There are probably hundreds of reasons why someone would start a blog in 2016. You can begin blogging to feed your passion to cook, to share market insight with others or even to help young parents to accommodate to the family life.

Whatever the reason may be, your blog can drive additional income to your pocket with the help of affiliate marketing. Some bloggers disregard this monetization option when they start their online business but that’s a big mistake. It doesn’t really matter if you post your grandma’s recipes or show people how to change diapers – there’s an affiliate marketing opportunity for every niche.

Even the most boring niches can bring you money from blogging if you have an audience. Ready to find out where to find the best affiliate products you can sell on your niche blog? Read on and discover the easy steps so many bloggers already apply to their blogging strategy.

Niche blog affiliate marketing strategy

Before choosing what affiliate products you should sell, do some research and analyze your content. Here’s what we recommend you should do:

  • Go to your blog category list and see what’s the area you’re more passionate about.
  • Create a list of blog posts and check your Social Media posts for those links. Did your audience react how you wanted to? If they liked that content, they’ll be more compelled to buy something.
  • Analyze your old content. Even if it’s years old, that doesn’t mean it can’t sell affiliate products. See what old blog posts are still bringing you traffic and find ways to promote virtual or physical affiliate products on those pages.
amazon affiliate products
What’s your safest bet to find affiliate products relevant for your blog?

Your safest bet to find affiliate products?

Are you new to affiliate marketing or you just want a safe bet to find affiliate products to promote on your niche blog? In this case, you don’t have to worry since there are solid affiliate networks you can research and discover what’s the best for your audience.

Start with the obvious.

If you just want to test affiliate marketing on your niche blog or you want to commit to this area without allocating enormous time frames to researching, go with the obvious choice. is a great place to start affiliate marketing since it already has lists of best selling products you can feature on your blog.

Next, you’ll want to search on Google for affiliate products targeted to your niche. Just search for “affiliate products + your niche” and you should already have several solid leads for your new affiliate marketing strategy.

Choose products your readers will love.

When you choose an affiliate marketing network, look for the best products you can sell on your blog. Since your readers represent the most important resource you have for your affiliate marketing strategy, start by choosing products you know they’ll love.

You can do this by checking the reviews for those products. If you find something your readers would enjoy, create quality content and promote that affiliate product. Since it’s a high-selling item, you’ll face strong competition.

Promote virtual affiliate products.

Sure, selling a $5.000 custom built PC will bring you a hefty commission but to get there, you’ll need to put in a lot of work hours. As a blogger who’s new to affiliate marketing, your safest bet is to promote virtual affiliate products such as eBooks, audio books, guides, audio & video files. You can easily find these products on Amazon or on other affiliate networks.

Selling virtual affiliate products will enable you to get a steady flow of commissions, even if their value isn’t too high.

Want more? Here are other place to find affiliate products for your niche blog

Ready to step it up and diversify your income from affiliate marketing? Below you’ll discover other solid place where you can find relevant affiliate products for your niche audience.

Check for other affiliate networks

While Amazon’s affiliate system will bring you a solid income, there are other affiliate networks you should try such as ClickBank or Commission Junction. Here you’ll find virtual and physical affiliate products you can successfully sell on your niche blog.

Look for options in affiliate directories & blogs.

Just like you’re writing on your niche, you can bet there are people who make money by writing about affiliate networks and how to make money there. Search for affiliate blogs and directories to find new affiliate networks that offer you bonuses for sales or new accounts.

Go to products’ websites.

If you want to promote high-interest items, there’s a high chance that company already has an affiliate program you can sign-up to and start making money. Note that most companies don’t promote these affiliate programs (for some weird reason) so you’ll have to find them yourself. The best places to find information on these programs is on the product website’s footer or sidebar.