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You might be in a place where you're getting into lead generation marketing or are trying different affiliate marketing tactics. Truth be told, there are several approaches to affiliate marketing strategies and tactics, and most of them can be found with a simple Google search.

Most affiliates are willing to share what they do and what works for them. So, if you look for successful affiliate strategies in Facebook groups, YouTube videos, or podcast interviews, you'll be able to find chunks of gold. Success leaves clues," and super affiliates often share their path to success either for free or in premium courses that they create and sell.

In this article, we've picked out the most important tactics you can implement to make affiliate marketing work for you.

Affiliate Marketing Tactics

We have excluded shady affiliate marketing strategies and dubious tactics because we believe that quality and real value in business always payback.

Keep in mind that affiliate marketers have been accused of trying to scam people - so you must follow a route that proves your business is not like that. That's not meant to say that affiliate marketers are scammers - it's meant to alert you to the preconceived notion that a lot of people have about this particular type of marketing.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's move into the real affiliate marketing tactics that work today. Use these to put together a plan on how to attract an audience and monetize your web properties. It's important to keep in mind that any business needs an audience and a product. We know that this is basic, but sometimes you are caught up in the "shiny object syndrome" and forget the business fundamentals.

These two - an audience and a product (or service) - are the minimum prerequisites to build and grow a viable business. So, no matter what affiliate marketing tactics you choose to follow, always keep building your audience to promote affiliate offers that are a good fit.

Real affiliate marketing tactics that work today

Niche site optimized for long-tail keywords

It wasn't too long ago that Greg Jeffries, a ClickFunnels super affiliate, won the "dream car" competition with no paid advertising at all. His affiliate marketing strategy was optimizing his niche sites for search engines.

Here's a video where Greg Jeffries talks about how he did it:

Specifically, what he did was go after all of the long-tail keywords he could find. His approach was that you cannot guess ahead of time what keywords your site will rank for. That is why you need to create content for all of the long-tail keywords you can find, even if the monthly search volume is low. Ranking for a lot of those will create a compound effect.

To our ears, this sounds like a solid affiliate and lead generation marketing strategy. Compared to trying to rank for high-competition keywords, or running high-CPC advertisements, Greg Jeffries' affiliate marketing tactics are low cost and can allow you to achieve long-lasting success.

Authority website

Having the go-to resource in the industry is a smart way to go about affiliate marketing. Either you attract organic traffic or use paid advertising - having an authority portal will help you build and monetize a brand.

Look at what Pat Flynn did, as an example. He built an authority site targeting food truck owners at He researched the needs of this sort of professional and created a website with the tips and paid products a food truck owner would need.

Authority website example

Pat Flynn was able to rank the site for a lot of keywords and also attract publicity and social media buzz. After that, monetizing an authority website is not hard, either by selling your courses or by promoting affiliate offers.

Don't want to build a website? Here's what you can do instead...

Now, the aforementioned affiliate marketing tactics involve building a niche website. But you might not want to do that because it takes a lot of time and resources. However, we recommend that you consider going down that road because it will allow you to build a lasting brand and business in the years to come.

If you decide that these affiliate marketing tactics are not for you, we can present you with some other options. Here they are...

Standalone sales funnels for affiliate offers

Sometimes you want to catch the wave of a trending product, or you just want to promote an evergreen offer, like a loan insurance program. If that's the case, then a standalone sales funnel is what you need.

To build that, you don't need a website. You need a page builder for the funnel pages, a hosting service to host your funnel, and an email marketing platform to communicate with your leads.

A lead generation marketing and sales funnel programs like ClickFunnels or LeadPages allow you to host your funnels in their servers. However, we recommend that you buy your domain and connect it to whatever sales funnel building service you are going to use.

DFY sales funnels

Sales funnels for affiliate offers is part of our business at We have devised successful affiliate marketing strategies for our clients and built dozens of funnels that are evergreen.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can build a DFY sales funnel for you, and show you examples of our portfolio. We also have data to back up affiliate marketing strategies that work. We'll be happy to help you decide on the route you want to follow to build a profitable online business.

By the way, we have prepared eight done-for-you email marketing campaigns for affiliates in various niches. Get these affiliate email sequences here.

Video marketing

Video marketing is big, and it's no wonder that many super affiliates use it as their favorite means of attracting the right audience and promoting offers. YouTube is the second largest search engine. As with Google, the allure of such massive traffic is obvious, but that’s also the pitfall for marketers who struggle to rank the videos.

The affiliate marketing tactics used by Greg Jeffries (as we described them previously) can be applied to rank YouTube videos, too. Alternatively, you can bet on classic keywords, like "product name + review" or "product name + alternatives," to attract those consumers that are looking to compare different solutions.

Video ad networks

No matter what you do on YouTube, you always need to create beautiful videos that provide value and help the consumer get the answer(s) they are looking for. You intend to entice video viewers to buy through your affiliate link.

So, don't forget to add that link in the video description, and, why not, mention it in your video. To make it easy for viewers to type your link in the browser address bar, use a link shortening service to create easy-to-remember links.

Amazon affiliate websites

An affiliate marketing strategy that has been the pillar of many six-figure affiliate businesses is Amazon affiliate websites. How it works: You build an eCommerce or a review site that is completely monetized through the Amazon Associates program.

This program gives you access to an endless array of products that you can choose to promote on your web properties. There are two simple ways to go about it:

  1. Create a WordPress/WooCommerce website, install a plugin that imports Amazon products automatically, and attaches your affiliate link to the imported products. So, when a web visitor clicks on a product “buy” button, they are redirected to the same product on Amazon through your affiliate link. Such a WordPress plugin is WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates.
  2. Create a product review site, where you'll be presenting and comparing the top products for a niche. Again, these products will have your affiliate link and send interested buyers over to Amazon.

Examples of Amazon affiliate websites

Here are some examples of websites that follow this type of affiliate marketing strategy:

Amazon affiliate website example

Want more ideas on affiliate marketing tactics? Read our complete guide to starting affiliate marketing the right way.

Tools and tips on implementing successful affiliate marketing tactics

Nurture your audience

As mentioned above, you always need to keep in mind that building an audience is vital to your success. Whatever way you choose to do it (email list building, social media marketing, video email marketing), you need to be attracting and providing value to your select audience of a particular profile.

Will it be men that are interested in martial arts?  Moms of newborns or lawyers? It doesn't matter. Whatever audience you want to target, keep growing it, and it will bear fruit soon.

Facebook features - lookalike audience

Choose the right affiliate offers

Never promote bad products or services to your audience. Not only is it unethical, but it will also deplete your audience's willingness to hear what you have to say. Only promote products that deliver on their promises, are of value and that can transform your fan's life. Do that and your audience will trust you, love you and buy from you - again and again.

Learn from yours and others' successes

Focus on the affiliate marketing tactics that are proven to work. Look at what others do -not necessarily what they teach - but what they do. Sign up for their newsletters and see how they approach affiliate marketing and what they promote. Model their tactics, and - why not - improve them!

Also, analyze your data and see what works. Use tools like Google Analytics and Statly to track sources of traffic, user behavior, and sales funnel conversion rates.  Not all of your campaigns will bear fruits. Pick the ones with the highest ROI and scale.

How companies use data anaytics to increase sales

Be consistent and patient

Rome wasn't built in a day. Are you willing to create long-term success? If so, then stay away from get-rich-quick programs and release yourself from the belief that you will be an overnight success. No one is an overnight success.

When you hear millionaires talk about their successful affiliate marketing tactics, they often are open to the fact that it took them years to discover and tweak a winning strategy. Plan your affiliate marketing tactics, keeping focused on what works, and take a step every single day (or a week, depending on your availability) towards your goal.

Do your research on affiliate marketing tactics

Sometimes there are secrets in an industry that you won't know until you implement your marketing plan. If you've never done affiliate marketing before, you might not be aware of some link restrictions that social media and email marketing services impose.

For example, if you are promoting a JVZoo product, you won't be able to post your affiliate link on Facebook, because Facebook has banned all JVZoo domains. Similarly, MailChimp will close your account if you send out campaigns with affiliate links.

What you need to do is ask and learn from expert affiliates and read each medium's (social network or email marketing platform) terms and conditions before you start posting your links.

The right tools to implement your affiliate marketing tactics

Hopefully, this article provided some direction regarding which affiliate marketing tactics are best suited for your affiliate business.

Now, to help you get started implementing your plans, we'll list some online marketing tools and services. These are widely recognized services; however, we recommend that you do your research to find out which ones are a good fit for your budget and required features.

Domain name registration

Namecheap: As its name indicates, Namecheap is an affordable domain registration service. They also provide affordable hosting services.


Bluehost: Bluehost is a popular, shared hosting service. Remember - you always get what you pay for. So, this is a good and affordable hosting solution. However, if you plan to drive tons of traffic to your web pages, go for high-end hosting service, like SiteGround.

GoDaddy: The same goes for GoDaddy. It's a popular service that can host your website on a shared server with no problems at all. If you expect high traffic peaks, either go for a premium hosting plan or another hosting provider.

You can use either Bluehost or GoDaddy to register your domain too.

Website and page builders

WordPress: WordPress is the most popular open-source CMS, and it's free. The majority of affiliate marketers base their websites, blogs, and sales funnels on WordPress. If you don't know it, it's time to get familiar with it because it powers 31.0% of all the websites on the Internet. You'll find it on your hosting dashboard. Most hosting companies provide a script for a one-click install.

WooCommerce: This is the most popular eCommerce platform for WordPress. First, you install WordPress on your site, and then WooCommerce comes on top of it to add the eCommerce functionality. It's completely free and you can install it from your WordPress dashboard.

OptimizePress: OptimizePress is a fantastic page builder for WordPress. You can use it to build landing pages, sales pages, and membership portals. Should you choose to promote their software, they also have a lucrative affiliate program.

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates: This is a must-have for Amazon affiliate marketers. It imports all related products from Amazon automatically and adds your affiliate link. Visit the official website to see how it works.

DFY sales funnels is the top resource and service provider for DFY sales funnels that convert. If creating a sales funnel is on your affiliate marketing tactical plan (and that's strongly recommended), then feel free to schedule a call with us to discuss how we can help.

DIY sales funnel builders

LeadPages: LeadPages is a popular affiliate marketing tool because it allows you to build landing pages quickly, without code. Of course, when using LeadPages, you won't be seeking perfection in design or copywriting. For those, you'd need to outsource to a designer and a copywriter, respectively, or a turn-key sales funnel agency.

ClickFunnels: Similar to LeadPages, ClickFunnels is a widely respected solution for creating complete sales funnels. This is also a good product to promote as an affiliate marketer. ClickFunnels has an attractive compensation scheme and insightful material on how to promote the software and how to implement effective affiliate marketing tactics.

Email marketing

Convertly: Our email marketing and marketing automation platform. Highly recommended if you require a high level of service and deliverability for your email marketing campaigns.

AWeber: Not all email marketing service providers are friendly toward affiliate marketers. If you want to include affiliate marketing links in your campaigns, AWeber is the way to go.

Web tracking and analytics

Statly: Statly is one of the most advanced, yet simple, web analytics services readily available today. With Statly, you can easily visualize complete paths, from random web visitor to buyer, and uncover bottlenecks that present opportunities for higher conversions.

Google Analytics: Unless you've been living under a rock, you should know that Google Analytics is the industry standard for analyzing web traffic and visitor behavior on your site.

Affiliate offers

ShareASale: ShareASale is a well-known, affiliate marketing network that features a lot of software companies, including SaaS products. Not only do they have a lot of business offerings, but also you can get access to commission-based partnerships with garden, home, and other retail stores online.

ClickBank: ClickBank is an affiliate marketplace for all sorts of downloadable goods. You can find ebooks, audio programs, and video courses in most popular niches.

JVZoo: JVZoo is another famous marketplace for digital goods. They focus on BizOpp offerings, money-making opportunity programs and small-scale, marketing software, and WordPress plugins.

Standalone affiliate programs: Whatever industry you want to focus on, there must be an affiliate program that you can enroll. From mattresses and blenders to loans and B2B services, you name it! Just google "niche/product + partner program" or "niche/product + affiliate program" and you should be able to find the right one for you.

How to plan your affiliate marketing tactics

In affiliate marketing, as with everything, it's important to have a goal. To follow the right path, you need to know where you're headed. The right goal will propel you forward…will be the guide for your next step…will help you believe it is possible to make your dreams come true.

So, start by setting the right goals. Where do you want to be in 3 or 5 years? What do you want to achieve through working on your business? Why does this business matter to you? How will your life transform when you build a successful business? And, of course, how do you define success in terms of monetary goals, sales volume, the number of people you will affect positively, and the amount of value you are going to offer?

content marketing maze

Then, put in place a tactical plan to break down your goals into doable affiliate marketing tactics.

Break down tactics into small actions that you can take consistently and bring you one step closer to your goal(s).

This affiliate marketing plan of goals, tactics, and actions will help keep you on track and be accountable for success or blunders.

Need help?

Should you need help devising your affiliate marketing strategy and putting your affiliate marketing plan on paper, contact us! We'll be more than happy to discuss and plan the best strategy for your affiliate business, and build all the sales infrastructure that will attract online leads and convert them into customers.

We have gained experience in all sorts of industries and products and can draw the big picture of a successful online business and attend to every little detail that will make a huge difference. Interested in learning more? Click this link to schedule a free strategy session.

Your gift...

And…we saved the best for last! We have a gift for you.

Click here to download our Funnel Factor report, an ebook that will reveal the highest converting sales funnels that you can swipe and plug into your affiliate marketing business to start selling in a jiffy.

GSDdaily Episode 29

Affiliate marketing week, by and large, is about affiliate marketing, so it is generating revenue without selling your own thing, so that's the idea of all of the lessons for the week.

Monday we talked about affiliate marketing. We introduced you to what affiliate marketing is. Tuesday we talked about where to find affiliate offers. Wednesday we talked about CPA networks and some of the more advanced levels of affiliate marketing where you might get paid $25 for sending a free trial buyer.

Today we're going to talk about lead generation marketing and how that fits into affiliate marketing. I'm going to give an example of how we have used it in the past to generate revenue for ourselves and other people.

Sign up for our accelerator group to get more information from us.

DFY Accelerator Group: where a lot of the kind of startup-oriented conversation, startup-oriented articles and material and how-tos and all that stuff, that's where that stuff is being posted

DFY Funnels Group: where we talked about putting together automated processes and sales systems that do a lot of the selling for you

Accelerate Group

The Accelerate Group is more about creating products and services and creating offers, and kind of bootstrapping your way to generating revenue online. That's the idea of that group.

Funnel Group

Whereas the funnel group is more about building an automated framework around the offer that you have or the offer that you're creating. Those two things usually don't go hand in hand. Usually, you have an idea for a product or you are building the product before you create the framework around selling it, and once you have that thing, then you can start looking at creating the framework.

There are situations, especially in knowledge-based and expert-based kinds of products where you can do both of them at the same time. You can create the product and sell that product, so there's always that too but it just depends on where you want to go. Oftentimes like if something is related to both starting up and sales funnels and we have a traffic group too, then I'll kind of post in all three, but that's kind of the idea there.

Lead Generation Marketing and Turning Leads into Passive Revenue

Today we're going to talk about lead generation marketing and turning leads into passive revenue, so this comes in two flavors.

1. Adding affiliate marketing to your products

If you are selling your own thing, then oftentimes you can add affiliate marketing into the backside of whatever it is you're selling and generate revenue that way. Let's say you are selling a $5,000 coaching program so that the coaching program is three months. You sell that thing. So somebody comes into your silo, your world, your company, your ecosystem, and they go through an automated webinar or they go through a sales video and they are pitched that thing.

It is your $5,000 program. They either buy that thing or they don't buy that thing, so if you don't have anything else to sell them and they didn't buy your coaching program, then one of the best things to do is to then have them go down a different rabbit hole.

Send them through affiliate products so that now they are seeing different messages from different vendors. You are being paid for that lead that you already got, so it's a passive income stream for you. You brought the lead-in. Probably paid for that lead because they bought your thing. You're able to monetize them for a very long time as an affiliate, and then after that maybe that you bring them back around and you send them to blog posts. All that other stuff and you can sell them something else that you're creating. But in the meantime, you can generate revenue from affiliate marketing.

So it's totally up to you. Personally, with our list, I don't promote a whole lot of affiliate products just because we have so much stuff that you know, especially content in these live streams. Now, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for me to promote other people's offers.

There are other people who after 30 days or 60 days they just run out of offers, like their internal offers, so they send them through and promote affiliate products, whether it's ClickBank, whether it's private affiliate programs, whether it's CPA programs, all that stuff that we talked about yesterday. That's where this starts to come into play. If you have your product, your list, your sequences, your offers, then you can bookend some affiliate offers on the backside of yours and generate revenue passively that way, so it's one strategy.

2. Build an affiliate marketing funnel

Another strategy is you can build an affiliate marketing funnel, a lead generation marketing funnel from the front side with the express intent of driving lead gen through your affiliate offers, so I'm going to show you that today. That's the point of today's presentation.

lead generation marketing

I'm going to show you some pages that are up and running and live and everything and walk you through visually the process of setting up one of these affiliate marketing lead generation marketing businesses, or revenues.

I don't even like to call them businesses because they're not. I mean literally, it's a landing page with a lead magnet, a confirmation page, and a shit ton of affiliate offers on the backside with maybe some blog posts, and the goal is it's a volume play. You are just driving traffic and leads on the front side and pulling money out of the backside through affiliate programs, and the sooner you can liquidate that ad spend, the better.

It becomes the challenge with like ClickBank is you're carrying that cost for two weeks or three weeks if you're solely promoting through ClickBank, which means that you're throwing that on a credit card. Then it's paying off in three weeks and then you're reinvesting, as opposed to your offers or like a JVZoo offer or a kind of a velvet rope kind of CPA deal, like where you're paid the day after for your offers. You're wired the money and then you can reinvest that back into traffic.

A lot of times it's about just the cashflow stuff of scale, so how quickly can affiliates pay you so that you can turn it back into paid traffic, and then from there you're able to scale the lead gen business that much further. I'm just going to walk through a quick little funnel here, so let me stop sharing this screen. I'm going to start sharing our browser.

Affiliate Lead Generation Marketing Funnel: Radial Method

This is a quick little tiny affiliate lead generation marketing funnel. I call this the radial method. The radial method is this. We generate a lead and a lead comes in. They opt-in for a thing, you know, the lead magnet checklist, whatever video, and then from there you send them to a bunch of other affiliate offers. Basically, they come in one place, and then it's like bing, affiliate offer, bing, affiliate offer, bing, affiliate, so it's like spokes on a wheel. You can think of it that way.

Two-step Opt-in Page

This is a super simple little opt-in page. It's a six-page report that talks about five trick photography tips for creating social media, like jaw-dropping social media photos. Little download button, so it's a two-step opt-in. We found two-step opt-ins to work well. This page layout works better than anything else we've tested for the most part. Every once in a while we get to like a highly visual, you know, and photography's kind of one of those but this page works better. If it's something visual then oftentimes less text, more picture works, like a bigger background image, but this page works well.

When they are opt-in in the lead generation marketing funnel, the next page, the next step is to go download the ebook, so here we have, "You're all set! Please click the buttons below to complete step 1 and step 2." What we found, and you're going to love this, so on confirmation pages, the first thing is nobody is ever, ever, evermore engaged with you than they are the second after they download something, the second after they are opt-in.

You have a captive audience on this page always, and this is the only time you're going to have a captive audience ever. They just opted in for something. They're waiting. They hit the confirmation page, and they are more interested in you than they probably ever will be, until right before they decide to buy something. And that's also a nice little hint for some transition here, but the confirmation page is super, super important.

Step 1, download the ebook.

You can send an ebook through email if you'd like. Oftentimes what we do is we either drop this confirmation page or just straight up hotlink them right to the affiliate offer and kind of cookie in between so that we can grab that conversion pixel.

Step 2, join the photography masterclass.

That's the affiliate product that we're going to promote.  That's always going to be the next step in lead generation marketing.

What is the CPA marketing trick?

What we find is that about 60% of people who do step 1, they're going to do step 2. It's an old CPA marketing trick. When you tell somebody to do two things, about 60% of people do both those things, which is a lot higher than if you just told them to do one thing, so it's just a weird psychology trick. On the confirmation page here, the next step is the download the report and then they go and grab the report. Then they go over to the affiliate offer.

This is the report in the lead generation marketing funnel. As I said, it is 10 pages long. It is nothing crazy. We got a cover photo, introduction, a little bit of table of contents, some pictures. You know, a very simple document to do. Nothing crazy, and the call to action at the very end is also, join the photography masterclass, which mimics this offer.

lead generation marketing

The photography masterclass is the affiliate product that we are promoting. Now, this particular affiliate product converts well, but it doesn't have any upsells. So it pays a 50% commission. It's like 27 bucks or $28 or whatever, which the commissions aren't fantastic and there's no kind of opportunity for upselling, but at the same time it converts well, and it's exactly what we need for this person. Now I don't know this. I don't know Evan. I've never talked to him. He built the product and the sales page and all of that stuff. I just am paid through ClickBank as an affiliate, so that's all.

Now, this particular offer, it's a blessing and a curse promoting affiliate offers because I have no control over this page. All I have is a link to send traffic there and then get paid as an affiliate. If the page breaks, I can't do anything about it. If the site gets infected, I can't do anything about it. It's a copy that needs to be tested or optimized, or you want to test different headlines or whatever.

I can't do anything about any of that stuff, but what I can do is I can pre-frame them a little bit better on the front side to drive up conversions on the sales page. There's also a way that you can actually replace this page and then use a secret ClickBank kind of shopping cart link to drive your stuff, but that's a much more advanced thing than what we're going to talk about today.

With this kind of lead generation marketing, this offer converts well. Now if we go over to ClickBank, we can see that just some general stats. So the average dollar per sale is $26. It isn't real high because there aren't any upsells, and so it is half of whatever the front-end offer is. The gravity is only two on this product meaning it doesn't sell.

There isn't a whole lot of affiliates who sell this offer. It is a good offer and it's been around for a very long time, like five or six years. We still use it in a lot of our sequences because it is just a good product. There are a lot of other photography products now that are a little newer, so you can take a look at that as it goes. There are photography editing products. There's taking family photos from an iPhone. There are all kinds of photography stuff. Selling stock photography. A lot of different ways you can generate revenue from photography affiliate products.

That's kind of the whole mix, like the lead generation marketing matrix of how it all goes. That makes sense so far? Alright, now if we go, so this is the ClickBank site. Now we're going to drop over to the iPad and I'm going to show you.

How to create an affiliate sequence?

We're going to go into AXIS. I'm going to show you how to create an affiliate sequence that has a bunch of these affiliate offers in there, and then I'm going to show you how it all ends up getting sequenced up.

We're going to go inside AXIS. It is our CRM if you want to learn more about it, so automation. It is at That's where the CRM lives. Now, I can show that to you. is where it lives, is where the front side of it lives, but so basically once you have an account, what AXIS does well is it sets up marketing automation, emails, and text messages and it also writes your email copy for you. What we're going to do is we're just going to jump right over to the email copy piece and I'm going to take you through that and then we'll get into how it all interfaces with the CRM.

If we go down on this ribbon, so once you get started, basically you're going to log in, you're going to go to the marketplace, and you're going to add the email copy app to your installation. Then from there you're going to go down the ribbon and you are going to, basically, you get dropped in this email autoresponder creation wizard. You're going to click "add new." You're going to choose the campaign that you want to run, so we just did photography. Photography affiliate campaign. A photography affiliate campaign. We're going to scroll down to the bottom. You can make it wider if you want so you can get a bunch of them to the side by side, but we're looking for the photography affiliate campaign.

There's a bunch of internal promotions here INSIDE the lead generation marketing funnel, so if you want to run a survey promotional sequence to your list, you can do a survey sequence or a bonding sequence or a waiting list, relaunch, or a flash sale. There are so many of them here. If you go to, you can see all the sequences that are in here, but the affiliate sequence that we're looking for is photography. So photography is ... There's men's fitness, men's dating, green energy, weddings. So here's photography, so we're going to go to the photography niche. We're going to hit next.

Now we have our name, so the name is going to be just Jason for me. ClickBank ID is Drohn, and then we're just going to hit next here. So that's all we need to generate this photography sequence, so as you can see, the first offer in this mix is photography masterclass, and this is our affiliate offer so we're just going to open this guy up, and you can see it kicks right over into photography masterclass.

Okay, so you just got your DSLR.

Yeah, the page we were just on, and there's my HopLink there. So if somebody comes, they click the email, then they scroll down to the bottom, and then they ... Where'd it go? Right there. So $59. We're going to add it to the cart and I'm going to show you, this is how you know that this is your checkout.

At the very bottom, you can see right there. Can you see that? Way, way, way down there, so I'm going to make a big. Right there. It says, "Affiliate, Drohn." I need to move this for you. Right there. Down at the bottom right there it says, "Affiliate, Drohn." That means that you will be getting credit, or in this case, it would be me, would be getting credit for that sale. That's how AXIS is built, but so there are a bunch of other offers here.

Trick photography and special effects, how to sell stock photos, a photo editor, digital photography success, and then down here there are all the email sequences.

  • 1: to promote photography masterclass
  • 2: to promote photography masterclass
  • 3: to promote photography masterclass
  • 4: to promote photography masterclass
  • 5: to promote photography masterclass

Email five goes out on day seven of the affiliate product promotion and the next offer is trick photography and special effects.

Basically how we do it is we mail the same offer for three or four days and then we take a break and then we mail the next offer, and oftentimes we'll put a bonding sequence, or not a bonding sequence but like a blog post in the middle of it, so just to break up the offer so when somebody is opening an email from us, they don't think they're getting an offer every single time. So that's typically how we do it.

You can also download as a text file, and in that text file then all of your offers are here, so we have all of our ClickBank products. Then we have our emails. Down to at the very bottom, you can't see this screen. I thought you could see my whole screen. Down at the very, very bottom of this thing we are ... Where'd it go? Alright, there it is. So at the very end, this is email 26 sent out on day 40, so this is 40 days worth of email copy that's already done for you. All the products are linked up.

Now, there's kind of one caveat to this lead generation marketing funnel. It goes back to us not controlling vendor products. We don't control ClickBank and most of these products in here are from ClickBank. Like twice a year we go through and we pull all of the offers out that ClickBank banned, no longer work or that switched affiliate programs. We pull them all out, we rewrite all the copy, and we are in the middle of one of those kinds of revamps right now.

It's just, if you're going to jump in, which would be awesome if you do, but just know that every once in a while you're going to click on one of these links here and like one of these guys. Boom, boom, boom. So one of these links, and it might not work. So in which case what we do is we just say, alright, just pull this guy out. Just omit this from your email sequence, and then you're off and running.

Now, what to do with this email copy. The reason we built AXIS and the CRM around this is that this lead generation marketing and email creation functionality was Scriptly. This email automation sequence was kind of our bread and butter. What we did was we were like, "Well, why don't we build an email sending suite around it?". That's exactly what AXIS is. Up in the CRM piece, you have your contact records, forms, and message center.

You can actually take these emails. Drop them into your lead generation marketing funnel. Then send them all from within the same piece of software. You can also create campaigns. Inside the campaign, you can just stack up all of the emails that are going out. It says, "Okay, we're doing the delay one, and then we're sending another email, and then we're doing another delay.". Everything is drag and drop, so literally, it's drag and drop.

You just go up here, you hit save automation, and boom. All of your emails are going out as they need to go, and then the form that you're going to be collecting email addresses on are also inside AXIS, so it's a nice, concise, condensed, one-stop-shop for email marketing and automation, and that was always the purpose of putting AXIS together.

Alright, now I'm just going to go through and we're going to jump on the iPad. I'm going to draw out what this radial method is from a 5,000-foot view so you can see the lead gen piece and how everything drips through the landing pages and go from there.

Alright, now we went through this the other day, but I wanted to go through it again because I think this presentation makes it a little bit more clear as to what we're doing. Here's the idea. Basically with this affiliate generation process, what happens is, just watch everyone.

With this affiliate generation process and this lead generation marketing process, what we're doing is we're getting leads from Facebook right here. We're getting leads from retargeting, so somebody who hits the website but then doesn't do anything.

We're retargeting them. We want our banner ads to show up where they are. Then anybody who's on an email list, whether it's a solo ad or it's an email list who hasn't opted in for this offer yet. What we do is we give them the free book, and we walked through the free book piece. This was the photography book that we gave away on the landing page. We sent them to a confirmation page. But we don't always do that, so this went to a confirmation page, and then they went to affiliate offer one. So affiliate offer one was that photography masterclass.

If they don't go, and there's no way to tell, but what we do is we end up sending them into, through emails, back to affiliate offer one. Ideally, it would be nice to be able to know if they purchased. This is because if they purchased then we wouldn't send them any more emails, but with ClickBank or with most affiliate offers, we can't tell whether they purchased or not.

We don't have that ability, so it's hard to pull them out of a sequence. When we don't know whether they bought or not, so we send them the emails to affiliate offer one.  Then emails to an affiliate offer two. Inside AXIS, you saw that affiliate offer one was photography masterclass. Affiliate offers two was to trick photography tips in this particular lead generation marketing funnel.

We send them into another email, and the email then is to a blog post. What we're trying to do is engage them and bond with them a little bit more. Then we send them into the next batch of emails, which is affiliate offer three. Then another email into another blog post, and then emails into the next affiliate offer. What we're doing is we're generating the lead up here. We're trying to generate the lead here and then we're just daisy-chaining these offers to generate revenue. We are trying to provide value as they go too.

Sometimes they make it down to the bottom here, and they see these offers. Other times, they might unsubscribe right here. So they go down to here and then they're done. It depends on how aggressively you promote. It depends on the blog posts that you put in the middle. There are always best practices here too. With lead generation marketing, there always is.

  • How often do you mail?
  • Do you have blog posts?
  • How many emails do you mail?
  • How aggressive are the emails?
  • Are you trying to establish your brand?

Are you trying to build other people's brands through the affiliate marketing game?

There are lots of things to think about and things to consider.

That, my friends, is how to do lead generation marketing and how to make money with it passively. Does anybody have any questions? Have any questions, let me know over here in the ... Man, this camera. No fun. Okay. Alright, looks like we're good. Cool.

Alright, so tomorrow we're going to talk about some additional ways to generate revenue with a blog. It's not necessarily just going to be affiliate marketing. What I wanted to throw a different mix in because some of it is an affiliate. Some of it isn't, just some general ways if you have traffic and distribution what you can do there.

For Questions and Guide

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