How To Promote A B2B Product In 2018

Are you looking for some B2B promotion ideas and ideas on how to promote a product? Are you interested in launching a product and promoting it online?

In this article, you will learn how you can create a plan to promote a B2B product. Before starting, we’d like to stress that you must stay up-to-date with the trends in your market before you start promoting your offerings.

Promoting a B2B product can be hard

Today’s harsh reality is that no matter how good a product is, it can make you zero revenue unless you market it right. Things can become even more complex when you want to promote a B2B product. For example, typical online marketing channels like Facebook might not work as well for B2B products.  Promotional products are solid B2B marketing resources, but they don’t help you acquire customers online…

Also, an online competition for paid keywords is making it very expensive to bid on the exact keywords you want. This is another reason why you need to find B2B promotion ideas for your service or product.

Now the question is – what have you done so far in 2019 that could put your B2B company right up there with the big names? Anything?

No matter the stage you’re at, we’re here with some ideas that will help you pick the right B2B promotion ideas. Let us take a look at these promo ideas, and see what you decide to implement in your business.

How To Promote A B2B Product In 2018

B2B Promotion Ideas: Getting Started With Product Online Promotions

Before we lay down the specific ways to promote a product, let’s clarify that there are hundreds of tactics and channels that your business can use online. The basic two options you have for promoting your launch or revamped offering are:

Content marketing (free)

Content is king. Content marketing is the king of online marketing. And in 2019 more than ever before, blogging is synonymous with “content marketing.”

Content marketing is all about blogging and creating different types of content, such as video, to be distributed through various online channels. Your base will always be your blog, where you post search-engine-optimized content. Then, you have email, YouTube, third-party blogs and other channels for your content marketing efforts.

More than just SE-optimized, the content you publish needs to speak to your ideal customer persona. This way it will attract an audience from the search engines or social sites, getting you traffic and exposure, ultimately helping you promote your product to the world.

Content marketing is free and an awesome B2B promotion idea… In the sense that you don’t pay Google or Facebook to post it or promote it. However, it might consume a lot of your resources (time & opportunity cost) when you want to have a dedicated person or team to consistently create good content pieces. The good news is that once you invest in an epic content piece, then you may bear fruit for the years to come. This possibility makes your results sort of passive because there will be no recurring expenses, as it would happen in paid ad campaigns.

Advertising (paid)

If you have a budget, you can go the paid route. This probably means that you would create Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, Pinterest ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads…  LinkedIn, in particular, maybe one of the top places to start because not only professionals and business owners (your ideal audience) hang out there but also LinkedIn is not yet, in 2019, saturated or spammed.

Surely, there are plenty of other places you can advertise depending on the method you choose. For instance, if you choose to grow through affiliate partnerships, then an affiliate network can be the right choice for your product promotions.

In terms of B2B promotion ideas with paid advertising, you’re paying for every person who comes to your website or hits your sales page.  That is called Pay Per Click. Then, the revenue you’re generating should offset the ad costs, if not make your campaigns profitable.

So if you generate $1000 of revenue and it costs $300 to get that sale, then you just put $700 in your bank account. Paid advertising can consume piles of money if you don’t optimize your campaigns for keywords, audiences and Cost Per Click.

How to effectively promote a B2B product in 2019

Promoting the product effectively is the key, though. This means that there are qualitative factors you need to consider when launching a promotional campaign. Let’s look at them, along with more ideas for B2B product promotions in 2019 and beyond.

1. Mix clarity with creativity

We won’t beat around the bush asking you to focus on creating valuable content that people will like, share and all that buzzword blah blah.

Enough has been already saying about such topics. Now is the time for some action!

See there are two types of content when it comes to B2B promotion ideas.

First is the one that offers a solution to the problem a client is facing i.e. knowledgeable content.

Second is the type that builds a story and keeps the user hooked up. It encourages them to come back for more time after time.

Today’s smart marketing needs you to bring the right mix of both. You have to mix creativity with clarity and then put it in front of the audience to judge.

If you successfully crack the code for writing such content, you will start to see a rise in your brand value and customer traffic in no time. Each market is different, so be genuine in what you write, and make it appealing to your niche audience.

2. Be where the users are

It can take years to create the need for your product in the market. So, why not sell your product where the need is already present?

What we mean here is that you’ve probably already identified your target audience; the next step is to find where they are present.

2018 is going to be the year of data analytics.

You need to rely on data to create a plan for your B2B promotion ideas. For example, contrary to what you might have thought, B2B Decision-Makers Are Spending 760 Minutes A Week On Facebook (ComScore, 2017.)

2b2 product promotion stats

Thanks to Google Analytics and other reliable sources of user data on the web, it has become quite easy to figure out the source where your audience is present. So make use of this data and make your presence felt in those locations.

3. Go ‘paid-marketing’

Facebook Ads Adwords Ads

It would be great if you could get the desired results out of your organic marketing endeavors.

However, the current market scenario requires you to mix paid marketing with organic marketing to get assured results.

Whether you are talking about SEO or social media marketing, all channels have their own paid advertising.

As a B2B company, you need to get your team working to figure out which B2B marketing channels are the best and most efficient for your business to invest in.

Once you have that figured out, your B2B promotion ideas should be tested first…

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4. The good old SEO

No matter how advanced we become in our marketing strategies, the basics are going to remain the same for the foreseeable future.

You cannot ignore the importance of SEO.

By optimizing your business for the right keywords on search engines not only can you get more traffic for your business but also build a brand out of it.

SEO works on several levels to help your business. From getting more traffic and business to establishing market authority, and gaining a certain level of trust in the market – well planned and implemented search engine optimization strategies can do it all for your business.

So, you cannot ignore its importance – not in 2018 or anytime shortly!

Now, when it comes to creating amazing content fast, no question investing in top content curation tools can help.

5. Be responsive to customers

Create A Great Customer Experience StrategyComing full-circle from where we started this post – it’s all about how efficient you are in using your time that will dictate the success of your business.

No matter whether you are dealing in the B2B or B2C markets, responsiveness is a trait you cannot afford to take lightly.

Customers of today are impatient. They are looking for immediate solutions.

In such situations, you don’t have the luxury to employ a laid back attitude. You need to be on your toes so that the customers know how much value you are putting in them.

By responding to their queries quickly you will be able to achieve two things:

  • First, you will win their trust as they will know that you are there to take care of their problems.
  • Second, you will get a loyal following which will spread the word of mouth publicity for your brand.

So, you will be able to kill two birds with one stone.

How to promote a B2B product – Conclusion

There is a lot that you can do for your B2B promotion ideas. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the options are virtually endless.

It’s just that you have to figure out what your ultimate goals are, and where you want to see your business after a certain period.

Of course, you would want to climb the next step in the ladder. But, what’s going to be that next step?

Have measurable goals, and plans that you can implement to achieve those goals. Unless you have plans and strategies, you will never be able to get what you want for your B2B promotions.

Remember, the ultimate goal for every business is to generate sustainable profits. But only the ones that have a plan to succeed can make it to the top.

As they say in the business world if you fail to plan the business strategies you are planning to fail. You need to have a plan and then work on that plan to achieve the ultimate goal.

So, are you ready to plan your B2B product promotion?

Products and services don’t sell themselves. You need to approach the right audience, stimulate demand and use the right tools at the right time.

The smartest way to promote a new B2B product while you are on a small budget is to tap into the audience of another successful brand.

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