Are you an agency examining the benefits of marketing automation for small business? Maybe you are interested in automating your agency’s online marketing and lead generation. Or, you are looking to implement marketing automation in one of your client businesses. Which ever the case, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll demonstrate the benefits of marketing automation for agencies and show you that it can be simple to understand and implement. At the end of this post, we’ll direct you to one more free resource for those who prefer consuming video content.

Is marketing automation for your agency?

As an agency, you may be familiar with the term “marketing automation.” However, you may also be put off by the term — does it sound too complex or too technical for creative minds like yours? Or, maybe you think marketing automation is for large enterprises not for small fish. If so, you may be assuming that you don’t need marketing automation and you can keep on running your good old processes manually.

Benefits of marketing automation for small businesses

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In the real world, though, marketing automation is not that difficult of a concept to grasp. It involves putting the right systems in place so that previously tedious marketing tasks are now done automatically and scalable.

Additionally, online automation systems have evolved into simple-to-use tools with an intuitive interface. Although some technical setup might be needed, marketing automation is not a tech-intensive task.

What’s more, marketing automation is for both small and big companies of any industry, creative agencies included. In fact, agencies of all sizes use marketing automation to acquire leads, qualify prospects and engage with them automatically until they convert into customers.

It is a fact that marketing automation can help you grow your agency and drive better results. Here’s how:

Set and forget (almost…)

Email marketing automation tips

Marketing automation will make the online marketing efforts of your agency more efficiently. Okay, there is some work to be done upfront, and an investment in time and money, but then your systems and workflows will do the work for you, and even more efficiently than you, 24/7. The result is that you’ll be growing your business on autopilot.

Marketing automation puts repetitive tasks on autopilot and allows you to, let’s say, lead generation hands-free.

Start by implementing marketing automation in your agency. Then, you will build up your know-how and be able to work on automation projects for clients as well. It’s important to see the benefits of marketing automation with your own eyes before you start selling it to your contacts.

You will see on your own that the resources you save from doing mundane, repetitive marketing tasks can now be directed towards more revenue-generating things.

Create multi-channel marketing campaigns

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A common misconception is that “marketing automation” is all about automating your marketing email. Marketing automation, though, is not equal to email marketing automation. Email automation is only a part of it.

While it’s true that most automation solutions comprise an email component, more ofthen than not they are capable of doing more. In addition to email, marketing automation software allows you to incorporate SMS marketing, social media discovery, CRM sync, in-app messaging, analytics and management of the complete customer journey.

In other words, they follow the customer at every touch point and allow you to market to your audience in a personalized way and through multiple channels. Marketing automation tools allow you to form meaningful connections with your customers.

Form deep and meaningful connections

With marketing automation for your agency, you will be able to automate lead generation, lead nurturing, onboarding, cross- or upselling, support and ticketing and improve customer communication.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could create a customized, personalized journey for every lead and customer who interacts with your agency or your client brand? And wouldn’t it be fantastic if they all got the right message at the most appropriate time in their buyer’s journey? Your marketing efforts would be much more effective and you wouldn’t have to commit more resources to achieve that level of automation and personalization.

It’s not possible to cover everything about automation in a single content piece; however, we need to stress that marketing automation can be simple, really. We’ve put together a webinar that you can watch right now for free, to find out how easy it is to setup automation in your agency or your client business.

Instant Marketing Automation webinar

Click here to register for the Instant Marketing Automation webinar to learn everything you need to know in layman’s terms.

This workshop is the complete resource for marketing automation beginners and is suitable for an agency and practically any company owner who wants to finally see in reality the major transformation that marketing automation brings to organizations.