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Building a sales pipeline management system and creating a business that has customers flock to you is the point of all marketing.  Whether it's online or offline, you want to attract, engage and sell people all day long - forever!

Here, in this video and blog post, we're going to give you a behind-the-scenes look at building a converting sales funnel.

Now, a sales funnel is a helluva lot more than just individual pages (ie. landing pages and sales pages).

A sales funnel requires that email marketing campaigns and marketing automation be set up, that you have traffic campaigns going, that people are being moved and pushed through the sales funnel from piece to piece.  So when they enter the sales pipeline, they learn about you and your company on autopilot.  And then, they go through the entire sales process, also on autopilot!

Three Pieces To Your Sales Pipeline Management

In setting up sales funnels, there are three pieces to the any sales process...  And part of your sales pipeline management should be to create reporting on:

  • Traffic
  • Offer
  • Followup.

We've actually got an entire book about it - Convert.

What often happens when business owners are marketers start out - the begin with traffic.  Then they back-end into their offer and their followup. It's one of the biggest mistakes you can make because, at the end of the day, you're spending money on traffic without necessarily having a clear path to make that money back, to generate revenue, from your offers.

Where To Start

When we do done for you sales funnels for clients, we start the project by creating the offer.

Your offer can take lots of different shapes. It can be:

  • A consulting offer
  • A coaching offer
  • A digital product
  • A membership course
  • Physical products
  • Mastermind Programs
  • Live events

You name it. There are so many different ways to generate revenue online and so many different kinds of offers that you can make to the world. Really, that's what business is!

When To Have A VSL In Your Sales Pipeline

Now, depending on your offer, you need your sales material. That's the point in your sales pipeline management that will get your prospects to purchase something from you.

If you have an offer that is under $1,000, then you can usually sell it with a video sales letter (VSL), or a multi-video launch process. If you have a video sales letter, you need an upsell and downsell process. You can take a $100 sale and then pitch something that's $300 on the confirmation page.  After that first upsell, you can then create a second upsell.

That, my friend, is how you increase the average customer lifetime value of your buyers!

What About Webinars?

If your offer is over $1,000, you need either an automated webinar that has some webinar marketing behind it. If you are selling something above $2,000, you'll need a consultative sales call in your pipeline.  The call to action you make on your webinar will be, "Click the button to sign up for a call." The sales call will be the thing that does your selling.

Do Long Form Sales Letters Still Work?

The short answer?  No.  Unless you also combine them with a video sales letter or some sort of a video.

Long form works when it's a heavily graphical page, with lots of images, and you see it selling a lot of SAAS software.  But for the most part, video sales letters and webinars are going to be your two main pieces of sales pipeline management.

Getting Your Marketing Pages Set Up

Once those are up, then, of course, you need the marketing pages.  Those are the pages that CONTAIN your sales collateral.

Think landing pages, sales pages, confirmation pages, strategy session pages...  Those kinds of things.

Anymore, they're quite easy to build with page builder software.  There are lots of options to choose from including our Axis Page Builder.

Creating Your Followup Campaigns

Once the pages and sales material is done, then you get into the followup.  Your followup is going to take the shape of marketing automation campaigns for outbound email marketing, text messages, your CRM, etc.

That's going to handle the marketing automation piece of the sales pipeline.

  • You need email copy for your auto-responders.
  • You need sales calls if you're selling something high ticket.
  • You need fulfillment sequences when somebody is buying something digitally, at least.
  • You'll need shopping cart abandonment sequences
  • ... And bonding sequences.

There are probably 25 to 35 emails that you are going to need, all pre-done, ready for when you launch your sales funnel and sales pipeline management initiatives to general traffic.

... Then You Can Start Driving Traffic

Then, and only then, can you start going after traffic.

And your traffic takes lots of different forms depending on the networks that your customers hang out on!

It can be:

There are tons of different ways of getting traffic.

You Need Your Sales Pipeline Management Set Up First

Here's my point. You need to have the foundation and the infrastructure set up for your business before you can really go out and start finding traffic.

  1. You need the sales copy.
  2. You need the marketing automation part nailed.
  3. You need the email copy.
  4. You need content, like blog content and videos.
  5. You'll need a good nurture campaign, so that when somebody opts-in they'll learn more about you.

All of this is so your potential buyers start to know, like and trust you.

They need to know that if they invest the time in getting to know you better, exploring the idea of giving you money for your products and services, then they will be making a good decision.

At the end of the day, that's what it is. It's a lot of work to get built and set up originally... Way more than it was even two or three years ago when all you needed was a landing page or a webinar registration page and a couple of emails...  Then boom, you could start getting $10,000+ clients.

It's a lot more work than it used to be.

But, it's what's required now. You have to be able to put all of this together, then go and launch it, and re-invest your profits back into more advertising!

If you want some help putting this stuff together, click the button below this to sign up for an action plan call with my team and I. We'll talk about your business, your offers, your followup, your automation campaigns, your sales pipeline management, and all of that stuff.

Whatever you don't have, we can build for you. I like to think of us as like the glue that brings your sales pipeline together. We will build whatever you don't have. But first, we need to have a conversation. So, click the button below and watch the short video on sales funnels...

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