Today’s GSDdaily Episode 151 will talk about how to qualify leads through your website faster and better, I guess. So when somebody comes to your website you really have no idea how they got there. I mean you do if you have some paid traffic campaigns going, or you know that you’re ranking in search engines for a certain keyword phrase or whatever, but really there are infinite gateways into your website. Most folks are going to hit a blog post or some sort of a page before they go to a homepage, and there are lots of logistical things that prospects are going to do as they’re clicking around, clicking through your website.


Filling out an Application

One of our favorite strategies to qualify leads prospects which we do it for us, we do it for a lot of clients, is basically having them fill out an application. So an application is probably strong of a word, but we want them to fill out a contact form that asks more questions than just name, email, notes. We want them to answer good, solid questions that are going to help us understand if they are a good buyer, or if they are a good customer, or a good subscriber, or whatever. So oftentimes we use a piece of software like Wufoo, or Survey Monkey, two form building tools. We’ve used Typeform in the past or JotForm, so those are just form building form tools.

Now when you’re creating this application you don’t want it to be super in-depth, you’re probably going to ask 10 questions max. So the first four are really pretty simple. First name, last name, email, phone number. If you know that you attract an international audience then you’re going to want to include a Skype address. So sometimes your international folks are going to jump on Skype, maybe WhatsApp, but Skype is the one that we use.

You also want them to answer some questions. So the questions are really specific to your business model and what you do. So for us, the question is what do you sell? Another question is are you running paid traffic? So things that apply to what it is we do for our clients. Now for you might it be something different.


So let’s say it’s a carpet cleaning business. So you are trying to get people to pick up the phone and call you about your carpet cleaning services. So the first couple of questions, company name, or first name last name, email address, phone number, and then how many rooms are we cleaning? One, two, three, four, five, or six? You want to take as much complexity out of it so if you can include drop-downs or radio boxes then do that. So how many rooms are we cleaning? What is your budget? What is your timeframe? When do you want it done by, all of those kinds of questions? And then when they hit the submit button they go to a call scheduling service, usually. So if you have a phone-based sales team they hit the submit button, they go to the call scheduling service, the calendar link lets them pick a time, and then at that time the phone sales guy calls.

You can do some really cool things based on what somebody’s answer to qualify leads. So let’s say you’re in this carpet cleaning business and you know that your team maxes out at four rooms a day let’s say, I have no idea about carpet cleaning businesses, but let’s say you can only clean four rooms a day. So you know that if they book six rooms then it’s going to be a two-day job, which means they need to pay some sort of an overage let’s say. So what happens then is if you want a different sales rep to be working with that person, then anything over four there’s a conditional logic statement that says if four or less send to this sales guy if five or more sent to this sales guy. So we can have a statement in there that says if it’s one answer then we send them this direction, if it’s another answer we send them to this direction.

So what you can do there is you can be really, really choosy about the type of applicants that make it through your gateway to qualify leads. And if they’re not a perfect fit, that’s okay. If they’re not a perfect fit you can send them to a sales video, you can send them to a course, you can send them to a PDF, you can send them to an Amazon link to go buy their own carpet cleaner. If they are a great fit then you can put them on the phone with the sales guy and then you can sell the carpet cleaning services.

For Questions and Guide

So it’s a really quick way of dialing in the quality of prospects that are coming through your website and ultimately getting on the phone with you. If you have any questions at all just go to and I’ll talk to you soon. All right, thanks, bye.

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