There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of ways to generate revenue online if your only goal is to generate cash flow.  When thinking about how to monetize a website though, you need to consider what your business does, and then put together a website monetization strategy that helps back it up.

Now, we have our favorites…  Your sales letters, backed up by lead magnets and landing pages fueled by paid traffic sources that you control tend to perform the best over time.

… But not every business has things that they’re selling.  Or, they’re just starting out and don’t have the sales material and assets you need to successfully convert buyers.  That’s where this blog post comes in.

What you’re about to discover is how to monetize a website with and without stuff to sell!

Google AdSense

Hands down, Google AdSense, is still one of the easiest ways to monetize a website. It’s easy to set up and basically optimizes itself based on what keywords appear on your page.  Plus, you can do text-based ads or banner ads.

The downside?  You won’t make a tone of money unless you’re getting a lot of traffic and that traffic is coming in on high dollar keywords.

Banner ads


If Google Adsense doesn’t tickle your fancy, you might consider banner ads.

Buy Sell Ads is a self-hosted banner service that lets you post your blog details. If your site is getting solid traffic, BSA will connect you with advertisers who will pay for space on your website!

Product Reviews


Product reviews used to be our bread and butter.  We’d review products and then generate cash from the affiliate arrangement that was set up.  I still see a lot of it happening.  A great example is  The articles are awesome and written for their customer avatar – they just generate revenue through affiliate marketing.

Blog & Freelance Services


If you’re good at what you do, have skills that other people can utilize, and are just not making money on your own site yet…  You can offer to help others with theirs!  You can sell logo services, writing services, theme creation or plugin creation services on your site to earn money.

You can even go outside of your blog and pick up work on a site like which matches freelancers with service providers!

The great thing about this monetization model is that you don’t need lots of traffic to generate more revenue. You do need exposure from the RIGHT people to use your services though. The more customers you have, the faster your business can grow.

Affiliate Marketing


Do you want to sell something on your web pages but don’t have your own products?  Affiliate marketing is a great option for you.  In fact, inside Scriptly, we’ve even got Done For You Email Campaigns for Affiliates that’ll help fast-track you on the affiliate marketing front…

The key is to find (and write content for) a group of people who are experiencing a similar problem.  Then, solve that problem through an affiliate offer!

Sell Your Own Products


Our absolute favorite way of monetizing a website is to sell products and service directly on the pages.  If you’ve got traffic, why not sell them the thing that’ll help them solve their problem?  From selling eBooks, digital information products, software, coaching packages; there are so many ways you can turn what you know into how you get paid.

In fact, we’ve got an entire book on that very thing, Creating Products!  Click here to learn more >>

Build An Email List


One of the greatest ways to build a business online and monetize a website is to build an email list and send those subscribers relevant offers that you get paid for.

Not only that, you can build a relationship with your email list subscribers and they’ll stay with you for a long time – far longer than just reading a blog post and then going away, never to return.

At the end of the day, an email list will turn into your biggest cash producing asset if you decide that you want to get one started…  So let’s look at some more tools and instruction on how to do that!

  • Offer a lead magnet: If you want to build an email list quickly, give away something for free. Your prospects won't sign up just because you tell them to. They need a reason to optin. Put some thought into your customer avatar and write a solid ebook or free report for them. You can also give away podcasts, videos, etc. Make sure your lead magnet is something worth value.
  • Use email marketing software: If you are serious about creating an email list, use a service to help you manage and mail to your email list. There are lots of them out there - Aweber, Drip, GetResponse. Pick one and set it up :0)
  • Use landing pages: Website pages are a huge distraction in general. To optimize the your conversion and turn as many prospects into leads as possible, you'll need a solid landing page. Scriptly's got a great Page Builder that'll get you set up fast!
  • Use calls to action: To convert prospects to leads and buyers, you want to make sure to use the right calls to action. If you're selling services, you want them to qualify themselves and book a strategy session with you. If you want them to buy something, you need to make sure they hit your order form from your sales letter!
  • Send traffic: No matter how great your offer is, you won’t get email subscribers without a quality traffic source.
  • Use social media sites: Social media is the dominant way to get more traffic and leads. There's a great write-up on getting traffic from Instagram here. You can also create Facebook pages, be engaging on Twitter and get in touch with people on Linkedin to expand your network.