional income to your pocket with the help of affiliate marketing programs. Some bloggers disregard this monetization option when they start their online business but that’s a big mistake. It doesn’t matter if you post your grandma’s recipes or show people how to change diapers – there’s an affiliate marketing program for every niche.

Even the most boring niches can bring you money from blogging if you have an audience. Ready to find out where to find the best affiliate products you can sell on your niche blog? Read on and discover the easy steps so many bloggers already apply to their blogging strategy.

Niche blog affiliate marketing products for you

Before choosing what affiliate products you should sell, do some research, and analyze your content. Here’s what we recommend you should do:

  • Go to your blog category list and see what’s the area you’re more passionate about.
  • Create a list of blog posts and check your Social Media posts for those links. Did your audience react to how you wanted to? If they liked that content, they’ll be more compelled to buy something.
  • Analyze your old content. Even if it’s years old, that doesn’t mean it can’t sell affiliate products. See what old blog posts are still bringing you traffic and find ways to promote virtual or physical affiliate marketing programs on those pages.

What’s your safest bet to find affiliate products relevant for your blog?

Your safest bet to find affiliate marketing products?

Are you new to affiliate marketing or you just want a safe bet to find affiliate marketing programs to promote on your niche blog? In this case, you don’t have to worry since there are solid affiliate networks you can research and discover what’s the best for your audience.

Start with the obvious.

If you just want to test affiliate marketing programs on your niche blog or you want to commit to this area without allocating enormous time frames to researching, go with the obvious choice. is a great place to start affiliate marketing since it already has lists of best-selling products you can feature on your blog.

Next, you’ll want to search on Google for affiliate products targeted to your niche. Just search for “affiliate products + your niche” and you should already have several solid leads for your new affiliate marketing programs.

Choose products your readers will love.

When you choose an affiliate marketing program, look for the best products you can sell on your blog. Since your readers represent the most important resource you have for your affiliate marketing strategy, start by choosing products you know they’ll love.

You can do this by checking the reviews for those products. If you find something your readers would enjoy, create quality content, and promote that affiliate product. Since it’s a high-selling item, you’ll face strong competition.

Promote virtual affiliate products.

Sure, selling a $5.000 custom-built PC will bring you a hefty commission but get there, you’ll need to put in a lot of work hours. As a blogger who’s new to affiliate marketing, your safest bet is to promote virtual affiliate products such as eBooks, audiobooks, guides, audio & video files. You can easily find these products on Amazon or other affiliate marketing programs.

Selling virtual affiliate products will enable you to get a steady flow of commissions, even if their value isn’t too high.

Want more? Here are other places to find affiliate marketing products for your niche blog

Ready to step it up and diversify your income from affiliate marketing? Below you’ll discover other solid places where you can find relevant affiliate marketing programs for your niche audience.

Check for other affiliate networks

While Amazon’s affiliate system will bring you a solid income, there are other affiliate networks you should try such as ClickBank or Commission Junction. Here you’ll find virtual and physical affiliate products you can successfully sell on your niche blog.

Look for options in affiliate directories & blogs.

Just like you’re writing on your niche, you can bet there are people who make money by writing about affiliate networks and how to make money there. Search for affiliate blogs and directories to find new affiliate marketing programs that offer you bonuses for sales or new accounts.

Go to products’ websites.

If you want to promote high-interest items, there’s a high chance that the company already has an affiliate marketing programs you can sign-up to and start making money. Note that most companies don’t promote these affiliate marketing programs (for some weird reason) so you’ll have to find them yourself. The best places to find information on these programs is on the product website’s footer or sidebar.


Affiliate Marketing Programs

Today we are going to talk about how to find affiliate marketing programs that will get you paid online.

Monday we talked about affiliate marketing in general. We talked about kind of some of the tests that we were doing with our DIY Builds YouTube channel. Also, how we were going to monetize it through affiliate marketing programs.

YouTube advertising, YouTube, this is kind of the week of alternative income methods. If you will, where you’re not necessarily selling something that you create. When you sell something you create it’s a much better, faster, easier way of generating revenue online, predictable revenue because you’re building the community. You’re building a brand really for the thing that you’re selling.

The thing about affiliate marketing is you’re not building your brand, you’re building somebody else’s brand. You’re building somebody else’s thing. You are very simply being paid in the middle. Also, you are promoting somebody else’s products, somebody else’s services. You’re getting paid a commission for that.


  • You’re not building your brand.
  • You are not building your product line.
  • You’re not building your own.

This means that you don’t have any control over the sales material. But also those are some of the same advantages, the same things that can be kind of touted as


  • You don’t have to write sales copy, you don’t have to worry about sales processes.
  • You don’t have to worry about building a brand.
  • All you have to do is send a sale, that’s it.

It’s two sides of the same coin. You just have to decide what is right for you. Like most of our clients, we try to get them to build a product, a service that’s really what they end up finding. That’s what they come to us for is building the sales funnel and everything else.

Oftentimes we’ll back-end affiliate products in their email marketing sequences so they can generate revenue long-term. Do you know what I mean? Or they can generate additional revenue over and above what they were generating from their own business selling their products.

What I wanted to talk about is how to find affiliate programs that will get you paid. There are lots of different ways and lots of different places that you can create.



Anything just right out of the gate, anything on Amazon you can sell as an affiliate, anything. Amazon has an affiliate program that you can sell anything on. First I want to hit this blog post. How to find affiliate programs?

This blog was written back in 2016 if you can believe it. It walks through some of the different strategies for finding affiliate marketing stuff. But what we want to do is I want to show you a couple of hacks, a couple of little strategies that can help you find stuff to promote.

The first place to go, if you’re selling physical products.

1. Amazon’s Associate Program

They call it their Associate’s Program, but basically, you sign up, it’s only in certain countries. I think it’s in most countries, but there are countries that they don’t allow affiliates from. Being in the US we don’t necessarily have that problem. When you sign up for the affiliate program, you have to sell a certain number of products in the first 90 days to be a kind of a bonafide affiliate. What they’re doing there is they’re just kind of qualifying that you know what you’re doing, you know what you’re talking about, you can send sales.

2. Amazon Associates

It’s based in tiers. You earn up to 10% affiliate revenue and it used to be higher than that, but now it’s up to 10%. If you sell the first seven items, I think you make 4% or 3%. Then if you sell more than that and then you make more than that. Any physical product you can sell through Amazon. If you are linking to a book and Facebook, it should be an Amazon link.

3. Amazon Affiliate Program

If you’re linking to something that you’re sending your grandmother that she needs to buy it might as well be an affiliate link so that you get paid a small percentage of the thing that you are promoting because you’re doing Amazon and the retailer who’s selling the service by referring that product.

It’s something just to kind of keep in mind. When you’re sending a link that is a physical product, then grab your affiliate link. You might as well, so it works out that way. Now how we are using this Amazon affiliate link is we dropped it in a YouTube video.

In the YouTube video, any of the physical items, the physical stuff that we use inside of YouTube, like a DIY Builds video, saws, drills all of that stuff. Then we will drop the affiliate link in it. And not only do we get paid when that thing sells, but for Amazon, anything that sells in 24 hours, we get paid for all of it. If somebody comes in and they buy a drill and a table saw and a battery and light and diapers and toilet paper, we get paid for all of it as long as it was done, sold in 24 hours. So it is a 24-hour cookie.



Now the next place to go. They pay a much higher commission is that some are like ClickBank. It is the default digital product kind of affiliate marketing thing of choice. How I like to think about ClickBank is they have some crazy stuff that you can sell.

  • What niche am I playing in?
  • Survival space: what does ClickBank have for me that I can promote?
  • Business development space: what does ClickBank have for me that I can promote or the health and fitness space?

If you are in the health and fitness space, let’s say you operate, you have a couple of Facebook groups that do yoga. Let’s say or whatever, you can jump into this health and fitness vertical and you can find something. Maybe there’s some stuff in here that you can promote that your community would like.

Maybe a fat-burning furnace is a great one, or maybe Body By Boyle Online or five-day detox or cellulite. So there are lots of different ways, lots of different things that you can promote here. But basically, you sign up for an affiliate program, you can jump in, and let’s say you want to do a fat-burning furnace, which is a good affiliate offer. You can learn a little bit more about it. It’s a $1 trial, it’s 38.99, a one-time payment.

There are up sales in here and then some related products that you can promote as well.

How to get your Clickbank Affiliate link?

If you want to grab your affiliate link, then you go into the affiliate marketplace, you would grab, let’s see, health and fitness, and then you hit the promote button, and then all you do is give it your ClickBank account nickname.

Then a tracking ID and generate the hop links. If we do, that’s my account nickname. This offer pays a 75% commission for every customer you refer to. This is my link, so we’re just going to grab this link right here. And then if I give this link out and somebody clicks it, they come through, they watch the sales video, and then click for sound.

All right, so there’s a sales video and then the sales presentation plays out and then I click the add to cart button, whatever, and go purchase. Then I get paid. I can pay a 75% commission on this offer. That’s how easy it is to find an affiliate marketing program that works or an affiliate marketing program that you can run through.



Now, in the business development space. Then JVZoo is a great one. They have an instant commission, so they will payout instantly. JVZoo has a lot of really good offers. But business development, BIZ-OP, make money online tends to be kind of where they work out well. It was a kind of a super Ninja place.

CPA Networks

Yesterday we talked about CPA programs and this was an art. This is a resource that literally, I forgot. It didn’t even come to mind when I was saying it, but CPA networks, something like Commission Junction or Rakuten which was LinkShare. It stands for cost per action. So basically anytime you send a sale, then you get paid. And one of the great ways, there’s tons and tons and tens, hundreds, thousands probably of CPA networks out there. And all of them have different offers. All of them have different verticals, different specialties, different offers, whatever different products.

CPA Offervault

Offervault has been around forever. It’s a search engine for CPA networks. Let’s say you want to, we talked yesterday about Audible. Let’s see if Audible is still doing CPA offers. It’s a 14 cent payout. Let’s see. So we’re going to type fat loss, let’s see what we got for fat loss. And there’s pure greens, immune system support in one glass at $64.50 payout and it is on the PointClickTrack network.

You can go and apply for this PointClickTrack network and then so here point, click, track so we can learn more, we can contact them, they have advertisers and publishers. But basically what we do is we have to go with the CPA networks you have to apply. You apply, you get on the phone with them, you talk to them about some of the assets you’re bringing. So the assets would be you have a website that gets 10,000 visitors a month.

You have an email list. You run paid traffic from Facebook, whatever. And as long as you kind of know what you’re talking about, then they will approve you and approve you for the offer that you want to run. You don’t have total access to a platform like ClickBank. You have to apply for each of the products that you want to promote.

They’ll approve you for a couple of products and then they want to see a track record of you knowing what the hell you’re doing for them to unlock some additional products in there. But if you start sending them sales, then there are lots of things that they will do. I mean, they will give you the ad campaigns that other affiliates are using are the other affiliates.

Advertisers are using, they will tell you what products are selling the best. They will tell you what copy to use. They will tell you where the traffic is coming from. So once you’ve kind of in the inside circle, I mean, there’s so much access that you’re afforded in these CPA networks and then you can just make an offer. You can generate as much revenue as you want from the offer.

It turns from a side hustle into a full-time gig. Where you’re spending $10,000 a day in traffic and making $15,000 in commissions and you’re on one day, 24-hour wire transfers for your payouts. Like CPA networks run a ton of volume.

It’s just something to think about, look into. Let’s say we were doing survival, so in survival. SWe just searched for survival. There’s the Smart ADB seems like they have a bunch of networks or a bunch of offers in survival.

A tactical drone mini drone is in this smart ADB. It’s a $63 payout. So let’s just go check this out. This kind of sounds cool. Wow. So tactical mini drone, email, native, social, PPC, or banner traffic. So you can send email traffic, native traffic, which is like blog posts, text link ads, social traffic, paper click traffic, or banner traffic, and you make $63 and this is the sales page.

Tactical drone, the mini flying off the shelves at an affordable price. So it looks like we got one, we can buy two drones or three drones. Offer valid now. So this is the offer. This is what you would end up promoting if you were approved at the network, but you have to join the network first. So you hit to join the network and then you sign up with the affiliate marketing programs as an affiliate. They call you on the phone.

I mean, very rarely do you get approved without going through a phone call. Most of these companies have a phone call because their ass is on the line too. I mean, they’re representing their clients. They’re representing their client’s best interest so they want to make sure that the advertisers who are advertising products know what they’re doing or else the CPA network and the vendor are liable for let’s say there’s an affiliate out there making a bunch of false claims.

Let’s say there’s an affiliate promoting this tactical drone and he is talking about shit, I don’t know. It flying’s five miles up in the air. And then somebody in the marketing material, somebody reads that and they’re like, “Oh, this drone man, 63 bucks and flies straight up five miles in the air.” Okay, cool. And then they turn around and let’s say they have a problem with it. They refund it, they sue the company, they whatever.

The advertiser, it’s not the company’s fault, it’s not CPA networks fault, it’s the advertiser’s fault? So there has been some legal stuff in the past. So basically the CPA networks are like they always kind of vet somebody before they approve them in stock tips and penny trades and all that kind of stuff. That stuff is a lot more prevalent than a tactical drone. But you get it.

Let’s say you were in the stock market since we kind of already talked about it. What kind of offers did we get on the stock market? So the Stock Master, English 30, 46 the Motley Fool, nice, $80 a sale. MaxBounty they’ve been around for a long time.

I remember MaxBounty is another one that’s been around for a while. So there are small mind games. Pokémon GO, SMS. Flo has an offer that’s paid $9.10. Shutterstock pays 23% USD. Let’s look at Motley Fool though.

MaxBounty, as I said, has been around for a while. Motley Fool is a newsletter service, so we have an education and financial lead gen, so you can join that network. Time Magazine subscription $4.50. So you get paid $4.50 if you sell a Time Magazine subscription.

The network here is PointClickTrack, which we’ve already been to. So I mean they have that offer as well. So this is how you would find kind of a mainstream CPA affiliate offer. Now not every offer is going to work. I remember when I first started, I remember looking at this kind of stuff like I was researching affiliate marketing.

I remember looking at these offers and thinking, “Well, shit, I don’t have any traffic. How the hell am I going to do something like this?” Because these things are so specific and I’m just kind of getting started. So the important thing is to kind of niche it down, figure out what it is you want to talk about, what it is you want to promote, or what it is you already have a community in?

  • Are you into investing?
  • Where do you have like just a little bit of a following or an interest?
  • Are you into working around the house?
  • Are you into business development?

From there, you can start to pick offers. Let’s say you’re interested in stock trading or penny stocks or options or whatever. Then going here and looking at Offervault and saying, “Okay, Motley Fool looks interesting.” Let’s see what else here. Darwin Investment Network. That might be interesting to kind of dig into.

Let’s see, and best, let’s find a different keyword phrase. So we’re going to look for the best, 24option, Forex, Amazon invest pro-crypto code. Those look like interesting offers if I wanted to talk about investing. So there are all kinds of stuff.

There’s Canada Bitcoin profit, so there are all kinds of investing stuff that we can end up getting into. Then I would go over to ClickBank and look for products on investing. Invest. So we’re just going to type invest and see what they got here. Easy accounting for investment clubs, the ultimate guide to golden silver investing, income investing secrets.

There might be some good stuff here that we can kind of promote from an investing side. And then just start compiling the list. Put together 10 or 12 offers that you want to promote as an affiliate or you want to at least explore and then start to kind of put a framework around that. Do you want to build an email list that you are promoting as an affiliate? Do you want to build a blog where you’re doing product reviews?

Maybe tomorrow we’ll talk about some of the different ways that you can generate revenue through a website with affiliate offers. But the important thing is you have the affiliate offers first. I mean, it’s much more difficult to go the other way where you are creating just a shit-load of content and then you’re trying to find the affiliate offers to work.

It’s easier to know what it is you’re promoting or know what it is you want to promote and start with the end in mind and then create the content around that thing or find the audience or the users for that thing. It just tends to work out a lot better that way. Even with the DIY Builds YouTube channel that we created, I didn’t have an idea or a process. I just basically wanted to start messing around with editing some videos and started taking stuff for projects and just uploading.

I was like you know what? Eventually maybe we watch a lot of the kind of DIY YouTube channels and it’s like I could create videos like that. I mean, we do stuff around here, we can do something like that. Always with the idea that eventually maybe we can make some money with it through affiliate products or whatever. So just different. So let’s see, we talked about ClickBank, we talked about CPA Offervault, we talked about CPA networks and Private Affiliate Programs.

Affiliate Programs

Oftentimes when we’re looking for affiliate products, Amazon’s a great place to go for starters, ClickBank is great, JVZoo is great, Offervault is great for looking up CPA offers, but a lot of the best affiliate programs, they’re not in a network like that. They’re kind of hard to find. What we end up doing is we just literally do a Google search. So stock affiliate programs or investing, yeah, investing. Investing in affiliate programs.

Now look, I mean this Authority Hacker has 10 best investing affiliate programs into 2020. So these are some additional ones that you can look at. There’s Ally Invest affiliate programming, and these guys get paid too. It’s called the second-tier referral. But basically like when this Authority Hacker, probably the way it’s set up is if they send an affiliate to these affiliate programs, then they make 10% of everything the affiliate sends.

These lists also, I mean, they’re getting paid for these lists as well.

Ally Invest: This is, let’s see. If we click through this, we’ll just go check it out. It looks like these guys, but there it is. URL Ally Invest affiliate program. Remember we talked yesterday about Commission Junction. This affiliate offer is actually in Commission Junction, so become a CJ publisher. So it was listed inside. That’s how you will oftentimes find these guys.

Money Metals Exchange affiliate program: This guy, it’s a private affiliate program, so it’s not anywhere. How do earn commissions? Oh, join our affiliate program right there.

ShareASale: so ShareASale is another affiliate network that you can dig into.

Golden Eagle Coins Affiliate Program: This affiliate program is also in ShareASale, so lots of affiliate offers. There are lots of ways, lots of different programs and networks. You have to spend 10 or 15 minutes and kind of put a plan together and do a little bit of research and figure out where can I go?

The private affiliate programs the ones that aren’t out there in the open are oftentimes the absolute best affiliate programs to generate revenue with. Because not that many people know about them or fewer people know about them. Everybody knows about Amazon products. But the thing is when you’re promoting an individual product, you’re not competing with everybody else. Whereas if you go to ClickBank and you’re promoting a digital product like fat loss factor, then you are competing with everybody else selling fat loss factor and there are thousands of people.

So oftentimes if you were to write let’s say a product review for Golden Eagle Coins then you’re going to be competing with very, very, very few people. Or if you send an affiliate link out to your email list of Golden Eagle Coins, then you are the only person who is sending that email. It’s not like they’re doing a big promo or anything like that.

The one thing I will say is you probably want to have some experience with the company that you’re promoting. So Zachs Trade Affiliate Program, you might want to have some experience with Zachs before you promote. That’s up to you though. That’s up to you. I know the Motley Fool affiliate program, so let’s see. Motley Fool is, this looks like you ui.awin. Awin is where the Motley Fool affiliate program is.

And then so there’s the overview and the program and then, yeah, so sign up in join program right there and then you can log in and join the program. And then this software is what tracks the affiliate earnings. So the software, the affiliate program is ShareASale, Commission Junction, Awin, apparently any of the private affiliate programs, they give you the link that you would use in your promotions. So every time somebody clicks that link and then goes and buys, you get paid a commission. And you would check in these CPA networks in these platforms to see what your sales were, to see what your earnings were for the day or the week or the month or whatever.

When you first get started doing this, you’re going to check these stats probably 30 times a day. It is what it is. They’re not going to change a whole lot. Some affiliate platforms, they don’t even update till the next day, so they’re only going to update once.

This is how to find affiliate marketing programs. Was this helpful? Did you guys like this? How to find affiliate marketing programs? And then tomorrow I think we’re going to talk about how to monetize them on a website. There are some different ways that you can monetize these affiliate programs on your website.

Maybe talk about some of the emails that you can send out. Let’s see, today’s Wednesday. So tomorrow maybe we’ll talk about monetizing the website piece and then Friday maybe we’ll talk about monetizing lead gen and monetizing emails. That will probably work out pretty well.

For Questions and Guide

All right, so any questions at all? Let me get my banners up here. So if you have any questions, go to and then I always look at those before I kind of plan out the next week or the next episode or whatever. Tomorrow we’re going to talk about monetizing a website. Maybe we’ll kind of extend it to monetizing a website alternatively.

Some alternative ways to monetize a website that isn’t necessarily like products. Maybe we’ll touch on that a little bit but. And then if you have any questions at all if you would like to jump on an action plan, go to You can kind of apply some of this stuff to you and your business. So is there a way that we need to pivot into affiliate products or is there a way that you can generate more revenue after you promote your stuff through affiliate products?

Those are always great questions to ask.  There are lots of cases where somebody has come in and they’re selling their own thing and their thing kind of ends after 20 days because they just have a couple of products.  We drop a month’s worth of affiliate products on after that.  They’re generating quite a bit more revenue long-term without necessarily just spending any more money on traffic or anything because these are people that are already in their ecosystem if you will. So yeah, there’s that. But let me know if you need anything, send me a Facebook Messenger.