Welcome to the mobile edition of this Done For You video blog. Today, we’re going to talk about email marketing software, and drip campaigns, and autoresponders, and all that fun stuff. Your email marketing software, your auto-responder really is the glue that brings together the content and brings together the automation if you structure it correctly. Emails, as they are … basically somebody comes to your website, they sign up for your email list, and then they get sent emails, or text messages, or other things that end up helping them learn about your business, and help them make a buying decision to do business with you.

Email Marketing Automation

The thing about it is they don’t always buy on the first click. They don’t buy on the first visit. They don’t even buy on the fifth visit, or the 10th, or 12th visit. Sometimes they’ll buy after the 20th, or the 50th, or the 100th visit. The thing about your marketing is that it always needs to be turned on. I mean, obviously. You need to have content and relationship building material that is dripping out to them preferably, whether it’s through an email, or through a text message, or because they’re following your social media profiles or whatever. But you need to be putting that content in front of them.

The purpose of the email software is once you get that lead, then you’re able to send them targeted email messages. Of course. Right? But the thing about that is not every message can be a pitch. I mean, you can’t send a sales video. You can’t send them to an order form every single day, or else they unsubscribe. In that email, you should be sending out blog posts, you should be sending out surveys, and other kinds of material that helps you learn more about them, and helps them learn more about you.

That learning isn’t necessarily even the things that they say. It’s the things that they do. It’s the links that they are clicking on. It is the survey answers. The answers to survey questions. It is how much of a video somebody watches. It is what blog posts they’re visiting. Literally, one of the coolest things that we’ve done just in our own marketing is … so, you have your URL slug. Basically, your URL, your domain. It would be like doneforyou.com/whatever. And then the slug is that collection of key phrases. That slug, if it has email marketing in it, two things happen. One, you get put into a special email marketing retargeted list. Two, you get automatically triggered and added into an email marketing autoresponder sequence because you landed on an email marketing page.

That’s the two-pronged approach in making sure that we are giving you, we are giving all of our users, the interaction, and the education that they want. That’s the idea behind this. Email marketing software, and triggered automation, and drip sequences in content, they all go hand in hand. The better you use them, the more effective you will be in your marketing, and the more clicks and the more prospects you will turn into sales. Now, there are lots of different email marketing software tools out there.

Different Email Marketing Software

  1. Infusionsoft
  2. Ontraport
  3. Zoho
  4. Salesforce
  5. Hubspot
  6. Pipedrive

I kind of think of them in three different tiers. You have your introductory email marketing software. That is an AWeber drip. Somebody who basically … all they really need is they need email marketing functionality. They need a way to store their list and then email their lists. And then class two is when you need additional pieces of automation.

That would be you need order forms, you need affiliate marketing. The two big ones that I really like are Infusionsoft and Ontraport. And Zoho lives in that same space. And then you have your next round, in which you have Salesforce and you have HubSpot. Both very expensive tools, but they do a lot. They do a lot in terms of functionality. Then you have some weird ones like Pipedrive and some of that kind of set up for sales staff. The important thing about email marketing software is really just knowing what you need, and finding a tool that implements that, help you execute it, and is reliable.

Email Sequence

Then once you pick the tool, uploading the contact records, setting up the email sequences, setting up the campaigns, the text messages, you really just have to kind of sit down and take a … It’s going to take longer than a day. But take a week or so, and sit down, and say, “Okay. I need to plan out the first 30 days worth of marketing material. The 30 days journey with this customer, with this prospect, who is trying to learn more about me. What do they need to know? Do they need to know about my company’s background, about me, or do they need to see some content or see some case studies, or testimonials?” Whatever. Every company is a little bit different, but you have the architect … that sales piece from there. So, we got through email marketing software.

For Questions and Guide

If you have any questions at all, go to consultantsession.com, and fill out the little form, schedule a call with my team, and we will put together an automation action plan for you that will basically take a look at your business, take a look at your products, and your services, and all that stuff, and then put together a sales marketing plan for you. If you liked this video, make sure to share it, like it, comment below it, and also subscribe to the channel.

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