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Some businesses have the luxury of hiring a content creation team but what should you do if you don't have the resources for this? Are you going to give up on quality content on your websites? That would be a mistake.

You need quality content on your website or blog because it allows you to interact with your audience and to grow by increasing your chances to be found in search engines' results pages. Of course, there are other big reasons why a business needs a content creation strategy but we chose to focus on the most important stuff - getting seen by people and growing as a company.

Not just big companies need quality content added using some sort of publication schedule. Imagine a niche blog that makes money through affiliate marketing or own products. What traffic numbers would it have without quality content added frequently?

Bottom line:

quality content = more income & conversions for everyone working in online.

So, you may choose to spend hours on creating long-form quality content and not resolve other important business tasks, or you could follow our guidelines to create awesome content, fast, and without losing quality.

How To Write A Blog Post Fast: 7 Easy steps to create quality blog posts in under 60 minutes

Yes, writing a quality blog post can be done in under one hour. This means you won't have to spend more time on this and you'll be able to finish other business tasks. The following steps don't require you to be an expert content writer and ensure that you publish quality & fast content on your blog.

1. Research

Before starting to write anything, you'll have to spend a few hours each week discovering great topics to talk about on your blog. We encourage you to have a content creation strategy and to use various types of content (long-form, short-form or cornerstone content). The alternative to spending that much time on researching topics is basically... to let others do it for you. Start by creating a list of similar blogs or inspiration sources, you'll need them further.

2. Create an account on Curately

Using our web app to publish curated content requires you to create an account on Curately. Don't worry, it only takes a few minutes and you can visit your dashboard, where the content creation process begins.

Add those content sources you've researched in Curately and watch how the web app offers you blog posts ideas.

3. Find the topic and write a great headline

After adding your content sources in Curately, you'll be able to select any blog posts from those blogs and start creating your own quality content. Don't just copy/paste the original blog post but only use a snippet of text and start creating from there.

We recommend you to change the blog post title into a headline that will spark a conversation between you and your fans or readers. Don't forget that most people only read the headline of your blog post. Your blog post title should be short and descriptive while also intriguing your audience. If you choose to write a longer headline, don't forget that readers tend to absorb only the first and last 3 words of a given headline.

Write your quality blog post in under an hour.

4. Write the quality blog post

Since you already have the topic of discussion, the process of writing a quality blog post should run smoothly. You'll need to respect a few guidelines for your blog post to be a success.

Write a story. Even if you're using someone else's idea, you'll need to adapt it to your experiences. Writing to write a story from your own perspective will increase the number of full-page readers and their average time spent on the site.

Use a good featured image. Don't forget to add a featured image to your blog posts. Depending on the original story, you'll need to get publishing rights if you want to use the original image. The better alternative is to create your own (since you're providing your readers with a story).

Don't forget about headings. Your blog post needs a good structure and since we recommend a blog post length of around 1,500 words, using headings is a great way to mark off different parts of your blog posts. Headings also allow you to signal important pieces of content.

Add a conclusion paragraph. When writing long-form content, you'll need to respect the introduction, main content, and conclusion. This will allow your readers to better understand the information and your point of view - essential when using the curated content.

To learn more about the creation of the perfect blog post, you may want to read: 5 Questions & Answers About The Ideal Blog Post Length.

5. Add sharing cues within the blog post

Even if your spending under 60 minutes to write quality blog posts, this doesn't mean you don't need to take care of every aspect. You'll want to add some sharing cues within the text of your blog post. For example, you can install a Twitter sharing plugin and allow people to share quotes from your blog post just by one click.

Add sharing buttons in the form of a sharing floating bar and at the end of the blog post.

6. Proofread your blog post

Yes, you'll create a quality blog post in under one hour. When you do this, don't forget to spend at least 5 minutes proofreading the blog post and checking it for errors. Since you're doing this, you will also want to check any links you added and make sure to provide a link to the original blog post.

7. Share it on social networks

Your content creation strategy should include social media content, not just blog posts and web pages. Microblogging is equally important when trying to grow a business. Make sure your blog post has the right image size and meta information for different social networks.

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